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Chapter 1085: Acting Calm

Xia Yanran held onto President Wen’s arm as they walked into the banquet hall.

The lights were bright and sparkling tonight. There were probably a few hundred guests today, all of them either gentlemen or young ladies from the elite circle who dressed grandly. Their postures were all elegant, as they clinked their glasses, smiled faintly or whispered in each others’ ears. It was a typical scene common in the elite society.

To Xia Yanran, she had even been to S Country’s Crown Palace and had been to a banquet that was even more high-class than the current banquet, so she wasn’t too surprised when she arrived here.

Noting Xia Yanran’s calm and elegant posture, President Wen merely treated it as she was just acting calm. Seeing President Wen’s eyes, Xia Yanran naturally knew what he was thinking, but she was too lazy to explain anything to him.

Xia Yanran looked around and saw the host for tonight, Mrs Wen.

Mrs Wen was dressed exceptionally well tonight, in a dignified and exquisite cheongsam with a shawl around her shoulders. It was easy to tell that the embroidery on her cheongsam was the work by one of the best embroiderers in the country. Her face was pretty and youthful as she spoke to the guests standing around her.

President Wen had also seen Mrs Wen and he jerked his chin towards her. “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to meet Mrs Wen.”

Xia Yanran followed after President Wen.

Before the two of them had even approached Mrs Wen, two tall and buff bodyguards stopped them. “My Lady is conversing with important guests.”

President Wen felt a little awkward, but he didn’t dare say anything and had no choice but to bring Xia Yanran to stand by the side.

This was reality. Although they had been invited, there was still an obvious distinction between the two types of worlds.

Xia Yanran didn’t feel anything, but it was clear that President Wen felt humiliated and his expression was extremely dark.

After Mrs Wen finished conversing with her guests, the bodyguards finally let President Wen go up to her to greet her.

President Wen was someone who knew how to read people’s expressions very well. It was clear that he was still unhappy earlier, but the moment he saw Mrs Wen, he immediately smiled so brightly that his eyes turned into slits.

He said that he would introduce Xia Yanran to Mrs Wen, but even he could only greet Mrs Wen.

After Mrs Wen turned around to talk to other guests, President Wen had no choice but to pull Xia Yanran to the side. “I introduced you to Mrs Wen already. From now on, you have to take your own chances.” With that said, he patted Xia Yanran’s shoulder. “Yanran, I only brought you with me because I had high expectations of you. You should know that many people don’t even have the opportunity to come to such a banquet. I hope that you don’t disappoint me.”

Xia Yanran had never seen a person who was so good at praising himself and putting himself above others.

It was clear that Mrs Wen didn’t want to be disturbed by any media with her bodyguards. It was hard to even approach her, let alone interview her.

Xia Yanran saw a few reporters being rejected immediately.

But Xia Yanran wasn’t in a hurry. If she went up hurriedly, she would be in the same situation as the other reporters.

Instead, Xia Yanran walked over to the buffet section, taking a plate and placing a few pieces of fruits on her plate.

President Wen, who was conversing with several guests, was so angry he almost spat out blood when he saw that she wasn’t looking for a chance to strengthen Mrs Wen’s impression on her and was eating instead.

Women who have never been to such an important event were all so useless and timid!

After Xia Yanran ate a few pieces of fruit, she went to the washroom.

When she came out, she received a call. “…What? You’re not coming because you’re feeling unwell? Then, who should I look for to dance with? I was still waiting to use that chance to attract Mrs Wen’s attention. I told you before that Mrs Wen and Mr Wen liked to dance tango when they were young, having met each other because of tango. That’s right, I want to dance the tango that they danced when they met!

“It’s alright, your health is more important. It’s okay if you can’t come!”

Xia Yanran was talking to a young master that Junyuan had treated before. He had returned to Ning City from abroad a while back and wanted to thank Junyuan especially. He came over to her house from time and time and that was how they became friends.

After the call, Xia Yanran felt that something felt strange, like there was a pair of eyes on her… She turned around and saw a handsome and devilish-looking young man smirking at her.

Not too far away was a private room whose door wasn’t closed properly. If she didn’t see wrongly, there was a black figure who entered the room earlier?

It was strangely familiar.

Xia Yanran was about to take two steps forward when she stopped after taking one.

Was she imagining things?

Xia Yanran was about to turn and leave when that man moved in front of her.

The man pressed a hand against the wall, looking at her naughtily. “Young girl, are you looking you use tango to attract Mrs Wen’s attention?” As the man spoke, he immediately hit the back of his head harshly. “Tsk tsk, your thoughts are actually the same as that man.”

In the business world, it was common to use any means and ideas one had to succeed. Ultimately, it was to achieve the goals they wanted and gain from it.

As long as they didn’t kill, set fire to anything or breach the law, anything would world.

Xia Yanran didn’t know who this person was, but he was exuding a low-key luxurious vibe from head to toe. It was clear his status wasn’t low.

“Sir, can I help you?”

The man straightened himself as he reached a hand out to Xia Yanran. “Let’s get to know each other, I’m Tang Chao.”

Tang Chao?[1]

Please forgive Xia Yanran for laughing out immediately.

The man shrugged his shoulders. “Yes, it’s that Tang Chao that you thought of. Aren’t you missing a dance partner? What do you think about me?”

Xia Yanran checked the man up, hesitating before she said, “Can you dance?”

“Yes. To tell you the truth, I came to ask a favor from Mrs Wen as well.”

Xia Yanran was speechless.

What in the world?

At this moment, a pleasant music trailed from the banquet hall. The man raised an eyebrow at Xia Yanran. “It’s time for the dance.”

Xia Yanran hesitated for a few seconds, weighing her options before she entered the banquet hall with the man.

Seeing Xia Yanran come over, President Wen was about to approach her to scold her, but Xia Yanran actually disappeared with a young man amongst the crowd.

This woman!

President Wen’s expression darkened, thinking that Xia Yanran didn’t like him because she came to find a younger man.

After they went back, he would find a chance to fire her.

Just as President Wen was filled with unhappiness towards Xia Yanran, a round dance floor slowly rose up in the middle of the banquet hall. The guests who were dancing originally slowly moved to the sides.

The lights darkened around the stage, leaving only a bright light shining the round stage.

The music also changed from a waltz song to a rhythmic and vivid tango.

Mrs Wen, who was conversing with important guests, immediately changed her expression when she heard the familiar music.

She looked up towards the stage unconsciously.

A woman who was wearing a retro-styled purple maxi dress stood on stage. As the music rang, she raised her left hand, pulling her long skirt off suddenly and the maxi dress turned into a short dress that ended at her knees, revealing her pretty and slender legs.

Seeing her action, Mrs Wen’s eyes constricted a little.

After she tore of her skirt, Xia Yanran reached out to her dance partner beside her. Seeing Xia Yanran’s action, Tang Chao was slightly shocked as well, not expecting her to even notice the small details Mrs Wen had when she met and danced with her husband.

Tang Chao grabbed Xia Yanran’s hand and danced into the center of the stage with the music and under the eyes of all the guests’ attention.

[1] Tang Chao is the same as a famous dynasty in Ancient China.