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Chapter 1105: His Eyes Turned Red

Xiao Yi looked at the room on the third floor for a long time.

His throat suddenly itched so badly and he could not help coughing. This cough seemed unable to stop and his lungs became more and more uncomfortable. He was afraid that his cough would attract the attention of others so he had to cover his mouth tightly, but his cough still escaped.

Tang Chao came over and patted Xiao Yi’s long back. “Brother Xiao, what’s wrong?”

Xiao Yi shook his head and his voice was slightly hoarse because of the cough. “I’m fine.” Then he looked at Tang Chao. “Don’t lock your door at night. I’ll go to your room to sleep.”

Tang Chao was stunned for a moment before he showed his displeasure. “Beauty Xia came all the way here and you’re letting her stay alone in the room? Brother Xiao, you don’t look like you’re so abstinent!”

Xiao Yi kicked Tang Chao. “Don’t f*cking talk crap.”

Ignoring the muttering Tang Chao, Xiao Yi strode towards the kitchen.

Before taking a bath, he asked the kitchen staff to cook some porridge. When he went to the kitchen, it was almost cooked and he chopped some shredded meat to put into it.

The auntie who was in charge of cooking saw how sincere he looked and could not help laughing. “President Xiao is so lucky, your girlfriend is beautiful!”

Xiao Yi lifted his lips slightly and replied, “She’s passable.”

“President Xiao, you’re too modest.”

Xiao Yi smiled and said nothing more. In his eyes, Xia Yanran was indeed the most beautiful woman.

After putting the porridge in a bowl, Xiao Yi brought it upstairs.

Xia Yanran had already fallen asleep, lying on her stomach on the bed. This girl’s sleeping position was bad and Xiao Yi knew it. She liked to lie on her stomach at the edge of the bed, the blanket covering her face, not afraid that she would not be able to breathe.

Placing the porridge on the table, he walked over, pulling the blanket away from her face.

The woman’s face was turned to one side.

Xiao Yi stared at her for a while. Xia Yanran was not asleep and knew that he was looking at her. She closed her eyes, feeling sulky and not wanting to see him.

But her slightly moving eyelids and fluttering eyelashes showed that she was not asleep.

The man’s fresh scent after taking a bath floated into her nostrils, and Xia Yanran’s ears turned hot. She wanted to open her eyes but she could not do it.

The man’s deep laugh sounded by her ears, followed by her closed eyes being kissed by his lips.

“You’re still pretending to sleep, hmm?”

Xia Yanran muttered in her heart and slowly opened her eyes. When her gaze landed on his thin face, she felt sad and sorrowful and could hot help reaching out her hands, wrapping around his neck.

“What, you really don’t want to make up? You’re rejecting me just because I’m a little close?”


Xiao Yi looked down at the woman, one hand on her ear and the other threaded through her hair to hold the back of her head, his voice deep and hoarse. “I’m very heavy, I’m afraid I’ll crush you.”

Where was he heavy? He clearly lost so much weight!

Xia Yanran said nothing and wrapped her hands tightly around his neck, tears welling up in her eyes. “Then did you miss me?”

Miss, how could he not miss her?

He missed her so badly it was like his heart was not his anymore!

Seeing that he was silent, Xia Yanran looked up suddenly and her soft and red lips came close to his ear. “Xiao Yi, I missed you so much.”

When she broke up with him, her heart was painful and she missed him terribly!

But she dared not show it. She could only hide the pain and longing deep in her heart.

Xiao Yi looked at her teary eyes. “Don’t seduce me.”

“I want to seduce you.”

Xiao Yi pulled her out of the blanket. “Eat the porridge and have an early rest.” Then, he walked quickly towards the door.

Xia Yanran had not responded even after the door closed. Her heart was throbbing when she was pressed under him.

But, he had left.

Xia Yanran did not know what went wrong and sat on the bed, hugging her knees. She stared outside the window for a while and let out a breath with her cheeks puffed up.

The next day.

Xiao Yi woke up early in the morning.

He knocked on Xia Yanran’s room door, but no one answered.

With a twist of the handle, the door opened, and Xiao Yi took a few quick steps inside.

The sheets and blanket was neatly laid as if nobody had slept on it.

Xiao Yi rushed outside.

Tang Chao came out from his room, yawning. “Brother Xiao, why are you so anxious early in the morning?” Last night Tang Chao did not sleep well. It seemed like someone had been coughing in his dream and he woke up feeling tired.

Xiao Yi ignored Tang Chao and ran downstairs.

Xiao Yi looked around. Just when he thought she had left alone and was about to get his car ready to look for her, he thought that there was still a place he had not found and ran quickly to the canteen.

Inside, Xia Yanran was wearing a long black robe, her figure slender outlined with an apron tied around her neck. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and she had no makeup on. She was busy in the kitchen with several women.

“I’m leaving soon and the gift I brought for him was stolen, so I have nothing left to give him. But he likes to eat my tomato egg noodles.”

Xiao Yi looked at Xia Yanran, who was cooking the noodles and chatting with the women, and his eyes could not help turning red.