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Chapter 1097: Bother

Today, Shen Jiayi had no makeup on her face and looked slightly pale. Her gaze landed on Junyuan and turned a blind eye to Xia Mo who was standing beside him.

“Junyuan.” Seeing that the man was ignoring her, she called him again.

Goosebumps seemed to crawl all over Xia Mo’s arms.

Meanwhile, Junyuan turned back and glanced at Shen Jiayi indifferently. Shen Jiayi bit her lip. “I have something to talk to you about.”

In other words, she wanted Xia Mo to leave.

Xia Mo stood up and although she felt uncomfortable in her heart, she still left.

Junyuan continued to arrange the medicine. Shen Jiayi looked at his cold side profile and could not help squatting beside him. “Junyuan, can’t we still be friends even though we’re not lovers? We’ve known each other for several years and you know very clearly how I treated you. It’s just that I felt so upset back then, that’s why I said all those mean words to you. I’m not here to get back together, I just want to be friends with you and not be strangers with you.”

“No need,” Junyuan replied faintly.

Swallowing, Shen Jiayi felt choked up. “I heard you went for the operation? Are you all right?”

Junyuan did not answer her.

“I also heard that the operation went smoothly, but you need women to help you…”

A slight hint of displeasure appeared in Junyuan’s eyes. He was normally poker-faced and seldom showed his emotions on his face, but at this moment, he looked slightly angered. “Shen Jiayi, pay attention to your status.”

Shen Jiayi opened her mouth, wanting to say something but Xia Yanran, who had finished her call, came over. “Brother, I’ve booked the private room. It’s at Chuyue Restaurant. We can walk over…”

Xia Yanran did not look properly and thought the person squatting beside was Xia Mo. On a closer look, she realized that it was not Xia Mo and Xia Yanran’s voice trailed off.

Shen Jiayi stood up and held Xia Yanran’s arm affectionately, smiling. “Yanran, you’re going out to eat? I haven’t had dinner yet, you don’t mind me tagging along, right?”

Xia Yanran looked at Shen Jiayi, a complicated feeling in her heart.

She once thought that Shen Jiayi was different from other women, that she would be able to walk into her brother’s heart and become her sister-in-law. But who would have known that an accident would make her show her true colors.

Xia Yanran looked at Junyuan and seeing his cold expression, she could only reply that there were other guests so it was not convenient.

Shen Jiayi said nothing more, smiled and left the drugstore.

After Shen Jiayi left, Xia Yanran went to look for Xia Mo. The little girl was huddled in the corner of the counter, her cheeks puffed up angrily.

Looking at Xia Mo, Xia Yanran thought of how her personality before was a little similar to the little girl’s.

After Junyuan finished arranging the medicine, the three of them went to the restaurant. Xia Yanran and Xia Mo walked in front while Junyuan walked behind.

Looking at the two girls in front who had their arms linked together, talking and laughing, Junyuan’s cold face softened.

It seemed like Yanran hadn’t been so happy for a long time.

Moving his gaze away from Xia Yanran, it stopped on Xia Mo for a few seconds before moving away.

They arrived at the restaurant and Xia Yanran and Xia Mo were stunned when they saw the figure after they entered the room.

Shen Jiayi welcomed them with a smile. “Yanran, I’m treating tonight, you don’t have to be polite to me.”

Xia Yanran looked coldly at the attendant who was leading the way and the attendant explained softly, “This lady gave Miss Xia’s name and said she was with you.”

Xia Yanran never knew Shen Jiayi to be so shameless. Now that she had broken up with her brother, he did not want to be entangled anymore. Why was she still pretending?

But they had ties before after all and it was not good to fall out in public. Although she felt uncomfortable, Xia Yanran did not ask Shen Jiayi to leave directly.

Xia Yanran could see that Shen Jiayi had not let go of her brother. It was not appropriate for her to intervene in their relationship matters after all, so she could only let her brother tell her clearly and let her not have any fantasies.

Xia Yanran patted the back of Xia Mo’s hand lightly. “Momo, my brother will handle it.”

Xia Mo smiled. “I know.” She had often came to see the doctor recently, and did not find his private life to be chaotic. From what she noticed, his ex-girlfriend seemed to have called him, but he got irritated and ended up blacklisting her.

Junyuan went into the room and seeing Shen Jiayi, his glass-like eyes turned cold.

In the private room.

Shen Jiayi acted like the host and ordered the food on her own initiative. After that, she passed the menu to Xia Mo and Xia Mo ordered two dishes.

Xia Mo and Xia Yanran sat together while Shen Jiayi and Junyuan sat together.

After the dishes were served, Shen Jiayi smiled and said, “Junyuan, eat this. This is what you liked before.”

Junyuan pursed his lips slightly and looked at Xia Yanran and Xia Mo who were sitting opposite. “Let’s eat.”

Shen Jiayi saw that Junyuan ignored her and she was stunned for a moment, but very soon, she smiled. “I know how to make this dish now. You were always busy with work previously and I was concerned for you so I learned how to make it.” Then, she looked at Xia Mo intentionally or unintentionally. “By the way, this is…”

Xia Mo offered her name. “Xia Mo.”

“Your surname is also Xia.” Shen Jiayi reached out her hand to Xia Mo. “I’m Shen Jiayi, I’m sure Junyuan has mentioned me to you before!”

Xia Mo had not seen such a narcissistic person and glanced at Junyuan. “He didn’t mention you.”

Shen Jiayi looked sideways at Junyuan after hearing the words and asked with a smile, “Junyuan, did you really forget about me completely?”

Junyuan looked at Shen Jiayi and replied coldly, “There’s no need for me to mention…”

Without waiting for Junyuan to finish, Shen Jiayi had a hint of a glare on her face, which she quickly covered with a smile. “You only know how to anger me.” She then looked at Xia Mo. “Miss Xia, you don’t know, but when I was together with him before, he was really annoying. Now he’s treating me coldly, but it was my fault after all. I didn’t stay by his side when he needed me the most…”



The sounds of two sets of chopsticks slamming on the table sounded at the same time. Xia Yanran and Junyuan had slammed their chopsticks on the table at the same time.

Both brother and sister were normally very warm and kind to people. They did not want to hurt anyone, especially Shen Jiayi, who almost became part of their family.

But Shen Jiayi deliberately put Xia Mo in a spot and regarded Xia Mo as an imaginary enemy. How could they continue this meal properly?

Junyuan looked at Xia Yanran and shook his head, indicating that she should not speak. Junyuan then looked at Shen Jiayi, his gaze cold. “Come out with me for a while.” After that, he went out first.

Junyuan took Shen Jiayi outside the restaurant, his gaze turning colder. “Miss Shen, what on earth do you want?”

Shen Jiayi’s eyes turned red. “I can’t forget about you and don’t want to see you with other girls. Besides, she’s still so young. Junyuan, are you like other men, only liking young girls?”

“My business has nothing to do with you anymore!” Junyuan took out his phone. “Do you need me to contact my senior and ask him to take care of his girlfriend properly?”

The tears circling around Shen Jiayi’s eyes poured out. “Junyuan, do we really have no chance in getting back together?”

“No, we don’t.”