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Chapter 1100: Not Allowed to Say Anything Bad About Him

Hearing that Xia Yanran was willing to find Xiao Yi, the weight was finally lifted off his shoulders.

His sisters had grown up now and his wish was for them to be happy and that their future half would be able to give them a stable life.

Now that Xiao Yi had left the bloody world of the mafia and was living an ordinary life, he had no reason to stop them.

Junyuan patted Xia Yanran’s head and said gently, “Okay, now go to work!”

Xia Yanran stood up from the sofa and seeming to have thought of something, she looked at Junyuan. “Brother, did Xiaomo say anything to you when you took her home last night?”

Junyuan’s jaw clenched tight.

Xia Mo’s confession was too frank last night. At that time, he was slightly dazed and did not know how to respond. She was so noisy, shouting ‘Doctor, I like you’ over and over again… Maybe she was too drunk to remember what she had said last night.

Junyuan’s face turned hot. He was not a person who was easily shy, but thinking about how Xia Mo’s way of confessing her feelings to him was too direct, no matter how calm of a person he was, he would still be confused when met with a situation where she kept saying she liked him.

Xia Yanran looked at Junyuan’s expression and guessed that Xia Mo might have confessed to him. Xia Mo was brave enough to speak out about liking him and did not hide it in her heart, which many people could not do.

“Brother, Momo is a nice girl. What do you think of her?”

Junyuan had already calmed down and he said, “No idea. She’s just a little girl in my heart.”

Yanran was not surprised by Junyuan’s train of thought.

Her brother had a strong sense of self-esteem. He was unlikely to fall in love again given the circumstances of his body.

“Brother, if you try to not treat Xiaomo as a little girl, you will find how wonderful and attractive she is.”

Junyuan only smiled and said nothing else.

After Xia Yanran left, Junyuan returned to his bedroom and looked at the heart-shaped stethoscope on the bedside table, his expression slightly dazed.

When he was leaving after taking the drunk Xia Mo home, she was still mumbling for him to take the stethoscope.

After Xia Yanran arrived at the magazine agency, she found the HR manager and told her she wanted to take extended leave.

But the HR department did not approve and asked her to look for the magazine agency’s boss.

When the boss learned that Xia Yanran was going to take extended leave, she said earnestly, “Yanran, you’ve just gotten promoted and you can’t take leave for that long. How about this, if you have something urgent, I’ll give you a three-day leave to settle your matters. The other time you managed to interview Mrs Wen and it made the performance of our company multiply by several times. The superiors and I are very optimistic about your ability.

“You’ll have a chance to be promoted again in the future. We women can’t give up our careers at anytime.”

The boss was right. Xia Yanran did not know what would happen after she found Xiao Yi in Bardahl. If she quit her job, she would have to start again. She was not young anymore and it would not always be so smooth, being promoted and having a raise in a short time.

After weighing the options, Xia Yanran agreed to take only three days off.

It would be five days plus the weekend.

Xia Yanran contacted Tang Chao. After meeting in B City, they had exchanged their WeChat.

After inquiring indirectly where they were in Bardahl, Xia Yanran bought a ticket to Bardhal.

The night was getting darker.

Xia Mo, who had spent the day in a state of anger and distraction, still drove to XX Hotel.

The hotel was under the Huo family and when Xia Mo first came to Ning City, she had stayed in the presidential suite for a period of time.

When the manager saw Xia Mo, he greeted her respectfully, “Miss Xia, to what do we owe the pleasure?”

Xia Mo pursed her lips.

Why was she here? Wasn’t it all because of that doctor?

Several times during the day, she wanted to call him and ask him why he was looking for Lily again. But what right did she have?

She confessed to him, but he did not give her an answer! And not only that, he also agreed to meet with Lily!

Sucking in a breath, Xia Mo told herself that she would try again. If it did not work she would forget this experience.

Xia Mo looked at the manager and said expressionlessly, “Give me the room card for room 1026.”

The manager went to the front desk and asked the front desk staff to check on room 1026.

“Miss Xia, room 1026 has been booked.”

Xia Mo frowned. “Just give it to me, why are you talking so much?”

The manager was stunned. His impression of Miss Xia was that she was easygoing and warm. She never put on airs when she stayed in the hotel and it was the first time he had seen her getting angry.

Not daring to say anything else, the manager asked the front desk staff to give the requested room card to Xia Mo.

Xia Mo took the room card and took the elevator up.

The manager saw Xia Mo’s fierce manner and thinking that there was a man and woman staying in room 1026, he was afraid there might be problems and hurried to follow her.

When Xia Mo went over, the manager had not caught up, and she used the room card to open the door.

As soon as she entered the room, she heard a soft laugh. “Doctor Xia, let’s go step by step?”

Xia Mo felt disgusted.

On the wide bed, the doctor was lying there and Lily was like a kitten slowly crawling to his side, her fingers moved from his face, to his chest and was slowly moving downwards.

Xia Mo strode over and grabbed Lily’s collar, dragging her off the bed.

Caught off guard, Lily fell onto the ground. Fortunately, the ground was carpeted and it did not hurt.

Lily got up from the ground and looked at Xia Mo, whose expression was dark. She was dumbstruck. “Momo… why are you here?”

Xia Mo took out a cheque from her bag. “Take the money and leave. Don’t look for him again.”

Lily looked at the figure on the cheque and a smile appeared on her face that had looked slightly upset a moment ago. “Wow, Momo, you’re so generous!”

Keeping the cheque, Lily pulled Xia Mo aside. “Momo, were you moved?”

Xia Mo remained silent.

Lily looked at the man on the bed. “He’s handsome, but I heard that he can’t hold a scalpel, and his male pride might not be able to recover. Why do you have to aggrieve yourself when you’re so outstanding…”

Before Lily could finish, she was shocked by Xia Mo’s cold gaze. Xia Mo pointed at the door. “Get out. You’re not allowed to say anything bad about him.”

Lily’s mouth twitched, thinking that Xia Mo was really silly. Letting go of Young Master Huo, who was such a good catch and liking a man who might not give her happiness. What was in her head?

After the door was closed, Xia Mo went back into the room.

The man in bed had already stood up. He should have drunk a lot of wine in the evening and his fair skin was slightly red, his glass-like eyes were also slightly bloodshot.

He did not look at Xia Mo and walked towards the door with cold eyes.

Xia Mo stood in front of him and blocked his way. “Doctor, are you rejecting me in this way because I confessed to you last night?”