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Chapter 1093: Day of the Operation

After all, she was his sister, and the place where Junyuan was injured was significant. It was hard for Xia Yanran to mention this kind of thing usually, and Junyuan was also very sensitive to this topic. But Xia Yanran knew that Junyuan must be feeling miserable inside.

Xia Yanran was feeling uneasy as she brought the doctor over. She did not know if Junyuan would think that she was making decisions on her own.

Unexpectedly, when Junyuan met the doctor, he did not feel uncomfortable like she thought he would, but was respectful and courteous to the doctor.

Junyuan talked to the doctor for a while and then pulled Xia Yanran aside. “Yanran, where did you manage to find Professor Qi? He has been retired for several years and many people have been wanting to see him for treatment, but they could never find him.”

Xia Yanran did not hide it from Junyuan. “Brother, it was Xiao Yi who found him. When I went to B City work, I met Xiao Yi. He asked me to apologize to you and hope that you recover as soon as possible.”

When Junyuan heard Xiao Yi’s name, he pursed his lips slightly and did not speak.

Xia Yanran was worried that Junyuan would not have the operation when he heard that it was Xiao Yi who found the professor. She held Junyuan’s hand and said anxiously, “Brother, Xiao Yi left the triad. He’s really not bad, I… I didn’t have anything to do with him when I went to B City this time. So don’t refuse the treatment because of him!”

Junyuan held Xia Yanran’s hand back. He knew that Yanran had been suffering the past few months because of his body. He patted the back of her hand and said gently, “I don’t intend to do that. Yanran, if Xiao Yi has left the triad and you still have him in your heart, be together. I won’t say anything.”

Xia Yanran shook her head. “Brother, I don’t want to think about relationships now. I just want you to be healthy and I’ll be happy.”

“Silly girl.”

The following days, Xia Yanran’s focus was on Junyuan. She did not know how Xiao Yi communicated with the doctor. The doctor was easy to talk to and after seeing Junyuan’s condition, he said he was 70% sure of the success.

Now for Junyuan, even if there was a 20% success rate, he would be willing to give it a try.

No one wanted to be a useless person his whole life. But because he was injured at a sensitive place, it did not mean that it could be fixed immediately.

After nearly half a month of planning, the doctor finally fixed the date for the operation.

On the day of the operation, Xia Yanran and Xia Tang waited outside the operating room. They were worried and waited for nearly two hours before the door to the operating room opened.

The doctor took off his mask and looked at the two sisters, whose eyes were red. He nodded. “The surgery went quite successfully, but we won’t know the details of his condition until he wakes up.”

Although they were siblings, there were after all differences between men and women. After Junyuan woke up, it was the doctor who followed up his condition after the operation.

Seven days after the operation, Xia Yanran learned from the doctor that after the operation, his nerves were still not very sensitive and he asked her if Junyuan had a girlfriend. If he had one, perhaps he would recover better.

Xia Yanran heard a deeper meaning from the doctor’s words. The repair operation was successful, but because the nerves were not that sensitive, he needed the help and stimulation of a woman.

But where was she going to find a woman for him in such a short time?

Unless she went to a nightclub…

But Junyuan was a clean freak, he might not want to touch the woman if it was a hostess, or have her touch him.

“Chief Editor Xia, why are you looking so listless?”

Xia Yanran’s eyelashes fluttered and she looked at Xia Mo, who had asked her out for coffee, coming out from her trance. “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Xia Mo’s bright eyes looked at Xia Yanran. “Chief Editor Xia, I scraped my hand while washing dishes two days ago and went to your brother’s drugstore to get something. But why is it closed?”

“My brother is in the hospital…” As soon as the words came out, it was too late to take them back. Xia Mo’s eyes widened. “Is the doctor feeling unwell?”

Seeing Xia Mo’s nervous expression, Xia Yanran was slightly in doubt. “Xiaomo, you and my brother…”

Xia Mo waved her hands. “No, I just think that your brother’s drugstore is affordable and the medicine he prescribes is good.”

After parting ways with Xia Yanran, Xia Mo wiped away the sweat on her forehead.

What was she doing? She had nothing to do with the doctor, why was she so guilty?

After work, Xia Mo could not help buying fruits and flowers before she went to the city hospital.

After finding out which ward Junyuan was in, Xia Mo went over. Not seeing Junyuan inside, Xia Mo put down the things and was about to leave when she saw Junyuan’s figure in the hospital’s garden downstairs.

He was talking to a doctor in his sixties.

Xia Mo felt that since she had come, she should say hello to him.

Where Junyuan and the doctor stood, there was a big tree and the thick branches and leaves blocked Xia Mo from sight.

When Xia Mo was about to approach Junyuan, she heard the old doctor say to Junyuan, “Your condition is special. Even if the operation is successful, your nerves are not as sensitive as before. I suggest you follow the plan I proposed. Go find a woman and see if you have any reaction. If not, ask them to help you…”

Xia Mo’s body froze.

What did the doctor mean?Asking him to look for women and see if he could do it?

Would he get back to normal if he looked for a woman?

Half a month later.

Junyuan was discharged from the hospital and Xia Mo came to his drugstore after work.

Seeing Xia Mo, Junyuan’s expression was indifferent. “Are you feeling unwell again?”

Junyuan had been discharged from the hospital for a week and Xia Mo would come almost every day after work. Every time she came it was because she was scalded, or was having a headache, or her stomach was feeling uncomfortable…

Xia Mo blinked at Junyuan. “Have you decided on that matter I told you the other time?”

After hearing the conversation between Junyuan and the doctor, Junyuan found her behind the tree and his expression was rather dark at that time.

Later, she went to the hospital from time to time to visit him. Seeing him silent, she mentioned to him that she knew a girl who worked in a nightclub and asked if he needed it. He immediately rejected her.

Junyuan heard that Xia Mo was talking about that topic again and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “What does it have to do with you if I’m well or not?”

Xia Mo puffed up her cheeks. “Of course it has something to do with me. Uncle Xiao is my friend and if you’re not recovered, he and Chief Editor Xia can’t be together. Both of them feel miserable and I feel miserable looking at them.”

Junyuan clenched his jaw and thought of Yanran’s recent mood and he took in a breath, trying to let go of his pettiness. “Okay.”

Hearing his faint voice, it was Xia Mo’s turn to be stunned. Her eyes widened and she only responded after a while. “You’re willing to have someone to help you?”

Junyuan hummed faintly. “Since you’re so thoughtful, inform me after you’ve arranged it.”

Xia Mo’s thick and long eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings as she looked at him continue doing his accounts, not looking at her.

“You’re fine with those from the nightclub?”


Xia Mo glared at him angrily and after saying that she would contact him after she had arranged it, she turned and ran off.