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Chapter 1098:

Public Confession

Shen Jiayi knew that she had no right to ask about him. But she felt jealous and uncomfortable when she saw a young, beautiful and energetic girl beside him.

Apart from her, she had never expected there would be any outstanding girls by his side.

After all, he was unable to take the scalpel, his body had not fully recovered and his family background was nothing special. Which outstanding girl would be so foolish to be with him?

“Junyuan, I’ve been wondering, were you moved by me before?”

What faced her was only silence and Junyuan’s cold expression.

“You never did, right? Shen Jiayi nodded with tears blurring her eyes. “Xia Junyuan, you look like a good person on the outside, but in fact, you’re so cold-blooded. Do you know that? You’re heartless!”

Not wanting to embarrass herself anymore, Shen Jiayi ran away crying. After she left, Junyuan did not immediately go back into the restaurant, but smoked a cigarette outside before he went in.

When he went in, the two girls were already drinking.

The bottle of red wine was half empty and Junyuan looked over at Xia Yanran. Xia Yanran had only drank one glass and was not that drunk, most of it was drunk by Xia Mo.

Xia Yanran could not persuade her.

Seeing Junyuan back, Xia Mo grinned and beckoned to him. “Doctor, come and let’s drink together.” Then, she drank all the liquid in the glass.

Junyuan went over, wanting to take her glass away. Xia Mo shook her head and hit the glass. “Don’t stop me from drinking tonight. Only when I drink then can I have courage.”

Junyuan looked at Xia Yanran. What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s not in a good mood,” Xia Yanran replied.

“Doctor, it’s not Sister Yanran’s fault. I wanted to drink myself.” Xia Mo poured a glass for Junyuan. “Come, come, come. Let’s have a glass together!”

Junyuan frowned slightly. “A girl shouldn’t drink so much.”

“Doctor, who are you to me? What right do you have to care about or comment on me?” Xia Mo blinked her bright eyes and came up to Junyuan.

Junyuan leaned against the chair and put some distance between them. Xia Mo lowered her eyes, hiding the despondency in them. She stopped talking and poured herself another glass of wine.

“Xiaomo, don’t drink too much. You’ll get drunk.” Xia Yanran reminded her softly.

Xia Mo shook her finger, “I’m good at drinking!”

After dinner, Xia Yanran wanted to send Xia Mo back but Xia Mo shook her head. “Sister Yanran, I’m not drunk. I-I have something to say to the doctor.”

Xia Yanran could vaguely guess what Xia Mo wanted to say to her brother. With her brother’s character, he would not bully Xiaomo, even if he took her back home.

Quickly making up an excuse, Xia Yanran left first.

When Junyuan came out from the restaurant, he saw Xia Mo crouching on the roadside. He had received a message from Xia Yanran that she was leaving first. Junyuan bought a bottle of mineral water before walking over to Xia Mo.

“Are you all right?”

Hearing the man’s gentle voice, Xia Mo looked up. She was not too drunk, but her head felt a little heavy. There was a drunkenness in her bright eyes and the rims of her eyes were slightly red.

Xia Mo stood up shakily and smiled at the man, showing her pearly white teeth. “Doctor, can you take me home? Let’s walk.”

Junyuan looked at Xia Mo for a few seconds before humming faintly.

They walked in one line, Xia Mo walked in front, while Junyuan walked behind. The place where Xia Mo was living would take around 30 minutes to walk back.

When they passed through a square, there were merchants of medical equipment doing an event. Many people were surrounding the area and it was packed like sardines, the music loud and it was very lively.

It was a balloon blowing contest. Whoever blew the most balloons in the designated time would get the corresponding prizes.

Xia Mo saw that the second prize was a heart-shaped stethoscope.

Xia Mo did not go any further, but squeezed into the crowd. Junyuan wanted to stop Xia Mo, but it was too late.

Just after Junyuan had squeezed into the crowd, Xia Mo walked onto the stage with several other contestants. They would see who was able to blow the most balloons in three minutes.

It was mostly men on stage and Xia Mo was the only girl. When everyone saw a young, lively and beautiful girl, they screamed and cheered at once.

Junyuan stood below the stage and waved at Xia Mo. “Come down.”

Xia Mo pretended not to hear him.

The host shouted for them to start and the contestants began to blow balloons.

Xia Mo picked up the balloon and blew it up. Every time she blew one, she put it into the corresponding box. She was absorbed in her task and kept blowing, even if she got a fright when it burst occasionally, she did not stop.

Several of the men did not work as hard as she did. More and more people were watching and almost all of them were cheering for Xia Mo.

Junyuan looked at Xia Mo, his jaw clenched tightly and his lips pursed into a straight line.

After blowing the second last balloon, the person in front had already finished blowing. Xia Mo finished blowing the last one and raised her hands, her red lips shouting, “Yeah! I’m second.”

Her hair fell over her cheeks and her eyes shone brightly.

The host gave Xia Mo the heart-shaped stethoscope and asked Xia Mo to express her feeling of winning the prize.

Xia Mo held the microphone and looked at Junyuan, who was below the stage. She smiled, her eyes shining and many men were moved by her.

But Xia Mo did not look at the other men, her gaze was only on Junyuan.

Seeming to have realized what she was going to say, Junyuan frowned and said, “Xia Mo, stop fooling around. Come down.”

“I’m not fooling around.” Xia Mo held the microphone and under the attention of the countless people below the stage, she came down the stage and stood in front of Junyuan, looking at him with drunken eyes. “Doctor, my mood today was like riding a roller coaster.”

Junyuan saw that all the people were staring at them and he held Xia Mo’s wrist. “Okay, I’m taking you home.”

Xia Mo shook off Junyuan’s hand and took two steps back, her eyes teary. “I don’t want to go back. I have something to say to you.”

Junyuan had never been in such a situation and before he could say anything, he heard her say, “You’re not gentle to me and you’re like a cold-blooded devil, you perverted bad man!”

“You… Wait a minute.” The situation suddenly became chaotic and everyone was on the verge of losing control. Faced with the people’s judgemental stares and finger pointing, Junyuan was annoyed and frustrated at the same time. “You drank too much. Don’t talk nonsense anymore.”

“I’m not talking nonsense!” She held the microphone and shouted, “You haven’t completely broken off with your ex-girlfriend, and you even slept with a nightclub hostess…”

Hang on. When did he not break off ties with his ex-girlfriend completely? And when did he sleep with a nightclub hostess?

“Xia Mo!”

“I know my name is Xia Mo.” Xia Mo looked up, tears streaming down her face like she had experienced a tragedy. “And even though you’re so annoying, I-I like you!”


Shocked, Junyuan’s mouth almost dropped open. Clearly he had not expected her to say the word ‘like’ after being scolded by her so thoroughly.