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Chapter 1101: Arriving at His City

The two were close and Xia Mo could smell the wine on him. Since knowing him, he had always had a fresh and clean scent.

Seeing him like this, Xia Mo felt miserable, her hands clenched tightly and she felt like crying. “Just tell me straight if you don’t like me. Why did you have to stoop so low?”

Junyuan frowned and said with a tense expression, “Weren’t you the one who introduced Lily to me? Do I need your consent now that I’ve thought it through and wanted her to help me?”

How could he do that?

Xia Mo’s eyes turned red and her lips trembled slightly. “You don’t like her touching you and if you’re doing this just to avoid me, it’s absolutely unnecessary!”

Junyuan said nothing.

Xia Mo stepped forward and was just a fist away from Junyuan. As she looked up at him, her beautiful face was like a fine jade, bright, youthful, beautiful and tempting.

Too tempting.

Junyuan wanted to step back to maintain a distance when his shirt at his chest was grabbed tightly by the girl suddenly.

He could see that she was very nervous, her thick and long eyelashes were fluttering nonstop. Suddenly, she stood on tiptoes and kissed him.

But she was too nervous and only touched his jaw when he pressed her forehead with his hand, putting some distance between them.

Xia Mo’s heart sank little by little.

She knew that he would not like her even if she took the initiative. Although she was still young, she also knew that it was not a wise choice for men to only like her in bed.

She was too anxious.

Last night’s confession was not thought through, so she was in a terrible mess in front of him and lost herself.

Xia Mo nodded and sorted out her mood as quickly as possible. “Doctor, I understand what’s on your mind. It’s okay that you don’t like me, you have the right to reject me. But please don’t reject me by looking for a hostess in the future.

“I know my place. Last night and tonight, I was rejected twice. I won’t let you have the chance to reject me for the third time.”

Xia Mo finished speaking and ran out quickly without looking at him.

Hearing the door close with a bang, Junyuan’s tall body leaned against the wall slowly. He took out a cigarette from his pants pocket and started puffing away.

After that, Xia Mo did not go to the drugstore to find Junyuan anymore.

But she was not the kind of person who bore grudges. Besides, there were no grudges between her and Junyuan. Just that girls who got rejected would feel embarrassed and ashamed.

Even if she was a carefree person, she could not treat it like nothing had happened.

She did not go find Junyuan, but would contact Xia Yanran from time to time.

She was optimistic and open-minded by nature and liked Xia Yanran’s character, so she wanted to continue to be friends with her.

Xia Mo was overjoyed to learn that Xia Yanran was going to Bardahl to find Xiao Yi. They had been dancing around each other for so long. Finally they were going to be together.

If Uncle Xiao knew that Sister Yanran was going to look for him, he would be very happy!

On the day Xia Yanran went to the airport, Xia Mo woke up early. She brought some snacks she had made and small gifts and rushed to the airport.

When Xia Mo arrived, Xia Yanran was already there. Junyuan and Xia Tang were also there to send her off.

Seeing Xia Mo, Xia Yanran waved at her.

When Xia Mo was on the way to the airport, she had prepared herself to be seeing the doctor again. Taking a deep breath, she ran to Xia Yanran with a big grin. “Sister Yanran, I wish you a safe journey.”

Xia Mo took out the gifts she had prepared. “This is some snacks, and there are two veils in that small bag. I heard that there is a lot of dust and it’s not so safe there. Sister Yanran, when you get off the plane, change into the clothes locals wear and put on the veil.”

Although Xia Mo usually looked carefree, she was actually very thoughtful.

Xia Yanran accepted Xia Mo’s gifts and hugged her. “Thank you, Momo.”

These days, Momo did not go to see her brother and Xia Yanran understood that her brother might have rejected Xia Mo.

Xia Mo shook her head with a smile. “You’re welcome!”

Xia Mo only turned around to greet Xia Tang after Xia Yanran had passed through the security check. Turning to leave, Xia Mo did not speak to Junyuan and lowered her head, walking out of the airport.

“Little Momo!”

A young and handsome man suddenly came out of the VIP passageway. He was wearing sunglasses, a short blue coat and had a diamond earring in his left ear. If it wasn’t Young Master Huo!

Xia Mo was stunned in place. After a while, Young Master Huo came over and put his hand around Xia Mo’s slender shoulders. “Yo, why have you become so thin lately?”

As Xia Mo’s neck was wrapped around by Young Master Huo’s arm, it made her breathless. She swatted the back of his hand. “Do you want to strangle me? Why did you come over suddenly?”

“I wanted to give you a surprise.” Then his devilish and handsome face came close to Xia Mo, and he laughed. “Did you know I was coming, so you came to pick me up?”

Xia Mo looked at his smug expression and could not help laughing. “Why are you still the same as when you were a child.”

“Tsk, tsk. I just arrived and you’re irritated at me already!”

Xia Mo did not answer and thinking that Junyuan was still behind, she could not help turning back. She thought he was not looking at them, but the moment she turned her head, her eyes met his.

Perhaps he did not expect that she would turn around, he could not look away in time.

They stared at each other for several seconds before Xia Mo was forced to turn back by Young Master Huo. “What are you looking at? Could it be that there are men who are even more handsome than me?”

Xia Mo glared at him. “Why are you so narcissistic!”

Without looking back, Xia Mo followed Young Master Huo out of the airport.

Young Master Huo wanted to give Xia Mo a surprise and had already asked the chauffeur who was picking him up to wait outside the airport. The chauffeur was driving a Maybach that cost tens of millions of dollars.

Xia Mo had driven here, but Young Master Huo asked the chauffeur to drive Xia Mo’s car back. He then stuffed Xia Mo into the Maybach and sped away.

Junyuan and Xia Tang saw this and Xia Tang was slightly shocked. “Momo’s family must be well-off, is that her boyfriend? They seemed to be quite compatible.”

Junyuan looked at the car that was disappearing from his sight. He pursed his lips slightly and said faintly, “Get into the car.”

Xia Tang looked at Junyuan puzzedly. It was so strange, why does Brother seem like he’s in a bad mood?

Xia Yanran arrived at Bardahl Airport and needed a connecting flight. She arrived when it was almost evening.

Bardahl was rebuilt after the war. After getting off the plane the surroundings were very different from their country. It looked very old and shabby.

Xia Yanran took a bus to the city center. The situation in the city center was much better than that in the airport. There were houses with large spaces between the two sides of the asphalt road. There would be one or two tall buildings occasionally.

When she arrived at the city center, Xia Yanran found a hotel in decent condition. The address Tang Chao had sent her was more than two hundred kilometers away from the city center. It was getting dark and was not safe to take a car at night. Xia Yanran decided to stay in the hotel for the night and head over the following day.