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Chapter 1091: Freezing

All President Wen felt was pain as fresh blood dripped from his head.

The other people in the room all widened their eyes in fear.

They then glanced at the man who assaulted President Wen. His expression was dark like a devil, not easing even after hitting President Wen ruthlessly as he continued to grab the back of President Wen’s neck and pushed his face into the boiling chicken soup on the table.

“Your mouth is so dirty, I think you need a proper wash.”

The chicken soup was boiled until it was bubbling. With President Wen being pressed down straight away, he couldn’t even scream from being scalded by the heat. His body could only wriggle nonstop, but the man standing behind him pressed him down like he was a grim reaper and stopped him from moving.

As the soup spilled all over, Xiao Yi couldn’t avoid being scalded either. But he didn’t care. The strong and dark murderous intent, as well as the cold bloodthirstiness he exuded made people shiver unconsciously.

What a ruthless person!

The other people in the room didn’t dare to move, while the service staff was flabbergasted. By the time he understood what was going on, he staggered out.

Xia Yanran went to the room with Mrs Wen, and when she noted that Xiao Yi didn’t follow them, she told Mrs Wen about it before she walked out of the room to look for the man.

There was a bad premonition in her heart.

If she wanted to go to the hotel lobby, she had to walk by President Wen’s room. Seeing that the door was opened, Xia Yanran glanced into the room.

When she saw what was happening, Xia Yanran froze immediately.

From her angle, she could only see Xiao Yi’s side profile. His jawline was tense, exuding a strength and ruthlessness that made people afraid.

The other people in the room seemed to have become paralyzed from fear. When Xia Yanran realized what he was doing, she ran over with a blank mind.

She hugged him tightly from behind, saying with a shivering voice, “Xiao Yi, that’s enough! If you continue, he’ll die!”

He had taken off his jacket and was only wearing the black silk shirt. The moment she hugged him, she realized he was slimmer than before.

The man who was pressing President Wen down was deadly, looked down at the slender and fair hands hugging him tightly. The darkness in his eyes easing a little as he let go of President Wen and turned around to look at Xia Yanran. “Go back to the room first.”

Xia Yanran’s body shivered slightly as she let go of him, but her fingers continued to grip onto his shirt from the back. “Let’s go together.”

The moment Xia Yanran finished speaking, two uniformed policemen walked over.

Someone had called the police.

In the police station.

Xia Yanran was waiting in the lobby, her hands clasped together as she paced to and fro in panic.

After about half an hour, Mrs Wen walked over. Xia Yanran hurriedly rushed in front of Mrs Wen. “Madam, how’s Xiao Yi?”

Seeing the nervousness and worry in Xia Yanran’s eyes, Mrs Wen seemed to have guessed something as she said warmly, “Half of President Wen’s face has been burnt, but President Xiao seemed to have something on President Wen, so President Wen is willing to come to a private settlement with him.”

Not too long after Mrs Wen left, Xiao Yi came out.

He had a hand in his pocket, looking cold and fierce with his lips pursed tightly.

When he saw Xia Yanran, he said before he walked out of the police station, “It’s alright now.”

Seeing that he seemed to want to ignore her, Xia Yanran ran after him.

Xiao Yi was trying to flag down a taxi by the road when Xia Yanran walked in front of him, her expression not very nice either. “Come with me for a minute.”

Xiao Yi narrowed his black eyes a little. “Is there something?”

“Come with me.” Her tone was firm and didn’t allow others to put their words in. With that said, she stopped looking at him and crossed the road first.

Staring at her figure, Xiao Yi strode out and crossed the road as well.

Xia Yanran led Xiao Yi on about five hundred meters before she stopped in front of a pharmacy. She knew that the man had followed her. She turned around and pointed at the bench in front of the entrance. “Sit here and wait for me.”

After a while, Xia Yanran carried a small bag out from the pharmacy.

She sat next to Xiao Yi, but didn’t look at her either. “Give me your hand.”

Xiao Yi noted her serious expression and smirked. “Are you concerned about me?”

Xia Yanran didn’t look at him, staring at his hands instead. “Are you giving your hand to me?”

Seeing that she was about to get angry, Xiao Yi took out his hand from his pocket.

The back of his hand was badly scalded.

Xia Yanran felt the urge to cry, biting her lip tightly as she sanitized his injury quietly.

Once she was done sanitizing the wound, she squeezed out some ointment and applied it on the back of his hand. Her force was not too hard and not too soft, her smooth fingers tracing circles over his scalded wound. Xiao Yi watched as her lashes cast two small shadows on her face, his eyes slowly stopping on her lips.

He furrowed his brows. “Why do you always like to bite yourself?”

Xia Yanran looked up at him, her eyes meeting his depthless black ones. Her breathing lost its rhythm. “You don’t have to care.”

Xiao Yi moved his lips. “Yes, I can’t care anyway.”

The urge to cry grew even stronger for Xia Yanran.

“It’s just a small injury, why are your eyes red?”

Xia Yanran threw the ointment at him and she glared at him. Her eyes were wet like there was a thin layer of moisture covering them. There was an unspeakable softness in them, as her black long hair fell on her shoulders, making her face look even more fair and playful.

“Xiao Yi, my things are none of your concern. Don’t do those things for me again in the future.”

Xia Yanran stood up.

She was about to leave when the man’s warm and strong hand grabbed her slender wrist.

Xia Yanran stopped breathing. Before she could turn back, she was pulled back onto the bench.