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Chapter 1086: Heart Beat

Xia Yanran had some background in dancing, so her figure was agile and flexible. After President Wen told her to do the exclusive interview with Mrs Wen, she started researching extensively about Mrs Wen.

In an interview, she saw that Mrs Wen had mentioned her late husband.

She then searched about Mrs Wen’s stories with her husband in the past and found out that their relationship was really very good, unlike the rumors saying that Mrs Wen only married her husband for the Wen family’s fortune.

This dance delivered the story of a couple meeting each other, then getting attracted and falling for each other before they parted and got back together again.

The starting tempo was calm and slow, so Xia Yanran and Tang Chao danced rather slowly. Slowly, the dance become slightly ambiguous. Xia Yanran hadn’t practiced with Tang Chao, so their chemistry wasn’t good. She couldn’t let go slightly and messed up the tempo a little, stepping on Tang Chao’s leg. Laughter trailed from under the stage while Mrs Wen shook her head in slight disappointment.

President Wen was extremely panicked. If it wasn’t because the stage was lifted and he couldn’t go on, he really wanted to go pull the embarrassing Xia Yanran down.

Tang Chao didn’t lose his tempo, hugging Xia Yanran’s slender waist as he whispered softly in her ear. “If you don’t pay attention, you would only turn yourself into a joke.”

Xia Yanran glanced at Tang Chao. He had kept his mischievous aura, seriousness and attentiveness in his eyes.

Xia Yanran sucked in a deep breath, adjusting her emotions as she emerged herself into the music. At the thought of her meeting with Xiao Yi, then their ambiguous and strong emotions for each other, her dancing style immediately brightened up a lot. The dance had reached the ambiguous part, and at the thought of the sweetness she once had with Xiao Yi, her eyes and gestures were filled with softness. With every turn, she gave herself to her partner with trust, and although they hadn’t practiced together before, they worked extremely well through the difficult manoeuvres.

When she fell in his arms, he placed a hand on her waist as they stared at each other warmly.

The guests were slowly attracted by their dance. The disappointment in Mrs Wen’s eyes slowly disappeared, as she became more attentive towards them.

The music became strong and exciting again, the tempo picking up speed nonstop and their moves were more filled with life. The purple skirt Xia Yanran wore kept moving, like a blooming flower as she looked so pretty it was hard to look away.

Her slender legs under the skirt were fair and pretty, her high heels clacking rhythmically against the floor like a drum, surprising people as they went into the part of the dance where the couple was in love with each other. The happiness and excitement attracting everyone’s attention.

There were several well-dressed rich ladies attending the banquet tonight, but in this moment, all of them lost their color to Xia Yanran.

The couple on stage looked at each other warmly, hugging each other with affection as the man lifted the woman up and twirled. The dance was as pretty as a poem or painting, the feelings they brought out making everyone present feel the romance and sweetness a loving couple had.

Xia Yanran had thrown herself into the dance. After the loving period, it was the separation part of the story. At the thought of her ten year long relationship that had no ending, she expressed all of the sadness and despair in her dance. Every time the couple looked at each other, everyone felt the despair they had.

At the end of the dance, the moves became more eye-catching and messy to the people, but she didn’t mess up, bringing the tempo and dance moves together as they ended the dance with an extremely difficult move.

The audience remained quiet for nearly ten seconds.

Mrs Wen was the first to clap, followed by unending and deafening claps and screams.

Xia Yanran hadn’t danced in front of so many people for years. She was panting slightly, her cheeks flushed pink as she stood under the light, looking so pretty people couldn’t look away.

Apart from her appearance, it was more of the charisma she exuded.

It was too dazzling.

Tang Chao glanced at the woman beside him, pulling her hand as they bowed at the audience together.

Xia Yanran smiled brightly, her eyes glancing towards Mrs Wen unconsciously.

Mrs Wen was clapping as well, a happy expression on her face.

Xia Yanran sighed in relief as she looked away. She was about to leave when she suddenly felt a burning gaze on her.

It was extremely familiar.

She looked around, but apart from President Wen’s fiery eyes, there was no one else.

After Xia Yanran got off the stage, Mrs Wen got her assistant to call Xia Yanran over.

When Xia Yanran went over, Mrs Wen was standing with two men, chatting with them. One of them was Tang Chao, who had just danced with her, and the other…

Xia Yanran’s heart skipped a beat, as she stopped unconsciously.

Mrs Wen saw Xia Yanran and nodded at her with a smile, while the two men talking to Mrs Wen turned around as well.

Xia Yanran’s eyes met with that person’s eyes just like that.

It had probably been nearly three months since she met him!

It had been about a month since Xia Mo told her that he had left the triad.

She just knew that he would be fine.

His eyes landed on her, his slender fingers wrapped around the glass wine as the small smile that appeared when he was still chatting with Mrs Wen slowly disappeared after he saw her.

Xia Yanran’s heart panged in pain. She didn’t know why it did. Was it because she used too much energy in that dance, or was it because of the man in front of her?

When he looked over, she felt like her blood had stopped flowing, her heart about to jump out of her throat.

After her mind went blank, she felt something settle in her heart.

He was still alright.

After retiring from the triad, he had probably become a proper businessman, right? Although he never studied much, his mind was sharp and agile, having the mind of a businessman. Even after leaving the triad, he would still be able to stand out and do well!

After the surging emotions in her heart calmed down slowly, Xia Yanran walked towards Mrs Wen, greeting her with a bright and warm smile. “Nice to meet you, Madam.”

Mrs Wen shook Xia Yanran’s hand. The moisture in Mrs Wen’s eyes were still present from the dance earlier, and her attitude towards Xia Yanran was a lot better than before.

She knew why Xia Yanran wanted to meet her. She didn’t plan to accept any media’s request for an exclusive interview at first, but Xia Yanran’s dance had moved her.

It wasn’t just a dance. It was the sweetest memory she once had with her husband, and it warmed her heart even more than any material or words could.

Xia Yanran was also the most sincere reporter that approached her.

“I have thirty minutes tomorrow at eleven in the morning.”

With Mrs Wen’s position, it would be the reporter’s honor if they could take even five minutes of her time, but now, she was giving Xia Yanran thirty minutes.

Xia Yanran thanked Mrs Wen graciously before she turned around and walked towards President Wen. Her right hand clenched into tight fists unconsciously, she only didn’t jump out and shout ‘yes’.

Tang Chao stared at Xia Yanran’s disappearing figure, as he caressed his nose. “This woman is rather interesting.” He didn’t notice how dark the expression of the man beside him became.