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Chapter 1094: Jealous

When Xia Mo ran to the entrance of the drugstore, she could not help looking back angrily.

The tall man stood at the counter in his white coat doing the accounts and the soft light fell on his face. His skin was delicate, the outlines of his face perfect, his lips pursed tightly and the dimple on his right cheek could be seen vaguely.

He did not look at the entrance of the drugstore.

Xia Mo’s slender shoulders slumped slightly.

He did not feel uncomfortable so why should she be?

Chief Editor Xia and Uncle Xiao would have a chance to be together only when he recovered, wouldn’t they?

Xia Mo turned and left with her head lowered.

Sitting in the car, Xia Mo made a phone call.

After a while, the call got through and a soft voice sounded, “Xiaomo.”

“Lily, are you free this weekend? Yes, it’s about what I told you the other time. Okay, if you’re free we’ll meet this weekend.”

After the call, Lily’s face appeared in Xia Mo’s mind.

As what her name implied, Lily looked pure and beautiful. She was the top hostess of XX Nightclub and people who called for her were only the wealthy and affluent. If Xia Mo was not friends with her, Lily would not have promised to help so readily.

Xia Mo ignored the discomfort in her heart. She felt enlightened thinking that as long as the doctor got better, Chief Editor Xia and Uncle Xiao would be able to resolve the knot in their hearts.

Soon, it was the weekend.

Xia Mo woke up very early and she did not know what was wrong with her. Ever since the doctor had agreed to meet Lily, she had not slept well.

Today, she also woke up before dawn.

She did not know what had gotten into her. She took out all her clothes in the wardrobe.

Now that Ning City had entered spring, girls who liked to dress up had already changed into pretty dresses. Xia Mo looked at the bed that was full of dresses and she picked one after another.

Finally, she picked a rather mature looking black chiffon dress with a fitted waistline. She tied her long hair into a fishtail braid, made up her face exquisitely and applied red lipstick on her lips.

She was only twenty years old, her facial features were still slightly youthful. But after putting on makeup, she looked charming.

The fabric of the dress clung tightly to her body, outlining the curves of her body. Her calves were exposed and they were slender and fair.

Xia Mo went out, carrying her bag, and drove the sports car in the garage which she rarely drove.

She went to the drugstore to pick up the doctor.

When she arrived at the entrance of the drugstore, , Xia Mo pressed the horn and did not get out of the car.

After a few minutes, a tall figure came out from the drugstore.

The doctor was wearing casual wear, a white shirt with a heart shaped collar and a pair of dark colored pants. A few strands of hair fell over his forehead and the sunlight fell on him through the cracks in the branches, and she could see the dust floating lightly around. His gentle face was clean and handsome and seeing him striding over, the words tall and handsome appeared in Xia Mo’s mind.

The doctor’s temperament was clean and looking at him was like seeing the most beautiful and pure scenery in the world, without any taint or dirt.

Junyuan went to the side of the sports car and pursed his lips slightly as he looked at Xia Mo who had put on makeup, sunglasses and wearing a black chiffon dress like she was going to a banquet. “What’s the address? I’ll go myself.”

Angry flames burst out of Xia Mo’s eyes under the sunglasses.

Was he that excited to see Lily?

Not wanting to quarrel with him and be angry, Xia Mo unlocked the door. “Get in, I’ll take you there.”

Recently, Xia Mo often came to the drugstore shamelessly and was always smiling. Junyuan only treated it as a girl fooling around.

Thinking that she would not do anything, Junyuan pulled open the door.

Xia Mo furrowed her eyebrows when she saw that he had opened the door to the back.

Stupid doctor. Why couldn’t he act according to the situation? Who asked him to sit in the back?

Xia Mo locked the doors and puffed up her cheeks. “Sit in front.”

Junyuan glanced at her and said nothing, pulling the door open and sitting inside. He had just sat down when Xia Mo bent over, helping him fasten the seatbelt.

A fresh scent wafted to his nose and looking at the girl who was dressed up, Junyuan pushed her away with his gaze cold.

Xia Mo saw that her good intentions were unappreciated, she pushed her sunglasses up to the top of her head and glared at him. “What are you so angry at?”

“A girl like you doesn’t know how to be a little more reserved?”

Xia Mo pouted. “Anyway, you always treat me like a child. Why should I be reserved?”

Junyuan did not speak.

Xia Mo glanced at Junyuan from the corner of her eye while driving. “Hey…”

“You’re being rude. You should also call me Uncle.”

Uncle your a**!

Xia Mo looked at his gentle and good-looking face. “Where do you look like an uncle?”

“I’m much older than you.”

Xia Mo glared at him. “I don’t want you to be my boyfriend, why are you always bringing up you being older than me?”

It was depressing. Being younger than people was also a distressing thing.

Xia Mo drove slowly, but no matter how slowly, they still arrived at the door of the nightclub.

Lily, who was wearing a white dress, her long hair fluttering and light makeup on her face, stood at the door of the nightclub.

Looking at Lily’s pure and beautiful appearance, Xia Mo looked at her own dressing and wished she could go back and change.

Lily went to the driver’s seat side, greeted Xia Mo and then looked at Junyuan who was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Damn. Lily had never seen such a clean looking man. Not only were his facial features good-looking, the hands placed on his knees were slender and clean, well-defined, which made people want to touch them.

Lily did not expect the man Xia Mo asked her to help restore his glory would be so fresh and gentle. Her heart thumped and she blushed as she greeted Junyuan, “Hi, I’m Lily. Twenty two this year.”

Lily’s voice was soft and working in the pleasure industry, she naturally knew how to attract men’s attention. That coy look would let any man who saw it have a desire to protect her!

Xia Mo did not know why she felt uncomfortable. She even felt irritated looking at Lily’s gaze. She put on her sunglasses again. “Get in!”

Lily did not notice Xia Mo’s strange behavior and got into the car with a smile.

After Lily got in, her gaze never left Junyuan.

Xia Mo was usually a person who liked to laugh and talk, but today, she was unusually silent.

Lily kept looking for topics to attract Junyuan’s attention. Junyuan would respond to her sometimes and occasionally, there was a faint smile on his lips.

Xia Mo saw him smiling at Lily and her heart felt like it was bitten by ants.

Damn doctor. He was so fierce in front of her, but was so gentle in front of Lily.

Was she not as good as Lily? She even saved him when he almost drowned in the sea the other time! Xia Mo had completely forgotten that she was the one who had found Lily for him.

Xia Mo stopped at the foot of Feng Ye Mountain.

“Xiaomo, wait here for me and Doctor Xia. We should be down in three or four hours.”

Junyuan got out of the car first and Lily leaned over and whispered in Xia Mo’s ear, “Doctor Xia’s fingers are long and from my experience, those with long fingers, down there… Believe me, I will help him restore his glory.”