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Chapter 1090: Cannot Be Mannerless

Tang Chao hugged his arms as he leaned against the door, watching Xiao Yi change into a black shirt and pants. The man then shaved the stubble on his chin and put on some hair gel to style his hair.

After some effort to dress up, he looked a few years younger.

“Hey, hey, hey, I say Brother Xiao, are you going to get a girl?!”

Xiao Yi buttoned his shirt properly, tucking it inside his pants before he put on a belt. He glanced at Tang Chao. “I’m going to see Mrs Wen.”

“Did you fall for Mrs Wen?”

Xiao Yi stared at Tang Chao with his black eyes, smirking devilishly, “What do you think?”

Noting his fierce eyes that seemed to want to kill him, Tang Chao hurriedly raised his hands in surrender. “Alright, alright. I’m scared of you! Since I have nothing to do today, I’m going to ask Beauty Xia to go out in the afternoon.”

Xiao Yi stopped walking out immediately.

He stopped in front of Tang Chao, his fingers tidying Tang Chao’s collar for him. “Do you know her very well?”

“We can get to know each other. Tsk, when I danced with her yesterday, her waist was really slim…” Before he finished speaking, his collar was grabbed tightly and Tang Chao felt difficulty breathing. “F*ck, Brother Xiao, what are you doing? You’re killing me!”

Xiao Yi let go of Tang Chao before he said quietly, “Stay away from her in the future.”

Tang Chao bent down and coughed crazily. He couldn’t hear what Xiao Yi said, but he could feel the darkness covering his perfect face.

Tang Chao recalled Xiao Yi telling him to send Beauty Xia back before he left last night. That natural and familiar tone made Tang Chao understand something suddenly and he hit his head. “Brother Xiao, do you know…”

With a loud bang, the door was slammed shut.

Tang Chao rubbed his nose, thinking that Brother Xiao was really weird today.

Xia Yanran didn’t sleep well last night. After she returned to her hotel, she couldn’t fall asleep.

Nearing daybreak, she received harassment calls from President Wen. The old pervert had probably drank too much. When she didn’t answer his calls, he even came to knock on her door.

Standing in front of the mirror, Xia Yanran stared at the faint dark circles under her eyes and put on some makeup.

Since she was going to interview Mrs Wen later, she couldn’t be rude.

After dolling herself up, Xia Yanran went down for breakfast.

When she returned to her room, she bumped into President Wen. Because of her performance last night, President Wen’s eyes on her could be described as a mixture of love and hate.

“Interview Mrs Wen properly later. If you screw it up, you don’t have to go to work anymore.”

Back in her room, Xia Yanran tidied and sorted the questions she would ask during the interview later and headed towards Mrs Wen’s subsidiary company in B City.

Mrs Wen had informed the front desk first, so the front desk merely got Xia Yanran to register herself before she brought her to the highest floor.

“Director Wen is in her office. Walk straight, turn left and you will see it.”

After Xia Yanran thanked the front desk, she walked towards Mrs Wen’s office.

Standing in front of the office, Xia Yanran raised her hand to knock on the door. The door was pulled open from inside and Xia Yanran immediately smiled brightly. ” Hello, Mrs Wen…” Before she could finish her words, Xia Yanran froze for a few seconds when she realized it was Xiao Yi who opened the door and not Mrs Wen.

Xiao Yi looked more energetic than he did at the banquet last night. He was wearing a black silk shirt with a V-line while he wore a suit jacket in the same color. His collarbones were exposed slightly, his hair slightly fluffy as a few strands rested against his forehead, making him look handsome and charismatic as well.

He had a hand in his pocket, another hand holding onto a document. When he saw Xia Yanran, his expression was calm. “You came to interview Mrs Wen?”

Xia Yanran clearly didn’t expect him to talk to her. After all, when they met yesterday, he still acted like they were strangers. After Xia Yanran regained her senses, she nodded.

Xia Yanran didn’t say anything else, taking a step back to let Xia Yanran enter the office.

Seeing that Xia Yanran had come, Mrs Wen nodded at her, before she glanced at Xiao Yi who was about to leave. “President Xiao, your proposal is not bad. If you have time in the afternoon, let’s have a meal together.”

It was obvious that Mrs Wen admired Xiao Yi’s ability a lot.

Xiao Yi nodded. “It’s my pleasure.”

Xia Yanran’s interview with Mrs Wen went very well. Mrs Wen’s impression of Xia Yanran was already good from the previous night and through today’s interview, she felt that this girl was really talented and capable.

She was different from the other reporters, who asked sharp and condescending questions. She was always able to phrase her questions properly for her to answer, and not let her impression of Xia Yanran go down either.

“Miss Xia, I need a reporter working for me. I saw that you were with President Wen last night. Your talent would be buried working with him. If you’re willing, you can come and work for me.”

Xia Yanran didn’t have any plans to work at B City for now, so she rejected Mrs Wen politely.

Mrs Wen was slightly disappointed. “If you have the time, let’s have lunch together as well?”

Xia Yanran nodded. “Alright.”

There were about ten people having lunch with Mrs Wen, so her assistant had booked a private room for the group already.

Xia Yanran took Mrs Wen’s car to the lunch venue. She didn’t see Xiao Yi, so he probably driven over himself.

Indeed, as she was getting off the car, Xia Yanran saw Xiao Yi getting out of his car in the car park.

He came forward to greet Mrs Wen, before he received a call. He walked behind them as he took the call.

Xiao Yi walked towards the private room after taking the call. When he passed by one of the private rooms, he saw a face he had seen the previous night.

President Wen was having lunch with several of his industry friends this afternoon. After drinking a little too much, he lost control of his words as well.

The most they talked about were women.

Someone mentioned Xia Yanran first. “President Wen, you’re still the capable one to have such a talented woman with such a nice figure with you!”

At the thought of Xia Yanran showing off herself last night, President Wen’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “Aren’t all women the same?”

Another President laughed as he asked, “Did President Wen… Hehe…”

“To be frank with you all, I slept with her already.”

His words were as disgusting as they could be. The other Presidents in the room all started to laugh lecherously.

Xiao Yi had no expression on his face, but he didn’t leave either. He pushed the room’s door straight away. When the service staff in the room saw Xiao Yi, he walked over and asked, “Sir, who are you looking for?”

Xiao Yi didn’t say anything as he pursed his lips into a tight, thin line. He took a bottle of alcohol from the service staff and walked behind President Wen.

He tapped President Wen’s shoulder. As President Wen had drank too much, his reaction time was slower. He turned around, about to look at Xiao Yi when a bottle of red wine was suddenly smashed against his head, followed by a loud, cold and fierce voice making his head ring, “Do you want to die?”