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Chapter 1108: Heart Felt Completely Soft

Xia Yanran nodded determinedly. “I want to, but I’m leaving soon, so I don’t know if you have that capability.”

A smirk appeared on Xiao Yi’s handsome face. “Yanran, are you calling me old?”

Xia Yanran ignored his dangerous smirk as she smiled brightly. “We’ve known each other for so long, but I haven’t been able to get pregnant. Now that you’re not young anymore, I’m really suspecting you…”

His tone was dangerous and wild. “Then, I’ll be glad to prove you wrong.”

“I’ll go bring some water over.” The man leaned down to kiss the woman in his arms.

Xia Yanran hummed softly.

He got off the bed. Although he had lost quite a bit of weight, his figure was still extremely good. While his chest, abdomen and arm muscles were not exaggerated, they were balanced and strong.

Xiao Yi put on the shirt that had been thrown to the floor earlier.

He went down to bring up some hot water, while Xia Yanran washed herself briefly and wore her clothes.

Although she still felt it to be a pity that she was leaving, she understood that if she stayed, it would only worry him and stop him from concentrating on his work.

Xia Yanran packed away her important documents properly and went down with the man.

Xiao Yi drove an SUV here, so he pulled opened the door and let Xia Yanran sit in the front passenger seat. After Xia Yanran got into the car, he got on the driver’s seat.

When he was putting on his seatbelt, he seemed to have thought of something and glanced at her. “Don’t come over again next time. It’s too dangerous here.”

Xia Yanran hummed casually.

He started the engine. Seeing her remaining silent, his other hand that wasn’t holding onto the steering wheel hit her head. “Can’t bear to leave?”

Xia Yanran bit her lips. “No, I’m just a little tired.”

Xiao Yi chuckled softly.

They remained silent for a while before Xiao Yi asked, “How’s your brother?”

Xiao Yi had asked Professor Qi before. Junyuan’s surgery was considered successful. However, his nerves were still not too sensitive and he heard that he needed a woman to help him recover.

At the thought of her older brother, Xia Yanran looked down slightly. “I forgot to tell you, Momo likes my brother, but he rejected her.”

At the mention of things between her older brother and Momo, Xia Yanran couldn’t help but rant to Xiao Yi. “Momo is young and pretty, hyper and interesting and not pretentious at all, so I like her a lot. But, Brother rejected her without even considering it. It must have hurt Momo’s heart a lot! My clothes and face veil were prepared and bought by Momo.”

Xiao Yi held onto the steering wheel with one hand while he held Xia Yanran’s hand with another, his fingers caressing her hand softly. “Actually, I can understand your brother. Although Momo was raised by the Huo family, her life had been nice and free of worries since she was young, so she can be considered as a young lady as well. One reason why your brother rejected her is probably because he’s scared that she’ll suffer.

“Especially now that he hasn’t recovered fully, so he is still slightly sensitive and feels lacking. Also, your brother put most of his attention on your younger sister and you in the past, and didn’t work on his relationship with Shen Jiayi properly, so his relationship experience is technically zero. You want him to love Momo crazily now, but do you think it’s realistic?

“But with your brother’s personality, if he let Xiao Mo approach him, he probably has some feelings for her too. Just give him some time!”

Xia Yanran narrowed her eyes as she checked Xiao Yi out, pouting. “Tsk tsk tsk, you say it like you have a lot of experience. Confess, how many women did you have before me?”

Xiao Yi pulled Xia Yanran’s hand over to kiss the back of her hand. “Why are you still pulling this old issue up?”

Xia Yanran grabbed his well-defined hand instead. “I’m just afraid that Momo wouldn’t want him anymore after my brother understands everything.”

“I understand what you’re feeling, but outsiders cannot poke into others relationships. If Momo and your brother are fated, they will be together.”

“Then, will the Huo family let go of her?”

“This, I don’t know.”

Xia Yanran tilted her head, about to say something more when a loud bang rang and the car came to a stop.

Several armed thieves dressed in black robes ran out from the woods.

Since the car stopped abruptly, Xia Yanran hit her forehead against the window. She was still seeing stars when she saw the group of thieves. Her eyes constricted as she cursed uncontrollably, “Sh*t, why are these people always appearing?”

The intention of these thieves are usually to rob and rape. Xiao Yi glanced at Xia Yanran. Although she was wearing a face veil, without her makeup, anyone could tell that her skin was fair and clean and her facial features were pretty and eye-catching.

“Don’t come down.”

Seeing that Xiao Yi was getting off the car, Xia Yanran’s heart thumped crazily as she grabbed Xiao Yi’s hand. “There’s so many of them, you’ll be in danger if you go down.”