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Chapter 1107: Want His Child

Tang Chao brought an empty bowl over and told the worker behind him solemnly, “I like anything you make.”

The worker leaned his head towards Tang Chao’s shoulder shyly.

Their whole group of men had left their hometowns and countries to work in another. With them working, eating and drinking together, there weren’t any ‘levels’ or hierarchy between them and they were all very close to one another. Together with the clown-like Tang Chao, the atmosphere was extremely good.

Xiao Yi threw a stool towards Tang Chao while Xia Yanran hurriedly stopped him with a flushed face. “Don’t be violent.”

Tang Chao wriggled his eyebrows at Xia Yanran. “Sister-in-law is still the one who cherishes me.”

When Xia Yanran heard ‘sister-in-law’, sweet bubbles couldn’t help but emit within her heart. Seeing the smile on Xia Yanran’s face, Xiao Yi’s cold expression softened unconsciously.

“Alright, stop fooling around. She’s embarrassed, so all of you stop staring at her.” Xiao Yi pointed his chopsticks at Tang Chao. “And you, I still haven’t settled the issue of you dancing with my woman at B City yet, have I?”

Tang Chao recalled him hugging Xia Yanran’s waist and pressing their cheeks together that time. Although they were dancing normally, he smacked his lips together when he noted the dark fire emitting from Xiao Yi’s eyes. “Fine, I’ll stop being an eyesore here. If not, I’ll probably injure my leg later.”

Taking two steamed buns, Tang Chao moved away understandingly.

With that, their surroundings finally turning silent once more, Xiao Yi looked down and ate all of the noodles Xia Yanran made for him.

By his side, Xia Yanran ate some porridge. After they were done, Xiao Yi went up to change his clothes while Xia Yanran followed him as well.

Xia Yanran took out a set of clothes from his luggage. Seeing Xia Yanran leaning against the door, he turned back to glance at her. “Yanran, go out first.”

Xia Yanran stared at him or a few seconds before she suddenly walked towards him.

She walked in front of him, her fingers touching his buttons.

He said hoarsely, “Stop it.”

Xia Yanran met his dark eyes. “Why didn’t you say that when you took off my clothes last time?”

He grabbed her fingers, stopping her from undoing his buttons.

But Xia Yanran was a stubborn person. The more he didn’t let her do it, the more she wanted to.

In the past, with his character, he would never have slept in Tang Chao’s room last night. Apart from kissing her, he never did anything more with her, so there must be some problem.

At the thought of him retiring from the triad, she had a feeling that he might be hiding something from her. Xia Yanran placed her hands on his chest. With a sudden push, she pushed him onto the wooden bed.

Seeing her act like this, Xiao Yi chuckled softly. “Is your skin itchy?”

“You’re the one whose skin is itchy.” Xia Yanran glared at him. “Are you hiding something?”

Xiao Yi laughed in anger from her words. “Who else do I have apart from you?”

“Then let me look at you.”

Their gazes met for a few seconds.

Her eyes were filled with determination. Seeing him remain quiet, her cheeks slowly flushed. “Xiao Yi, what are you hiding?”

Xiao Yi sighed softly. “There’s nothing nice to see.”

“I want to.”

He knew how stubborn she was. If he didn’t let her take a look, she might still be thinking about this even after she returned. She came all the way here and he didn’t want her to go back with troubles in her heart.

He let go of her wrist, quietly letting her do what she wanted.

Xia Yanran slowly undid his buttons one by one… Her eyes slowly widened, tears falling out uncontrollably.

He had tattoos in the past, but now, all the tattoos were gone, but not gone at the same time. From under his collarbones to his chest, his skin seemed to have been burned by something. Although it had been a while, the scar is still very clear and it looked slightly scary and disgusting.

When she was scalded a little in the past, she already felt that it was extremely painful. With such a large part of his skin being burned in such a way, she didn’t barely imagine how painful it was back then.

Staring at the woman whose tears kept falling, Xiao Yi sat up and caressed her head. “It’s all in the past now. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

It was normal for him to get injured in the past, so he didn’t think it was very serious. However, as he stared at the unending tears from the woman, he felt pain all over.

“What did you experience at that time?” She stared at him with tear-filled eyes.

“I only got a little injured. I’m fine, don’t cry.”

She stared at him with bright eyes. “Xiao Yi, I want to have kids with you.”

Hearing her words, Xiao Yi wasn’t able to move for a very long time.

Although his expression didn’t change much, she could feel how crazy and strongly his heart was beating with how close they were standing together.

Xiao Yi admitted that his mind blanked out when he heard that she wanted to have kids with him. He remained there unmoved and dazed, like a statue.

It was rare for him to act so foolish.

Xia Yanran wanted to laugh at him, but her heart ached for him too.

He had no relatives and was all alone. He was more pitiful than her. In the many years they had been together, although they separated and got together again, she knew that he wanted his own children.

Xiao Yi stared at Xia Yanran, his lips opening but he didn’t know what to say.

As he slowly matured, the things he thought about were no longer as casual and wild as when he was younger. He worked hard to make himself successful, using his determination of wanting to let her have a nice life to drive himself.

However, his business had just started and he didn’t know how long much longer his body could hold on. Can he bear to let her have a child?

Everything had become a question mark now.

He looked up at the woman lying on him, his frenzied heart suddenly softening.

Xiao Yi grabbed Xia Yanran’s slender wrist as he suddenly flipped her around, pressing her under him. “Think about it carefully. Do you really want a child with me?”