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Chapter 1103: What Did You Say?

The sky grew darker and Xia Yanran tossed and turned in bed. She was exhausted, but somehow, she was not sleepy at all.

Bardahl had a big temperature difference between day and night. During the day it was like a hot stove, but at night it was cool.

Putting on a jacket, Xia Yanran went downstairs.

In the canteen.

Tang Chao looked at the time. Why was Brother Xiao not back yet?

After waiting for about ten minutes, there was a noise at the entrance of the canteen.

Xiao Yi and several foremen came back.

Tang Chao got up and went to Xiao Yi. “Why are you back so late today?”

“Something happened on the construction site. Some thieves came to make trouble.”

Tang Chao frowned. “Has it been settled?”

“The government took them away.”

Tang Chao cursed lowly.

Although the Bardahl project would bring them huge profits, it was undoubtedly dangerous. The security here was really very bad.

Xiao Yi came over with food and after taking a few bites, he looked at Tang Chao. “Why, you’re scared and want to go back home?”

Tang Chao rubbed his nose. “You’re not even afraid for your woman, what am I afraid of? Men must have a career!”

Xiao Yi laughed and continued to eat with his head lowered. But after a few seconds, he raised his head. “What did you say just now?”

Seeing Xiao Yi’s expression change so suddenly, Tang Chao decided to tease him. “I said that men have to have a career!”

“The sentence before it.”

“Before it?” Tang Chao touched his head, looking like he had forgotten what he had said. “What was it?”

“Young Master Tang, you were talking about President Xiao’s woman,” one of the foremen reminded Tang Chao helpfully.

Tang Chao laughed out loud. “Oh, so that’s what I said!” Then, he looked at Xiao Yi. “Did you receive the message I sent?”

Xiao Yi pursed his lips and took out his phone from his pants pocket. He saw that Tang Chao had sent him a message at noon and clicked on it.

‘F*ck! Your woman is here! Come back quickly!!!’

With a slap, Xiao Yi threw his chopsticks on the table and grabbed Tang Chao’s collar. “Is it very funny to make such a joke?”

Tang Chao’s collar tightened around his neck and he was almost out of breath. He pulled away Xiao Yi’s hands and looking at his tensed and cold face, he did not keep him hanging.

“The message was real. I went to pick her up in the afternoon, she was travel-worn and even met with thieves on the way. Damn, she really loves you!”

Xiao Yi’s body stiffened and after a while squeezed out the words. “Where is she?”

“She didn’t want to eat dinner so she’s in your room!”

Before Tang Chao could finish, he saw Xiao Yi turned and strode outside.

Xia Yanran walked around downstairs and then sat on a stone bench in the courtyard for a while. Hugging her knees, she sat there looking at the moon in the sky.

Suddenly, there was the sound of hurried footsteps behind Xia Yanran and she turned back, seeming to have felt something.

But that person was walking quite fast, running upstairs.

Xia Yanran knew it was Xiao Yi’s footsteps and she lifted her lips, laughing slightly, but did not call out to him.

Xiao Yi ran up to the second floor and perhaps feeling something, he came back downstairs again.

Before Xia Yanran could keep the smile on her lips, a tall and cold figure appeared in her sight.

Xiao Yi had come down.

He stopped a few meters away from her, looking in her direction with gloomy eyes. The light was a little dim so Xia Yanran could not see his expression clearly.

But, she could see that his body was stiff.

Xia Yanran stood up.

The man broke out from his daze and strode towards her. His face under the light gradually became clearer.

Xia Yanran’s heart was beating hard and her fingers that were hanging by her side clenched together.

When he was a few steps away from her he stopped.

He licked the corner of his lips and laughed. “Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

Xia Yanran could not help lifting the corner of her lips. “You’re not that old.”

Hearing the familiar voice, Xiao Yi’s eyes suddenly prickled. He resisted the urge to go forward and hold her in his arms. He stopped smiling, his well-defined face tensed. “Are you crazy, coming here to find me?”

Xia Yanran snorted. “You don’t welcome me? Fine, then I’ll go back.”

She went upstairs.

After a few steps, she could not help but feel a sense of disappointment, seeing that the man did not chase after her.

Was she too confident?

She was the one who asked for the breakup, and there was absolutely no room for that determination to be eased. Although it was because of her brother, it must have hurt his heart!

He didn’t tell her about him leaving the triad and bore all the pain ordinary people could not by himself.

Xia Yanran went back to the room. Her bag was stolen by the thieves and she had nothing else.

Resisting the urge to stomp her feet in frustration, Xia Yanran went to the door angrily. Xiao Yi had come up and his tall body was leaning against the wall. Seeing her coming out, he said, “I’ll drive you to the airport tomorrow.”

Xia Yanran’s heart sank.

The other time in B City, she could feel that he still had her in his heart. How long had it been and he had changed?

“Have a rest first.”

He turned to leave.

If his tightly clenched fists did not betray him, Xia Yanran really thought he had let go of her. But the veins on the back of his hands were protruding, showing that he was holding back.

Xia Yanran did not think much and rushed forward, hugging him from behind. Hugging him like this, she felt that he was much thinner.

Her arms tightened uncontrollably.

She could clearly feel his muscles and stiffness through his clothes. Her breath was filled with the smell of the man’s sweat after a hard day at work and also his familiar scent.

“Xiao Yi, come in. Let’s have a good chat?” She pressed her face against his back, her voice soft. She used to be tough in front of him, but after giving him her heart slowly, she had softened up a lot.

Xiao Yi pulled her hands away and jerked his chin at her. “Go in.”

Xia Yanran went into the room first. Xiao Yi followed and closed the door, putting one hand on his waist. “You came here by yourself?”

His voice was as cold as the icy wind in winter.

Xia Yanran saw that his expression was dark and was afraid that he would send her away right away. She lowered her head and nodded honestly. “Mm.”

Xiao Yi’s expression turned even darker. He raised his hand, poked at Xia Yanran’s forehead and roared, “What is this place? How can you just come as you like? Do you know if you’re not careful, you would be raped first, then killed and then your dead body would be raped a hundred times?”

Xia Yanran shrank her neck and raised her curled and long eyelashes, looking at the man with a dark and cold expression. She mumbled, “I used to be a war reporter, I know how to protect myself.”

Seeing that she dared to talk back. Xiao Yi’s chest heaved. “Regardless, this is not a place for you to stay. I’ll take you back tomorrow morning!”