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Chapter 1106: Moth to A Flame

When Xia Yanran smiled, she was really beautiful and charming, her lips ruby red and teeth pearly white.

From when she was still youthful to now where she was mature and full of femininity, he had experienced all those wonderful things.

Xiao Yi really felt his heart aching for her.

Why did such a good girl like her meet him?

She disobeyed him when she was young and he tortured her a lot. He did not know how she would fall for a jerk like him.

Suddenly, he could not control his emotions and he stopped looking at her, turned and left the canteen.

The moment Xia Yanran raised her head, she saw Xiao Yi’s disappearing figure. He walked very fast, as if there was a ferocious beast behind him.

Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows. She put the cooked noodles into a bowl hurriedly and took off her apron, chasing after him.

When she reached the door of the canteen, her slender wrist was grabbed and her fair skin was wrapped around by a warm and dry hand. Then, she was pulled into the corner by the canteen’s entrance.

Her back was against the wall and his tall body pressed down on her, making her a little breathless.

Although it was still early, people would come in and out of the canteen. Xia Yanran’s body turned stiff and her heartbeat sped up unwittingly.

Putting both hands on his chest, she tried to push him away, but the next second, her wrists were grabbed by him and pressed above her head.

Xia Yanran moved and seeing that she could not break away, she did not want to waste her energy. She looked up and met with his bloodshot and unreadable eyes. That pair of eyes were like shackles, locking her firmly.

Her breath tightened.

Her body stiffened and leaned helplessly against the wall, her bright eyes looking at him in confusion and panic. “Xiao Yi, what’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Yi said nothing and stared at her with a dark gaze.

Thump thump. Faster and faster, Xia Yanran’s heart was beating so hard from his stare.

“Xiao YーMmh!”

He kissed her domineeringly.

There was still a mint scent from after brushing his teeth lingering on his lips. It was fresh and clean, and the stubble on his jaw was not shaved. Xia Yanran’s mind went blank for a few seconds and then, her hands broke away, wanting to push him away, but she was unable to.

In some aspects, he had always been domineering.

Just when she was almost out of breath, he suddenly released her.

Their eyes met and there was a heat in his eyes that made her heart flutter. There were tears in her eyes, her long eyelashes were fluttering like butterfly wings. It was so beautiful it could make one fall into a trance.

She had just gasped for breath and was planning to ask him what he meant, he raised her chin and kissed her again.

This time, it was gentler.

She could not resist his gentleness at all.

She closed her eyes slightly and not caring that they were still outside the canteen, she began to respond to his kiss.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and her fingertips touched the short hair at the back of his neck.

Their heartbeats could not lie.

Xiao Yi told himself that he should control himself, but he could not. He loved her, loved her to the bone and wanted to melt her into his body.

Even moths would not hesitate to go near a flame.

They did not notice Tang Chao and several foremen who were preparing to eat breakfast hiding not far away.

“Wow, this is f*cking exciting.” Tang Chao was very upset. This guy slept in his room last night and was not loving to his own woman. Now, they were so deeply and publicly in love in public early in the morning. Were they even letting him live?

It was rare to see an Asian in a god-forsaken place like Peace City. Although there were young Bardahl girls who were interested in him, he liked girls with fair and clean skin. It was really not interesting to look at Bardahl girls!

“Young Master Tang, keep it in. If not, you won’t be able to have breakfast. I see that you’re quite fiery, why don’t you go and have a cold shower!” One foreman joked.

“Fine, we made Brother Xiao unhappy because of our peeping last night and we’d better withdraw now and wait for them to finish before coming back.”

Tang Chao was about to leave with the men when Xia Yanran saw them.

She pushed Xiao Yi’s shoulders and said, “People are here.”

Xiao Yi did not release her. He left her lips and rested his forehead against hers, his heavy breath spilling onto her face. “Ignore them, I’ll take you to the airport after breakfast. I’ll come and find you after I’m finished with my work on hand.”

Hearing the first half of his words, Xia Yanran’s heart ached, but she was relieved when she heard his remaining words.

Looking at his thin and handsome face, she could not help caressing it with her fingers. “Did you not eat properly recently or is the work here too tiring? If you’re too exhausted then change it for something else!”

He held her in his arms, his large hand pressing the back of her head, his chin rubbing against her hair. “After leaving the mafia, it means that I’m starting anew. It’s fine to be a little tired.”

Xia Yanran knew he was very devoted to his work, No matter what profession he was in, he would do his best.

She bit him in the chest, her voice soft. “How about I support you? I got promoted and I’ve got quite the salary!”

The man’s laughter came from the top of her head. Xia Yanran raised her head from his chest and pretended to be angry at him. “I’m not joking.”

As soon as her voice fell, the man flicked at her forehead, then pulled her back into his arms. “I can’t bear for my woman to suffer.”

Xia Yanran pushed him away with her face red and seeming to have thought of something, she exclaimed softly. “Oh no.”

Xiao Yi looked at her, his eyebrows raised.

“My noodles turned soft.”

Bardahl’s environment was not good and it was good to even have food. Xia Yanran was embarrassed to cook another bowl and looking at the noodles that had clung together, she puffed up her cheeks and said, “Why don’t you eat what the auntie cooked. I’ll eat this.”

The man took the bowl from her hands. “I like everything you make.”