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Chapter 1095: Her High School Classmate

Xia Mo looked at Lily who looked beautiful when she smiled. Her eyes were filled with confidence that she would be able to get him.

Noone could resist Lily once she got her hands on them.

Xia Mo frowned. “How are you going to help him in broad daylight?”

Lily smiled softly. “That’s what you don’t know. When we climb to the top of the mountain, there will be no people there and under the beauty of nature, I’ll help him… Anyway, believe me.”

Xia Mo opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but Lily had already gotten out of the car.

Lily went to Junyuan’s side and said something to him. Junyuan nodded and they walked up the mountain.

Xia Mo gripped the steering wheel with both hands and the veins from the back of her fair hands were protruding.

She clenched her fist and hit the steering wheel. A sharp sound sounded when she hit it and Lily, who was walking up the mountain, turned back, but the man did not look at her at all.

Xia Mo looked at their retreating figures and her eyes were slowly blurred by tears.

Half an hour later.

Xia Mo could not sit still anymore and she became inexplicably agitated.

Pushing the door open, she ran up the mountain. But she ran too fast and accidentally sprained her ankle. Although it was not serious, it was still strenuous to continue climbing up.

Throwing a filthy look at her high heels, she felt helpless. She must have been crazy this morning to have dressed herself up like this. How was she going to climb up wearing such high heels?

Xia Mo felt a lump in her throat and felt an inexplicable grievance.

Damn doctor, he really went with Lily because she asked him to? If he had said in the car that he did not want to look for a woman, she would immediately reject Lily.

But he didn’t.

Moreover, after Lily got into the car, they were having a good chat. Although he did not say much to Lily along the way, he still smiled gently at her!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got.

The latest popular saying on the internet was right. Men were all as changeable as the moon!

“Xia Mo.”

Not far away, someone was calling her.

Xia Mo’s eyes were slightly red and dazed. Turning to where the voice was coming from, she saw a man in sportswear standing behind her.

Xia Mo was stunned for a few seconds before she recognized who he was.

It was her high school classmate.

Her red lips slightly opened, Xia Mo looked at the man walking towards her. “Monitor Cheng?”

Cheng Peng smiled and nodded, then said teasingly, “I thought you didn’t recognize me anymore.”

“You used to be a well-known figure in school, who wouldn’t have known you? I heard that you went to B City to develop your career, why are you in Ning City?”

Xia Mo smiled. She still liked to smile like when she was in school. When she smiled, she looked bright and vibrant, now with makeup, she looked more feminine than ever.

Cheng Peng said, “I came to do some work in the branch office. It’s the weekend today so I’m here to climb the mountain with my colleagues.” Then, he looked at Xia Mo. “You’re here to climb the mountain dressed like that?”

Xia Mo was a little embarrassed. “No. I took a friend here and will be leaving soon.”

Cheng Peng nodded and there was a faint nervousness in his gaze that was looking at Xia Mo. “Xia Mo, let’s exchange contact details!”

“Sure.” Xia Mo and Cheng Peng added each other on WeChat.

Cheng Peng wanted to ask Xia Mo out for a meal, but seeing that Xia Mo was looking distracted, he did not say it.

Xia Mo and Cheng Peng talked briefly before she returned to her car.

Before long, she received a message from Lily. “Xiaomo, I like him very much. I decided to give him all my time today. You don’t have to wait for us, go back first!”

Seeing Lily’s message, Xia Mo almost smashed her phone into pieces.

Taking a deep breath, Xia Mo drove away angrily.

Stupid doctor. Didn’t you like to be clean and was a clean freak? You couldn’t move and take your eyes away from Lily when you saw her, right?

Bad man! Big bad man!

Men were all the same!

The sky gradually darkened and half of the sky was dyed red by the rosy clouds. Junyuan got out of the taxi.

Walking to the door of the drugstore, Junyuan frowned slightly when he saw a figure crouching in the corner.

“Miss Xia?”

Hearing the man’s gentle voice, Xia Mo raised her head.

She was still wearing that black chiffon dress, her high heels were thrown aside and her feet were bare. She looked like a poor kitten curling up in the corner like that.

Xia Mo saw Junyuan and seeing that he was in good spirits, her eyes turned red in an instant. “You had a good time with Lily, didn’t you?”

Hearing Xia Mo’s interrogative tone, Junyuan pursed his lips slightly, not intending to answer her. “What are you doing here? Why didn’t you go home?”

Xia Mo stood up from the ground and because she crouched down for too long, her calves were numb when she stood up. She was about to fall forward and her hands waved around mid-air, grabbing at the man.

She did not expect to grab the man’s belt and seeing that she was about to kneel on the ground, the man’s warm hand grabbed her arm.

“Why are you so irritable all day long?”

After Xia Mo stood firm, he let go of her arm immediately, as if she were a plague.

“Go back.” Junyuan then turned and walked to the drugstore.

Xia Mo seemed to have been fixed in place and she stood stunned on the spot.

After coming back from the mountain, she was listless and couldn’t do anything.

Inside, she felt uneasy and miserable.

Later, despite the pain in her ankle, she went to the mountains to look for them again. But she could not find them.

Neither of them answered their phones either.

She had never suffered so much.

She could lie to everyone, but she could not lie to herself.

She fell in love with the doctor at first sight.

Perhaps she had liked men with a gentle and clean temperament like him from young, so when she first set her eyes on him, she couldn’t help but think about him all the time.

Even though she felt that her feelings had come too fast and even hesitated whether it was just the spur of the moment, seeing him and Lily today made her understand that it was not on the spur of the moment.

She liked him!

Xia Mo blinked her eyes hard and tears blurred her eyes. Seeing that the man was about to enter the drugstore, she shouted at him rudely, “Xia Junyuan, stop right there!”

It was the first time she had called him by his full name.

Junyuan turned around and looked at Xia Mo incredulously, his lips pursed slightly. “You’re so rude.”

“I am rude.” Xia Mo rushed to him in several quick steps, her wet eyelashes fluttering and she looked at him aggressively. “Were you with Lily the whole day? Why couldn’t I get through to your phone? Have you already slept with her?”

Her barrage of questions made Junyuan raise his eyebrows slightly.

Xia Mo also knew that her tone was too much like she was questioning her lover. But she could not control it and make herself gentle at all!