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Chapter 1112: Come, Let Me See What’s On Your Neck?

The moment Xia Yanran got off the car, she rushed into the Crown Palace. After Yan Hua disappeared, Bo Yan had called her to ask if Yan Hua had contacted her.

When she heard that Yan Hua had disappeared and that even Bo Yan couldn’t even find her, her head turned dizzily. Yan Hua’s heart condition wasn’t very good either, what if something happened to her?

Xia Yanran rushed into the luxurious palace with large strides. Yan Hua and Nan Zhi were sitting on the sofa. Nan Zhi was speaking while Yan Hua had her head bowed, looking like a child that had made a mistake.

She looked like she had lost quite a bit of weight. Her face was pale, her chin sharp and she looked extremely pitiful.

Xia Yanran originally thought that she would scold Yan Hua first after seeing her, for disappearing without saying anything. She must have suffered a lot alone.

However, now that she saw her sitting there quietly, how could Xia Yanran bear to say anything mean to her?

Nan Zhi felt the same as well. Her almond-shaped eyes were red as she stared at the quiet Yan Hua. Even though her heart ached for Yan Hua, she couldn’t help but say, “It’s okay if you don’t want your husband or daughter, but you didn’t even contact your best friends! Aren’t you too ruthless?”

“If she does it again, let’s not forgive her anymore.” Xia Yanran walked over to her best friends.

Yan Hua looked up. Seeing Xia Yanran and Nan Zhi’s red eyes, their tears swimming in their eyes, an urge to cry swarmed her as she couldn’t help but reach out to hug them.

Xia Yanran and Nan Zhi returned Yan Hua’s hug quickly as well. The three of them started sobbing loudly as they hugged each other.

Butler Yi came in after Xia Yanran. Seeing the three girls crying together, his eyes turned red as well.

This was the most beautiful and most innocent friendship he had ever seen.

Butler Yi quietly dismissed the servants to give some space to the three best friends.

Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran wiped Yan Hua’s tears away, before they pulled her to sit between them.

Now that Nan Zhi had become the Queen, her aura became even more elegant and dignified. She was still extremely beautiful when she cried. Yan Hua stared at Nan Zhi, her lips curling unconsciously as she teased, “If the people found out that I made their Queen cry, they might scold me!”

Nan Zhi had now become the most beautiful Queen in the people’s hearts. After she registered her marriage with Mu Sihan, she did a lot of charity work and had received the genuine approval and love from the people.

Nan Zhi glared at Yan Hua. “Does that mean that you’ve been in the country?”

Nan Zhi had always been smart, able to guess what happened briefly with just a small detail.

Since Yan Hua had returned, she didn’t plan to hide anything from her friends. She looked down, saying softly, “When I left, I thought that I only had a few more days to live. At that time, Bo Yan was struggling as well, since Chen Qianqian was pushing him very tightly. If he didn’t agree to be with her, she wouldn’t persuade that old lady to save me.

“I would much rather die than see Bo Yan marry another woman for me. He loves Little Apple a lot, so I didn’t worry about Little Apple’s future even if I was to leave. I knew that if I stayed, he might agree to Chen Qianqian’s request out of no choice, so I left.

“I planned to find a quiet town and leave quietly. But I didn’t think that the taxi I got into had been drugged and I lost consciousness not too long after I got on the taxi.

“When I woke up again, I was in a mansion. The thing I expected the least was that the person who made me unconscious and brought me there was that old lady. My heart was already in a terrible state then, so I could only lie in bed as even breathing was difficult for me.

“That old lady brought over a contract. She agreed to donate her daughter’s heart to me, but I had to stay by her side to take care of her after I recovered and couldn’t contact the outside world without her permission.

“I was a little dazed at that time, thinking that as long as they didn’t force Bo Yan to marry Chen Qianqian, it was alright for me to stay and take care of the old lady.

“After I signed the contract, I fell into a coma. When I woke up again, the heart transplant surgery was already done. At first, there were some signs of organ rejection, so I fell into a coma once more. The old lady used a lot of her savings and energy to pull me back from Hell’s gates. After I recovered, I felt extremely guilty towards the old lady. Since she didn’t let me contact the outside world, I stayed at the mansion to take care of her.

“A few days ago, the old lady brought out the contract. She said that she didn’t want to keep me in captivity forever, she just couldn’t bear to part from her daughter. With her daughter’s heart in me, it was like her daughter was alive again. She said that I took really good care of her and didn’t go against the contract, so she was moved by my sincerity and took me as her goddaughter. She even let me go home, saying that she would be happy if I went back to see her two times every month.

“I only found out that the old lady’s house wasn’t too far away from the Capital after leaving the mansion. It was just at a grape plantation on the outskirts of the Capital. After I returned to the Capital, I went to find Bo Yan first, but…”

At this point, Yan Hua’s pretty face was slightly sad. “He was very cold to me. Little Apple, on the other hand, cried and smiled, and kept calling me Mommy as she hugged me.”

After hearing Yan Hua’s story, both Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran remained silent. None of them would have thought that she would be so close to them after they looked all over the world for her.

Nan Zhi couldn’t bear to say anything else to Yan Hua, grabbing her soft hand instead. “How’s your body now?”

Yan Hua sniffled. “It’s quite good.”

“That’s good.” Nan Zhi pulled Yan Hua into a hug, comforting her, “As for Bo Yan, he was more worried than anyone else when you went missing. I heard from Sihan that after he couldn’t find you no matter what, he went to the temple on a snowy day and kowtowed a thousand times to Buddha, wishing that you were alive and that he was willing to give some of his life to you.”

Hearing Nan Zhi’s words, Yan Hua’s eyes turned red again. She bit her lip. “I know that he’s angry at me.”

Nan Zhi smiled, “He suffered.”

Yan Hua nodded. “After I came back, he passed Little Apple to me and when to the military camp alone. He hasn’t come back for the last few days.”

“You have to humor and dote on him more.”

Yan Hua hummed shyly.

After Yan Hua calmed down, she turned to look at Xia Yanran with her bright eyes. She grabbed Xia Yanran’s hand, saying softly, “All of you must have been extremely worried after I left like that. Now that I’m fine, I was planning to go to Ning City to find you and apologize to you properly. I didn’t expect you to come all the way here. I’m really sorry.”

Xia Yanran grabbed Yan Hua’s hand in return. “There’s nothing to be sorry about between good friends. Zhizhi and I are relieved as long as you’re fine.”

Yan Hua nodded. “Zhizhi is the Queen now, with the King doting on her. What about you? How’s your work and love life?”

Before Xia Yanran could say anything, she saw Nan Zhi glancing at her with narrowed eyes. Xia Yanran felt extremely awkward from Nan Zhi’s stare on her. “Zhizhi, what are you looking at?”

Nan Zhi curled her finger at Xia Yanran. “Come, let me see what’s on your neck.”