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Chapter 1096: Amazing Assist

Junyuan frowned deeper and he did not want to think about why she said those words, nor did he want to make himself think too much. He only said lightly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

He was always like that, treating her like a child.

Xia Mo straightened her neck. “How does it have nothing to do with me? Don’t forget, I’m the one who found Lily for you.”

She regretted the moment she spoke.

Lowering her eyes, she bit her lip stubbornly.

Junyuan looked at the girl in front of him. She had red lips and pearly white teeth and was full of youth and vitality. Her skin was fair and bright, it was so dazzling that it would burn one’s eyes if he was not careful.

But he would inevitably feel that such a beautiful and energetic girl was not that simple, getting close to him from time to time.

Junyuan pursed his lips slightly and tried to make his tone as mild as possible. “Miss Xia, if you’re doing this for Xiao Yi, I’ll have a good talk with Yanran when I get back.”

In other words, she can go back without worry.

Xia Mo’s eyes turned red and hearing his words, she did not calm down, but felt heavier. “What do you mean? Did you really sleep with Lily?”

Junyuan rubbed at his temples. “That is my privacy, and not something you should be asking.”

Not wanting to talk to her anymore, he turned and went to the drugstore.

Xia Mo stood at the same spot, not saying anything and not chasing after him. Her heart felt like it was crushed by someone hard and she felt miserable.

She was a very simple person, crying or laughing when she wanted to. Now she was upset and unhappy, and her tears were pouring out in streams.

Junyuan went into the drugstore and after exchanging shifts with his staff, he stood behind the counter and glanced outside the shop.

She was still standing there.

But now, she was crying so badly she couldn’t stop. Seeing that Xia Mo was in such a state, he pinched his nose bridge helplessly and went to the door. “I didn’t! I didn’t!”

Xia Mo looked at him looking like he was defeated by her and she wiped at her eyes. “You didn’t what?”

“I didn’t sleep with Lily.”

As soon as Junyuan’s voice fell, he saw the girl’s expression changed as rapidly as turning the pages of a book. Her tears stopped and she looked at him with bright eyes. “Really? You didn’t do it with her… You’re not lying to me?”

It was obvious that Junyuan wanted to ignore this girl who was acting like an idiot.

Xia Mo’s mood that had sunk so low suddenly improved a lot. She ran to Junyuan’s side and looked at him unblinkingly with her wet eyes. “Then did you kiss? If you didn’t sleep with her, you didn’t let her touch you…?”

Before she could finish, her forehead was hit by a long and clean hand.

Xia Mo held her red forehead and pouted. “Why did you hit me? Are you the type of person that will fly into a rage when you’re embarrassed?”

“You’re so young, what do you think about all day long in your head?”

Xia Mo looked at the man’s clean and fair face that was like an artistic piece of porcelain. She glared at him and muttered, “Lily is so pure and beautiful, how did you control yourself?”

Junyuan narrowed his eyes. “Are you sure you want to keep discussing this with me?”

Before Xia Mo could say anything, her phone rang.

Looking at the caller ID, Xia Mo ran out of the drugstore to answer it.

The other end of the line almost exploded with Lily’s complaints. “Momo, what kind of person did you find for me? After I climbed to the top of the mountain with him, he talked to me about the structure of the human body, how many bones there are and how he used to dissect corpses. Damn, I was so frightened I dropped my phone down the mountain. I only just bought a new phone! Momo, that person looked like a fine person, could he be a pervert?”

Xia Mo heard Lily’s words and was in a good mood. Her lips lifted into a foxy smile. “Yes, he’s a pervert. Don’t contact him anymore in the future!”

“Momo, I’ve suffered a huge shock today…”

“I know. Next time you go shopping in Hong Kong, put it on my tab, okay?”

“Hehehe. Thank you, Momo.”

After ending the call, Xia Mo was secretly happy for a while, until…


“Seeing Xia Yanran, Xia Mo quickly sorted out her mood and made herself look less silly. Keeping her phone, she went up to Xia Yanran with a grin. “Chief Editor Xia.”

“Xiaomo, I’m not your chief editor anymore. Call me Sister Yanran in the future.”

“Okay, Sister Yanran.”

Seeing that Xia Mo’s eyes were a little red and swollen, and that she was not wearing shoes, Xia Yanran said doubtfully, “Xia Mo, did my brother bully you?”

Xia Mo quickly waved her hands.

Xia Yanran looked inside the drugstore and lowered her voice. “Xiaomo, did you come to see my brother from time to time recently? Are you…”

Xia Yanran did not finish but Xia Mo knew what Xia Yanran meant. Xia Mo did not deny it and nodded. “Sister Yanran, I have feelings for the doctor, but he doesn’t like me.”

Xia Yanran was shocked by Xia Mo’s frankness. She only responded after a while. “Xiaomo, I heard from Xiao Yi that you are going to marry into the Huo family?”

“Young Master Huo doesn’t like me, and of course, I don’t like him. He’ll tell the Huo family when the time is right. Besides, Grandpa Huo promised me before that if I have no feelings for Young Master Huo, he won’t force me to marry him.”

Xia Yanran nodded.

Xia Mo looked at Xia Yanran uneasily. “Sister Yanran, do you think I’m not good enough?”

“No, of course not! Momo, you’re fine. It’s just my brother’s condition…”

“I know. I don’t mind at all. Besides, wasn’t the operation successful? He can recover as long as there are women beside him. I-I can help him!”

As soon as the words came out, Xia Mo herself was shocked. Oh my gosh! How did she become so bold and shameless?

Looking at Xia Mo who was covering her face in embarrassment, Xia Yanran was both shocked and moved. Sister Jiayi left because her brother could not do it. Momo was younger, more beautiful and more talented than Sister Jiayi. She liked her brother when he was at his lowest, how could she not be moved as his sister?

“Momo, I’ll support you if you have thought it through. If you get together with my brother, I can’t be your Sister Yanran. A little girl like you would become my sister-in-law.”

A pink blush appeared on Xia Mo’s cheeks at Xia Yanran’s words.

Soon after, Xia Yanran pulled Xia Mo into the drugstore. Xia Yanran looked at Junyuan, who was arranging the medicine, and she went over. “Brother, I got a promotion.”

“That’s great. Our Yanran is getting more outstanding.”

“I’ll treat you and Momo to dinner tonight, as a celebration for my promotion.”

Xia Mo stood by the side and her heart pounded as she heard Xia Yanran’s words. Junyuan did not know why his sister had suddenly sided with Xia Mo, but he nodded. “Okay, let me arrange the new medicine first.”

Xia Yanran went outside to book a private room and Xia Mo helped Junyuan arrange the medicine.

Suddenly, a soft voice came from behind. “Junyuan.”

Xia Mo looked back first and she frowned when she saw the doctor’s ex-girlfriend.

Why was this woman looking for the doctor again? Did she find out that the doctor’s operation was successful and there was a chance to get back together? She wanted to take the doctor back, right?