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Chapter 1089: Unaffected

In a luxurious two storey mansion.

The living room was decorated in a luxurious style, its lights dazzling brightly. The door wasn’t shut tightly, so Xiao Yi pushed the door open straight away and walked in.

Xiao Yi walked towards the sofa, while the sound of high heels clacking against the marble stairs rang from upstairs.

Ruan Yu was wearing a red racy silk dress as she walked down, a coy expression on her face.

Ruan Yu was thirty years old and was 178 centimeters tall. Her skin was fair, her features exquisite and pretty. After the countless number of plastic surgeries she had gone through, she looked exquisite, but stiff as well. Her figure was very good and voluminous, her legs extremely long as she looked super charming and pretty.

Ruan Yu married a seventy year old wealthy man two years ago. She was originally the wealthy man’s private nurse, but the wealthy man fell for her and married her.

One year ago, the wealthy man’s only son was sued by the wealthy man. The wealthy man wanted to cut their ties, because his son had almost slept with his step-mother.

After the wealthy man cut ties with his son, he passed away within half a year and all of his fortune fell into Ruan Yu’s hands.

After the wealthy man passed away, Ruan Yu kept changing her lovers. She was rich and pretty, so there were many men who wanted to be her lover.

Ruan Yu met Xiao Yi a month ago. What else could she say? Xiao Yi was the most special man amongst the many she had seen before.

She met Xiao Yi in a jewelry store. She was trying on some jewelry when a few thieves burst into the store. Xiao Yi happened to pass by the store and he subdued the armed thieves single-handedly.

He was very good with fighting, while he was handsome and exuded masculinity from head to toe.

She could tell that his background wasn’t affluent. He wasn’t some cold rich young master. He was even slightly wild, dangerously cold and hot-tempered. When his mood was bad, he would curse, but that was something she liked about him.

She wanted to tame him.

However, it had been a month since she hinted him in every way she could, yet he was still unmoved.

However, there probably wasn’t a man who would be able to resist her charm and money, right? See, she merely said that there was a problem with her house’s plumbing and asked him to come and fix it for her, and here he was.

Ruan Yu smiled charmingly, perking her proud chest as she sashayed over to Xiao Yi in her high heels.

“Xiao, can you go up and take a look at the plumbing for me? I wanted to shower, but the pipes burst.” Ruan Yu’s voice was coy and soft as she walked towards Xiao Yi, acting like she lost her balance and fell towards him.

Xiao Yi remained unmoved.

Ruan Yu was silently happy. Just as she was about to fall into his arms, Xiao Yi dodged to the side quickly and Ruan Yu fell onto the sofa.

As it almost hit her fake boobs, Ruan Yu was a little angry. She stood up and furrowed her eyebrows at Xiao Yi.

“Xiao, what is the meaning of this?”

Xiao Yi sat on the opposite side of the sofa, crossing his legs. Ruan Yu’s good figure seemed to be nothing in front of him. “Madam Ruan, we’ve known each other for almost a month now. It’s time for me to tell you the real reason why I kept in contact with you.”

Ruan Yu narrowed her eyes slightly, before she smiled brightly. “Isn’t your real reason to sleep with me? I know everything about what a man wants.”

Xiao Yi tugged his lips into a smirk, his expression cold. “Although I’m interested in women, it doesn’t mean that I’m interested in men as well.”

Ruan Yu’s coy smile slowly disappeared.

Xiao Yi made a gesture at Ruan Yu, his expression calm and cold. “Madam Ruan, why don’t you take a seat.”

This was Ruan Yu’s home, but she was being controlled by Xiao Yi unconsciously and Ruan Yu only realized it after she sat down. “What do you mean?”

Xiao Yi’s well-defined fingers knocked against his knee. “Let’s not beat around the bush. I only remained in contact with you for a month because I wanted to confirm some of my guesses and now, I’ve confirmed them. Madam Ruan, you’re that Mr Ruan that injured his penis in an accident five years ago.”

Ruan Yu’s expression was extremely dark.

“I did a background check on Mr Ruan. After he injured his penis, the doctor said that he would be useless now. However, a well-known doctor did a surgery on him and his condition improved. But not too long later, that Mr Ruan disappeared and no one knew where he went. There are rumors saying that his surgery didn’t succeed, so he committed suicide after losing his masculine dignity.

“Actually, Mr Ruan didn’t commit suicide and merely went to do a gender reassignment surgery to make herself become a pretty and charming lady…”

Ruan Yu’s expression darkened even more as she interrupted Xiao Yi’s unfinished words. “That’s enough, who are you exactly? What do you want?”

A murderous intent had already appeared in Ruan Yu’s eyes.

Xiao Yi’s slender fingers continued to beat against his knees, as he remained extremely calm. As compared to Ruan Yu’s fierceness, he wasn’t at all afraid as he smirked coldly. “I don’t want to sleep with Madam Ruan of course. I want to find that doctor who treated you.”

Ruan Yu narrowed her eyes immediately, her murderous intent disappearing as her eyes moved from Xiao Yi’s well-defined face to his abdomen. “Perhaps, you lost your ability too?”

Xiao Yi didn’t plan to talk nonsense with Ruan Yu, as he let out his triumph card. “Whether or not that old man’s son seduced Madam Ruan a year ago and how the old man left the world, I’m sure Madam Ruan thought that you’ve done it perfectly. However, there’s nothing I cannot find out if I want to. I didn’t come for trouble, and I’m not interested in what you’ve done. I just want you to help me contact that doctor and do me a favor.”

Ruan Yu stared at Xiao Yi. She didn’t know if he had any evidence, but seeing him sitting there so calmly and confidently, Ruan Yu couldn’t help but panic a little inside.

After weighing her options, Ruan Yu nodded. “That doctor had retired early and is staying overseas now. I’ll contact him for you, but you have to promise me to not tell anyone else about it. If not, I won’t let you off.”

Xiao Yi stood up and smoothen out his clothes. He smirked, his expression cool. “Naturally.”

The next day.

Tang Chao sat up on his bed, rubbing his bed hair as he got up to glance at the room next door. Seeing the neat bedsheets looking like no one had slept in them, he cursed softly.

Did Brother Xiao really go sleep with that promiscuous woman, Ruan Yu, last night?

Why was his taste so heavy? He could actually take that woman who seemed fake from head to toe?

Just as Tang Chao was super confused, the bathroom door was pulled open and Xiao Yi walked out wearing a dark colored exercise pants. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and exposed his muscular and firm chest. His pants weren’t tied properly and were sitting loosely on his waist. His Apollo’s belt extended beyond his pants and small beads of water were still sitting on his well-defined muscles.

Tang Chao cursed softly. “F*ck, it’s a good thing that I don’t like men. Brother Xiao, you’re seducing me so early in the morning!”

Xiao Yi kicked at Tang Chao’s calf. Tang Chao could tell that Xiao Yi’s mood was rather good today and he raised his eyebrow. “Did you really sleep with Madam Ruan last night?”

Xiao Yi threw his towel at Tang Chao. “I’ll edit the proposal later and bring it to Mrs Wen.”

“Ah? Didn’t you make me run errands for you every time? Why did you change today?”