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Chapter 1111: Everyone Had A Nice Home Apart From Her

After so many years together, although they broke up and got back together several times and were met with many difficulties, Xia Yanran believed in him.

If he really had other thoughts, they wouldn’t be together today.

However, Yi Ran really looked like her when she was young. Back then, didn’t Xiao Yi like her and buy her because of her appearance?

Although Xia Yanran knew that she shouldn’t think too much, because she cared too much about him, she was slightly jealous as well.

Seeing Xia Yanran remain silent, Xiao Yi was sharp enough to notice her emotions. His slender finger tapped her pretty nose as he laughed. “Don’t tell me you’re jealous of a young girl?”

Xia Yanran knew him. If he wasn’t interested in the person, he would be too lazy to even care about that person.

Recalling that he didn’t scold Yi Ran or act cold to her for leaning on his shoulder, Xia Yanran felt even worse by the second.

When he saw her remain silent, her expression twisting more by the second, Xiao Yi felt extremely happy.

This showed that she cared a lot about him!

Seeing that Xiao Yi was still smiling, Xia Yanran couldn’t help but clench her fist and punch his shoulder. “Did you notice it too?”

Xiao Yi raised an eyebrow. “Notice what?”

“Yi Ran looks like me when I was eighteen.”

“She does a little.”

Xia Yanran immediately puffed her cheeks up in anger.

Seeing her animated expression, Xiao Yi was terribly amused and a want to dote on her grew inside. He grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. “You’re right in front of me, do you think I can look at another woman? Besides, she looks like you, it’s not that you look like her.”

“But she’s young.”

“My foolish girl, you aren’t old either.” Xiao Yi pulled Xia Yanran into his arms as he bent down to kiss her forehead. “I want to book a ticket for her because…”

Xiao Yi didn’t hide what happened from Xia Yanran, and told her everything about his aunt.

It was Xia Yanran’s first time hearing him mention about his younger days. He was an extremely egoistic and arrogant person. He would never tell her about how hard life was for him in the past. Now that she heard it, Xia Yanran’s heart clenched tightly into a ball.

Her heart ached so much for him!

“So she came to look for you. It’s a good thing that she had only been slightly injured and wasn’t raped. If not, her life might have been ruined.”

Xiao Yi didn’t care about that girl’s feelings. He only cared about the feelings of the girl in his arms as he leaned down to peck the tip of her nose. “Are you still jealous?”

Xia Yanran’s ears flushed unconsciously. She was really being a little petty.

“If I don’t have cancer and can accompany my girl until we’re old, then we’ll get married, alright?”

Xia Yanran glared at him. “Will I marry you just because you said it? Xiao Yi, you’re too naive.”

“You already want to have children with me, aren’t you going to marry me?”

Xia Yanran bit at his hard and stubbly chin. “I’m not going to agree so easily.”

Instead of getting angry, he leaned down to kiss her instead. She panted angrily, her cheeks flushed red. “I didn’t brush my teeth.”

“You smell nice.”

“I didn’t wash my face.”

“You’re pretty.”

Xia Yanran glared at him in annoyance. “You’re just glib-tongued!”

Tang Chao came over to send them to the airport. Their journey was more successful this time as they didn’t encounter any thieves again.

Xiao Yi was sitting in the front passenger seat while Xia Yanran and Yi Ran were sitting behind.

The young girl was still timid and afraid on the way to the airport as she tugged Xia Yanran’s sleeves throughout the journey, deeply afraid that she would get into a bad situation again.

Once they arrived at the airport, Xia Yanran glanced at the girl, her face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

If Xia Yanran experienced what happened yesterday when she was eighteen, she would be as afraid as the girl, so she comforted the girl for a while.

“Sister Yanran, thank you. Since we’re at the airport, I’m not scared anymore. It’s a good thing I found Brother Xiao Yi and didn’t come for nothing. However, if the Old Madam found out that Aunt Qing is gone, she would be very sad.”

Xia Yanran knew how important Aunt Qing was to Xiao Yi. He probably agreed to go to S Country this time to go meet Aunt Qing’s mother as well.

Xiao Yi had bought first-class tickets for the three of them. Xia Yanran sat with Xiao Yi while Yi Ran sat on the other side of the aisle.

During the flight, Xiao Yi kept his fingers interlaced with Xia Yanran’s fingers, as he played with her fingers occasionally.

Xia Yanran leaned into Xiao Yi’s arms as she fell asleep. Seeing the couple acting like that, Yi Ran smiled brightly. “Brother Xiao Yi and Sister Yanran’s relationship is really good. If the Old Madam saw Sister Yanran, she would definitely like her.”

Xiao Yi caressed Xia Yanran’s hair, his handsome and cold expression softening a little.

After they arrived and was waiting for their luggage, Xia Yanran told Xiao Yi, “Zhizhi got Butler Yi to come and fetch us. We’ll go to the Crown Palace first, then go to the hospital tomorrow morning?”

Xiao Yi remained silent for a few seconds, a deep complexity on his expression. “I’m going to meet the Old Madam later. You should reunite properly with your best friends, so I won’t go with you.”

Xia Yanran didn’t know if she was hallucinating, but his tone was slightly depressed.

After they got their luggage, Xiao Yi entrusted Xia Yanran to Yi Fan. Yi Fan had driven a Rolls Royce luxurious limousine today. As the Crown Palace’s butler, he had become the target of various bootlickings and had an extraordinary aura on him.

Xiao Yi wasn’t someone who belittled himself usually, but in this moment, he couldn’t help but feel bitter.

Amongst Yanran’s best friends, Nan Zhi, was now a Queen and had married the King of S Country, while Bo Yan had also been promoted and Yan Hua was the wife of General Bo. Only Yanran…

He was nothing now.

No one.

Her future with him was bleak.

Xia Yanran was about to get on the car when she saw Xiao Yi standing there lonely and dazed. Her heart immediately clenched tightly.

She turned around and ran towards Xiao Yi, jumping into his arms. She looked up at him. “What’s wrong? If you can’t bear to part with me, how about you come fetch me from the Crown Palace later after you’re done and we can go stay at the hotel tonight?”

Xiao Yi caressed her face, squeezing out a word bitterly, “Alright.”

Xia Yanran stood on her toes, disregarding Butler Yi’s presence as she placed a kiss on Xiao Yi’s lips. “I’m going first.”

Xia Yanran was about to turn around when something grabbed her waist and she was pulled into the man’s strong arms. His hands were pressed against her waist, using so much strength it was like he wanted to push her into him.

He only let go of her after a long while, before he whispered hoarsely by her ear, “Go.”

After Xia Yanran got into the car, she unwound the window and waved at Xiao Yi. Even after the car had disappeared, Xiao Yi still hadn’t looked away.

“Brother Xiao Yi, why does the man who came to fetch Sister Yanran look like Butler Yi who serves our King?”

Xiao Yi pursed his lips tightly, not speaking as it took him a while before he finally moved. “Let’s go and meet the Old Madam.”