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Chapter 1087: Meeting


The glass was smashed into pieces.

Tang Chao looked away from Xia Yanran’s disappearing figure, extremely shocked when he saw the smashed glass in Xiao Yi’s hand.

Seeing this, Mrs Wen’s expression changed slightly. “The banquet is held in a five-star hotel, but why are the glasses so poor-quality? President Xiao, is your hand alright?”

As Mrs Wen spoke, she gestured for an assistant to call a doctor over.

The glass shards had pierced Xiao Yi’s palm, slicing through his flesh and blood surged out. However, it was like he didn’t feel anything and didn’t know pain.

“Madam, I’m fine.” Xiao Yi spoke with a dark expression.

Mrs Wen stared at Xiao Yi. “I saw the sincerity in both Young Master Tang and you wanting to work with my company. Since I gave Miss Xia thirty minutes, I will give you a chance as well. However, I have to be satisfied with your proposal.”

Xiao Yi nodded curtly. “Naturally.”

Mrs Wen stared at the calm and mature Xiao Yi. His company with Tang Chao had only become incorporated for two months, but his vision was unique and was capable enough in his means. Within a short time, they had managed to get the fifth construction project from her company’s construction department. This time, they were preparing to work with her for another large project.

Xia Yanran found President Wen, telling him the news about being able to interview Mrs Wen tomorrow.

Staring at Xia Yanran, President Wen was speechless for a while.

After Xia Yanran entered the magazine agency, she had proved herself capable, but she was rather stubborn and didn’t know of the workplaces’ rules. When he told her to go and drink with their partners, she didn’t want to. When he hinted that he could help her, she wasn’t willing to accept being taken advantage of. However, her capability was there and she was able to do everything she was assigned to very well.

Everyone in the industry knew that it was difficult to interview Mrs Wen this time.

Even he didn’t have any hopes that she would succeed, but somehow, Xia Yanran managed to do it, making good use of the opportunity. Even though it was only a dance, everyone could tell that she did her homework and had put her heart in it.

When she was on stage and showed off her talent, she was radiant, so much that others couldn’t look away, her feminine charisma exuding perfectly and completely.

A Xia Yanran like this attracted him more than those well-endowed but brainless women.

All of the blood in President Wen boiled. Staring at Xia Yanran’s fair legs and slender waist, President Wen inched closer to her. “Yanran, you’re always able to surprise me. Since you get to interview Mrs Wen this time, I’ll give you a promotion and salary raise after we return.” With that said, President Wen wanted to hug Xia Yanran’s waist, but before he could do it, a glass of red wine was splashed at his face.

Xia Yanran was still smiling brightly. “President Wen, if you continue like this, how about I quit and upload the video of you spreading your seeds tirelessly that night in the office at the same time…”

President Wen’s expression immediately changed as he wiped the red wine of his face. “Xia Yanran, you…” At the thought that she had gained Mrs Wen’s favor now, President Wen didn’t dare to say anything else, waving his hand away as he stormed off.

Xia Yanran didn’t take what President Wen did to heart. She had been working for so many years already. Did he think he could treat her as a newbie that didn’t know anything and was easily bullied?!

The most she could do was quit! She didn’t believe that she wouldn’t be able to find a company that looked at their capabilities!

After the banquet ended, Xia Yanran didn’t see President Wen again.

He even took the car.

That old pervert was not gentlemanly at all.

The nights at B City were slightly cold, so Xia Yanran hugged her arms as she took out her phone from her handbag to call a taxi.

As this place was slightly far from the city, the taxi needed at least ten minutes to come over.

By this point, the guests were almost gone, while some of them stayed over at the resort. Xia Yanran hugged her arms as she slowly walked out of the resort.

Suddenly, two loud horns rang from behind her.

Xia Yanran thought that she had blocked the road and moved to the side.

The car behind her drove ahead, but after a few seconds, it reversed and stopped next to Xia Yanran.

The window unwound and a devilish face was revealed. “Hi, Beauty, what are you doing alone in the middle of the night? Where is your partner?”

Xia Yanran looked up to see Tang Chao. She smiled and replied, “I’m waiting for my taxi.” She saw another person at the front passenger seat from the corner of her eyes, but his face was blocked by Tang Chao and she couldn’t see the person’s face properly. However, she vaguely felt that it was Xiao Yi.

“It’s a little cold at night, you’d get a cold wearing such thin layers.” Tang Chao unlocked the car. “There’s space behind, let me take you!”

Xia Yanran waved her hands. “Thank you, but I already booked a taxi.”

Tang Chao rested his elbow on the door. “Are you looking down on my car for not being luxurious enough? Come on, I won’t eat you. I have to thank you even, for giving our company a chance to receive a large project from Mrs Wen!”

Xia Yanran was speechless.

What in the world?

“Really! I don’t like to owe others favors, let me treat you to supper tonight.”

Xia Yanran was about to reject him once more when Tang Chao got off to push her in directly.

With Xiao Yi around, Tang Chao naturally wouldn’t do anything bad to her. However, she had agreed with Xiao Yi that they would be strangers even if they met again…

“Hey hey hey, I thought that you look like an easy-going person, but why is it so hard to get you on a car? I promise that I won’t eat you. I really only want to treat you to supper.”

Xia Yanran was pushed into the car straight away.

After Xia Yanran got on, she glanced at the front passenger seat. It was clear that the person in front didn’t want to talk to her. She pursed her lips, turning to look out of the window.

Tang Chao got back up very quickly and didn’t notice the awkward atmosphere in the car.

He restarted the engine and drove off.

Xia Yanran canceled the taxi she called originally.

Through the rear view mirror, Tang Chao glanced at Xia Yanran. “Miss Xia, did you learn dance when you were young?”

Xia Yanran looked up from her phone. “Yes, I did.”

“I did as well, but I haven’t met a dance partner that I’ve been so in tune with in many years. Let’s exchange our WeChat later and dance together again when we have time.”

The moment Tang Chao finished speaking, he noticed that the man next to him had looked over with dark eyes, looking a little fierce. Tang Chao raised an eyebrow. “Brother, why are you looking at me like this?”

“I’m looking for a lighter.”

“Are you smoking again? Stop smoking, your body…”

“Stop saying nonsense.”

“Alright, there’s a beauty in the car, so be more civilized.” Tang Chao took out a box of cigarettes from the storage area and passed it to the man.

Xiao Yi looked down and lit a cigarette. Xia Yanran, who was sitting behind, happened to see his lighted side profile. He had lost quite a bit of weight, his features looking more masculine as he placed the cigarette between his lips. His chin was slightly lifted and although she couldn’t see his expression, it must be cold and stern.

Xia Yanran sighed in her heart.

See, none of them were comfortable and at ease with her getting on.

“Beauty Xia, since you’re so outstanding, there must be many men pursuing you, right? Earlier, I saw that your Boss… he should be your Boss, right? He seemed to be interested in you as well. Does he want to give you a fast pass?”

Xia Yanran fell silent.