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Chapter 1110: Going to S Country

Xiao Yi’s expression was tense, his eyes murderous. The aura he was exuding was too strong, making others shiver in fear.

The girl blinked her bright eyes at him, her heart thumping a few times. “Aunt Qing has a mother, does Brother Xiao Yi remember her? Aunt Qing’s mother wanted to bring her to S Country back then, but Aunt Qing stayed for you and argued with her mother. The Old Madam went abroad and started her own business. She remembered Aunt Qing a few years later, but couldn’t find her anymore when she went back again.

“The Old Madam found out that she had cancer last year and doesn’t have long to live anymore, so she missed Aunt Qing even more than ever. The Old Madam has a photo of Aunt Qing with you when you were still young and I saw it accidentally. I was an orphan, and had grown up with the support of the Old Madam’s charity trust. To thank the Old Madam, I’ve been trying to help her find Aunt Qing for her.

“A while back, I became an exchange student in Hong Kong and saw a notice on the newspaper accidentally that said that you had retired from the triad and are no longer part of them, so people shouldn’t seek revenge or that kind of thing…

“I saw the photo and realized that you were similar to the boy Aunt Qing was hugging in the photo. Your name is the same as well, so I went to find Brother Xiao Feng. He said that you had come to Bardahl, so I came to find you and confirm that it was you.”

The girl took out a photo from her pocket and passed it to Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi took the photo. The photo had turned yellow with age, and when Xiao Yi saw the image of his aunt in the photo, he recalled the image of her when she died and his eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

His throat started to itch once more, his emotions becoming agitated as he started to cough uncontrollably. The moment he started to cough, it seemed like he could no longer stop coughing.

Seeing Xiao Yi cough until his face turned pale, the girl jumped in shock. “Brother Xiao Yi, are you alright?”

The girl was slightly helpless. She hurriedly moved to pour a cup of water, wanting to pass it to Xiao Yi. However, because she was too rushed, she slipped and fell onto the bed uncontrollably.

Xiao Yi supported her arm.

Xia Yanran had finished buying the food and had returned to the room. Seeing that the door wasn’t closed, she was about to walk in when she saw a young girl leaning on Xiao Yi’s shoulder.

Xia Yanran was slightly frozen.

Xiao Yi let go of the girl very quickly, asking calmly, “Are you alright?”

The girl shook her head, her face slightly flushed. “I’m sorry for spilling water on your bed.” She looked down, looking like an obedient girl who had committed a mistake.

Xiao Yi waved his hands. “It’s alright.” As he said so, he returned the photo to the girl. “You rest first.”

The girl nodded and left on her crutches.

Once she arrived at the door and saw Xia Yanran leaning against the door, the girl’s eyes lit up. “Sister?”

Hearing the girl’s voice made Xia Yanran regain her senses. So it was that girl she had saved.

“Brother Xiao Yi was coughing really badly just now, so I wanted to give him some water, but I spilled it accidentally.” The girl blinked her large eyes, her eyes bright and innocent. “Please don’t misunderstand, Sister.”

Xia Yanran stared at the girl, zoning out slightly when she realized how young and pretty the girl was after the blood was washed off her face.

This girl was really similar to her when she was younger.

“It’s alright, how’s your injury?”

The girl pointed at her left leg. “I was stabbed once, but it’s lucky that the wound isn’t too deep.”

“I’ll bring some food to you later, go back and rest well first.”

“Thank you, Sister.” The girl took a few steps forward before she seemed to remember something. She turned back and smiled at Xia Yanran. “Sister, I’m Yi Ran.”

“I’m Xia Yanran.”

“Such a coincidence, we both have a ‘Ran’ in our names.”

Yes, it was such a coincidence!

After the girl left, Xia Yanran walked into the room. Xiao Yi wasn’t coughing so badly anymore, but he still let out an occasional cough. He leaned back on the bed, his eyebrows furrowed tightly like he was deeply troubled.

To be honest, he hadn’t noticed when Xia Yanran came into the room either.

Suddenly, there was a voice. “F*ck, Brother Xiao, you actually became a hero in the hearts of Bardahl’s people suddenly!”

Out of the blue, Tang Chao burst into the room.

Xiao Yi regained his senses and glanced at Tang Chao. “Why are you here?”

“I heard it from the news! It said that someone managed to capture the thieves’ leader at XX Road and the government military had already exterminated the thieves’ headquarters. Isn’t XX Road on your way to the airport? I thought through all the possibilities, but only you are able to do something as dramatic as that…”

Xiao Yi interrupted the nagging Tang Chao with a cold face. “Alright, stop your a** kissing. I’m fine, so you should go on to the construction site!”

“You’re acting like the typical hoes over bros!”

Hearing Tang Chao’s words, Xia Yanran couldn’t help but smirk. Her phone started to ring. Glancing at the caller ID, Xia Yanran hurriedly went out to take a call.

After she finished the call, Xia Yanran noticed that the doctor was here. She was about to go in when she heard the doctor saying, “Mr Xiao, do you not care about your body at all? I saw you smoking when I came in earlier. I told you before that there’s a shadow in the x-ray of your lungs. If you continue to smoke, I’m afraid even Gods won’t be able to save you.”

“It isn’t that serious.”

“Didn’t you cough out blood the last time you came for your checkup? There’s a limit to our medical equipment here. I do suggest you go to a large city to do another check up.”

The moment the doctor finished speaking, a loud bang interrupted the silence.

The phone in Xia Yanran’s hand had dropped to the ground.

Staring at the pale Xia Yanran standing at the door, Xiao Yi stood up as he glanced at the doctor coldly. “I’ll take note in the future.”

The doctor didn’t say anything else as he turned around and left the room.

Xiao Yi walked in front of Xia Yanran, his hand moving to hold hers, only to be waved away.

“Yanran, it’s nothing.”

Xia Yanran walked out of the room, standing by the window as she ignored him.

Xiao Yi walked behind her, his long arms hugging her slender figure. Xia Yanran struggled out of his hold, however as Xiao Yi gasped softly, Xia Yanran turned around immediately. “What’s wrong?”

“I pulled my injury, it hurts.”

“Aren’t you made of steel? Do you even know pain anymore?”

Xiao Yi pressed his chest against her back, leaning his chin on her shoulder. “Doctors all like to exaggerate. It probably isn’t as serious as cancer.”

Hearing the word cancer made Xia Yanran’s heart clench tightly together.

Her chest was heavy, the doctor’s words suffocating her. “I just received a call from Zhizhi. She found Huahua. I’m going to S Country and I want you to come with me as well. The medical standard at the Royal Hospital is high. I’ll only be at ease if you do a checkup there.”

Xia Yanran had already been prepared to force him to go if he didn’t want to, and didn’t expect him to be silent for a few seconds before he agreed.

Things couldn’t be dragged on. One part of Xia Yanran wanted to see Yan Hua faster, while another part of her wanted Xiao Yi to do the checkup faster.

They booked the air tickets to go to the Capital for the next morning. When they were booking the tickets, Xiao Yi said, “Book a ticket for that girl as well.”

Xia Yanran froze for a few seconds before she realized that the girl Xiao Yi was talking about was Yi Ran.