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Chapter 1083: He Retired From the Triads

Halfway through the night, Xia Mo was startled awake by a crazy rumbling of loud thunder.

She didn’t know if it was because she was caught in the rain yesterday or if it was because she finished all of the food the doctor gave her earlier when she barely ate anything during the day, but her stomach felt extremely uncomfortable.

Remembering that the doctor had placed the medicine Editor Xia bought for him in the cabinet, Xia Mo turned on the lights and walked barefoot to the cabinet.

She opened the drawer and hurriedly took out when she saw the gastric medicine.

Xia Mo leaned against the cabinet, waiting for the discomfort to go away before she put away the medicine.

She really didn’t mean to see the diagnosis result in the cabinet, but it was placed inside the cabinet, so she saw it naturally when she put the medicine in the cabinet.

When she saw the contents of the result, Xia Mo thought that she had suddenly seen wrongly for a second.

The medicine she was holding fell to the floor.

She took the results to take a closer look at it.

At this moment, Junyuan, who hadn’t fallen asleep and had heard some noise from his room, walked in.

Seeing Xia Mo standing by the cabinet, the diagnosis report in her hand, he felt a loud boom in his chest, as if some kind of emotion exploded in him. His most sensitive and frail nerves immediately burst out with Xia Mo’s actions.

He took a few steps and appeared in front of Xia Mo, snatching the paper away from her and he berated her with a dark expression, “Who told you to look at my things?”

Seeing Junyuan’s dark expression and recalling the content on the paper, Xia Mo gulped and her mind immediately went blank. “I… I didn’t mean to. Are the results real?”

Junyuan’s handsome face was tense, his long fingers crushing the paper into a ball as the veins on the back of his hands popped up.

Xia Mo slowly regained her senses. Judging from his reaction, it should be the truth.

Scenes of his ex-girlfriend despising him, of him wanting to seek death and him not being affected by her flashed in her mind… It turned out that there was something wrong with him there.

Junyuan noted Xia Mo’s eyes on him turn from confusion to understanding, before she looked him up and down. His temple twitched. He was no longer as gentle as he was when he told her to rest here, as he glared at her with fierce and cold eyes instead. “It’s okay, me becoming useless is no longer a secret. It’s alright if you found out. Young girl, you’re a reporter as well, right? You can even tell this to the entire world that I, Xia Junyuan, am no longer a real man!”

Xia Mo’s lashes fluttered.

She didn’t say anything, looking down towards his lower abdomen for a while. Noting her eyes, Junyuan suppressed the urge to throw her out in the middle of the night as he said coldly, “Leave immediately in the morning and never appear in front of me again.”

He turned around, wanting to leave.

The door was just opened when a fair and soft hand reached over and past his ears, pressing against the door.

Xia Mo stared at Junyuan’s neatly trimmed sideburns and tensed side profile. Xia Mo said seriously, “Doctor, I wasn’t laughing or despising you. I didn’t look at the results on purpose as well. My stomach hurt a little and remembered that you placed the medicine there, so I went to take some.

“I know that you… must have received a strong blow from getting erectile dysfunction…”

Hearing the words ‘erectile dysfunction’ made Junyuan’s expression darken even more.

“However, the results said that you had injured that place, so it’s not that you couldn’t do it since birth, right?”

Junyuan’s expression was completely dark now, glancing at Xia Mo’s hand on the door. “Remove your hand!”

Xia Mo didn’t move her hand away, using her body to push the door close instead. Junyuan was standing by the door as well. If someone saw them from afar, it would be like she had squeezed herself into his arms.

Xia Mo bit her lip, mustering her courage to look up at him. “Actually, you don’t have to be that sad! If it’s an injury, you can actually look for women to try it out, there’s a chance that it might work, right?”

Junyuan furrowed his eyebrows tightly. “What does a young girl like you know?”

“I do know nothing, but I have many friends and know women who are very good at that aspect. Do you want to try?”

The moment she finished speaking, Junyuan glared at her coldly.

Did she even know what she was saying?

Xia Mo scrunched her neck. “Or, were you… like an eunuch…”

“Shut up!”

Xia Mo was pushed away ruthlessly.

She fell to the floor, feeling as if her ass had cracked open. Xia Mo watched the man walk out coldly and she shook her head.

It was no wonder why his temper was so bad. It turned out that his masculine dignity had been hurt!

Sigh, how did he injure there when he was fine before?!

Xia Mo left the Xia family apartment before the sun rose.

She was not thick-skinned. With the doctor hating her so much already, she couldn’t bring herself to stay there.

However, it was a good thing that she knew that Editor Xia had returned.

When Xia Yanran woke up, Junyuan wasn’t at home and had left breakfast for her.

The new job Xia Yanran had found was at a newspaper agency owned by a large corporation.

Because of her rich experience, she had finally been promoted to team leader after two months of hard work.

Because of her busy workload, she didn’t have much time to be sad and depressed about her failed relationship.

Xia Yanran was busy editing a proposal when her phone rang.

Seeing that it was a call from Xia Mo, Xia Yanran finally remembered that she received a message from Xia Mo after she turned on her phone last night. However, because she was too tired, she didn’t reply.

Half an hour later, in the café at the first floor of the newspaper agency.

When Xia Yanran arrived, Xia Mo was already there.

Seeing Xia Yanran, Xia Mo waved at her.

Xia Yanran was wearing a white shirt and a pair of black suit pants. Her shirt was tucked in while her long hair was tied into a ponytail. She had faint makeup on her and she looked rather professional and clean, yet eye-catching and attractive at the same time.

However, Xia Mo still realized that she had lost quite a bit of weight.

Xia Mo went home and took a nap, but she still felt extremely exhausted, so she applied for a day of leave from work. At the thought that she needed help from Editor Xia, she called her.

Since she had worked with Xia Yanran before, Xia Mo knew what kind of coffee Xia Yanran liked and had ordered a cup of her already.

It was a cup of black coffee without sugar.

“Momo, thank you.”

Xia Mo smiled brightly. “You’re welcome. Editor Xia, it’s been a while since we met and I missed you so much.”

Staring at the energetic Xia Mo, Xia Yanran couldn’t stop herself from smiling. “I’ve been a little busy recently. Momo, you told me that you have something very important to tell me, what is it?”

Xia Mo bit her lips. Although Editor Xia and Uncle Xiao had already broken up, she still couldn’t help herself. “Editor Xia, you know that Uncle Xiao, he…”

“Momo, if the important thing you want to tell me is about him, I’m sorry, I don’t want to hear it.”

Xia Mo froze for a second, before she reacted and said softly, “Editor Xia, if you think that it’s not important, you can just listen to me.”

Xia Yanran didn’t speak.

“I went back to Hong Kong two days ago and since I hadn’t contacted Uncle Xiao in a long while, I went to look for him. But I found out accidentally that he retired from the triad. He’s no longer part of the organization.”