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Chapter 1084: The Man Staring At Her On The Balcony

The afternoon sun shone in from outside, brightening Xia Yanran’s office desk. Her colleagues were all resting on their tables for their afternoon nap and Xia Yanran wasn’t an exception apart from her opened and dazed eyes.

Xia Mo’s words floated in her mind, ringing in her head that he had already retired from the triad.

When she first heard it, Xia Yanran was extremely shocked and the disbelief was apparent on her face.

However, she responded with a calm hum very quickly.

Seeing her cold reaction, Xia Mo’s eyes turned red. “Editor Xia, you’ve been with Uncle Xiao before, so you should know that if people wanted to leave the organization, they may have to pay for it with their lives!”

“Momo, he will be alive.”

“Brother Xiao Feng said that even he doesn’t know where Uncle Xiao went either. Aren’t you going to go to Hong Kong to look for him?”

“I broke up with him already.”


“There are no buts.”

Yes, there were no buts anymore.

If it was before her older brother had been injured, she would definitely go and look for him at Hong Kong without a care for anything.

But now, even if he had retired from the organization, she wouldn’t go look for her if her older brother hadn’t recovered.

Love wasn’t everything in a person’s life.

Without her, Xiao Yi would live well. She believed in him.

Xia Yanran massaged her aching temples, before she looked out of the window.

Of course she would know how hard it would be to leave the organization. He must be bearing a pain and sadness that normal people wouldn’t have been able to bear, and she understood everything.

However, she no longer had the right to go and calm him down!

Their relationship was over once it was agreed on. There wouldn’t be an exception this time.

Xia Yanran closed her eyes, an unknown sadness washing over her.

Life went on as usual. Going to work every day, accompanying her older brother and going to visit their younger sister from time to time. After she rejected Wen Qian’s proposal, the two of them became friends again and would go out for a meal occasionally. This was how Xia Yanran now lived.

This continued on for a month.

Xia Yanran became more familiar with her work at the magazine agency and today, the magazine agency’s boss, President Wen, called her into his office.

President Wen was in his forties. He had taken good care of his figure, being tall and slender. However, he had a face he felt was charming and attractive that made others feel a little uncomfortable when they looked at him.

Seeing Xia Yanran enter the room, President Wen smiled brightly at Xia Yanran. “Yanran, you’re coming with me to B City for a business trip next week. I’m letting you follow up on Mrs Wen’s exclusive interview.”

Xia Yanran furrowed her eyebrows immediately.

Mrs Wen lost her husband very early on and had inherited a large sum of fortune from the Wen family. This woman was very good at business and had become one of the top female entrepreneurs in Asia in the last few years. Last month, she announced that she would return to B City to start a subsidiary and she seemed to be hosting a grand opening ceremony banquet next week. Several well-known entrepreneurs both in the country and overseas were all invited by her.

Several media companies were fighting to do an exclusive interview with Mrs Wen, but Mrs Wen was cold and arrogant and had yet to accept any company’s invitation for an exclusive interview.

This task was as challenging as climbing into the skies. It was no wonder President Wen would think of her. Xia Yanran had offended President Wen a while back, the old pervert wanting to take advantage of her. However, she had been lucky to see the old pervert taking advantage of a female team leader that never liked her when she went back to the office to take some materials. She secretly recorded a video of them in the middle of their deed.

After that, although President Wen never tried to take advantage of her again, but he kept making her work more difficult than it should be.

“Yanran, I’ve obtained an invitation letter for Mrs Wen’s company opening ceremony banquet for you. The senior management are paying attention to see if you can obtain the exclusive interview with Mrs Wen this time. I’ll go to the banquet with you then and introduce Mrs Wen to you. You have to take the chance.”

President Wen was a really cunning and sly old fox. He said he would introduce her to Mrs Wen, but would Mrs Wen really give him face? If she could not get an interview with Mrs Wen, she was afraid that he would use this as an excuse to trouble her even more.

However, there was nothing Xia Yanran was afraid of, so she smiled. “Alright, thank you President Wen for the opportunity.”

Staring at Xia Yanran’s departing figure, President Wen narrowed his eyes. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t get a small woman who was working under him!

Soon, it was time to go on the business trip with President Wen. Although President Wen had ulterior thoughts for Xia Yanran, he didn’t dare show it in public.

They arrived at B City the night before, and once they arrived at their hotel, Xia Yanran went into her room, not giving President Wen any chance to disturb her.

Though he sent her a message to ask her out for supper together, she didn’t reply.

The next day, Xia Yanran went with President Wen to meet a partner company in B City.

They returned to their hotel once more after lunch.

“Yanran, did you bring your evening gown for tonight’s banquet?”

Xia Yanran noted President Wen’s perverted eyes, smiling faintly, “Of course.”

Xia Yanran’s aura wasn’t considered soft. She was energetic, optimistic and happy-go-lucky when she was young, but as she slowly matured, she closed in on herself a lot. However, her personality would still be like a prickly rose thorn occasionally.

It was precisely because she was different from the other women who did everything to have a short-cut in their careers that President Wen had always been interested in her.

President Wen wanted to speak more to Xia Yanran, but Xia Yanran closed her door immediately.

At night.

President Wen had been waiting in the lobby for a long time. After all, they weren’t VIPs, and if they wanted to do an exclusive interview with Mrs Wen, they naturally couldn’t be late for the banquet.

President Wen waited for a while, but Xia Yanran had yet to arrive. He was about to call her when Xia Yanran’s voice rang, “President Wen.”

President Wen kept his phone and glanced at Xia Yanran. When he saw her, his eyes brightened immediately.

When Xia Yanran dolled up, she really wasn’t any less pretty than the popular celebrities.

Xia Yanran was wearing a retro-styled maxi dress, her chest covered properly but her back was exposed completely stopping just at her lower back, revealing her pretty back lines under her neck. The maxi dress showed off her waistline, making her look even more svelte. With her high heels, she looked extremely pretty and eye-catching.

President Wen wanted to put his arm around Xia Yanran’s waist, but Xia Yanran avoided his hand.

President Wen glared at her unhappily. “Where did you go this afternoon? Do you need that long just to change?”

Instead of responding, Xia Yanran casually brushed him off and got on the car first.

Mrs Wen’s company’s banquet was held at a resort out of the city.

The entire mountain resort had been booked by them, and the grass plains were filled with the cars of the attending guests.

After they got off the car, President Wen waved his arm at Xia Yanran. “Yanran, you probably haven’t attended such a large-scale banquet, right? When we enter, the lady has to hold the man’s hand. This is common etiquette at these functions.”

Xia Yanran wanted to roll her eyes at President Wen, but she knew that he wasn’t lying.

When they arrived at the banquet entrance, Xia Yanran held President Wen’s arm.

The light of the banquet halls’ second floor wasn’t turned on.

As Xia Yanran walked into the hall with her hand on President Wen, if she looked up slightly, she would have been able to see a redness flickering from the balcony.

A tall and cold figure was standing there, his dark eyes following the two who had just walked in.