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Chapter 1082: Was She Really Not Feminine Enough?

Xia Mo leaned on Junyuan’s bedroom door, using all of her energy to tune into the sound outside.

Her ears were slightly heated.

What was this? Why did she get the idea that she was having a secret affair?

But, there was nothing between the Doctor and her!


The scene of her hugging the doctor as he stepped on the cockroach appeared in Xia Mo’s mind. No, it was the scene of her hanging onto the doctor.

Even though the doctor looked skinny, he had chest, arm and abdomen muscles! Realizing that her thoughts were wandering, Xia Mo hurriedly shook her head.

Stop it, Xia Mo! Don’t think about it anymore!

The doctor’s warm and calm voice rang from outside. “Yes, my stomach doesn’t feel too well. Yanran, can you go and get some medicine from the drugstore?”

Although she was slightly tired from having just arrived home, Xia Yanran naturally wouldn’t reject Junyuan’s requests. She put her luggage down in the living room. “I’ll go now.”

After Xia Yanran left, Junyuan glanced at Xia Tang. “Tangtang, you came back to take some clothes, right? Why are you still standing there for?”

Xia Tang hummed before she turned around and walked towards her room. She didn’t know if she was hallucinating, but her older brother felt really strange for some reason.

However, Xia Tang was in a rush go back to school and didn’t have too much time to think carefully. She went back to her room to take some clothes before she left again.

After managing to get his two younger sisters away, Junyuan went to Xia Yanran’s bathroom to place Xia Mo’s wet clothes in a bag.

He knocked on his bedroom door. When there wasn’t any reply, he opened the door.

Xia Mo was still leaning on the door, her thoughts wandering everywhere and didn’t pay attention to what was going on outside. When Junyuan opened the door, her body shook as she lost her balance. She was about to fall when a strong hand stretched towards her.

The man’s hand was well-defined, his fingers slightly cold. When he grabbed her, Xia Mo felt like she had been electrocuted. Although she didn’t fall to the floor, she accidentally fell into his firm and muscular arms.

Xia Mo looked up in surprise, her eyes constricting a little as the doctor stared at her with his clear eyes, her breath catching immediately.

The doctor was standing at where the light was, casting a shadow over her petite figure completely. He was wearing very simple clothes and there was a faint soapy smell on him. It was a very clean and refreshing type of scent.

Xia Mo’s lashes fluttered crazily. However, she didn’t have the time to think about why her heart would suddenly beat faster when the man’s cold voice trailed from above her. “Button your clothes properly, then take your clothes and leave immediately.”

Xia Mo froze, before she looked up at the man again. He had already looked away, not a hint of emotion apparent on his face.

That’s right, he was a doctor. To him she was probably the same as a mannequin. Even so, she still felt extremely embarrassed and humiliated.

Xia Mo, look at how big of a failure you are!

Not wanting to attract unnecessary attention, Xia Mo took her wet clothes, ready to leave.

Suddenly, a man’s jacket landed on her shoulders. Xia Mo glanced at the man behind her in confusion.

As if reading her mind, his expression was calm.

Xia Mo’s lashes fluttered unconsciously.

At first, she wouldn’t bring to heart about anything she didn’t understand happen. Now that the doctor had pointed it out to her, she felt extremely embarrassed, her watery eyes looking up and glaring at him ruthlessly.

For the first time, she didn’t know what to say to him. She opened the door, about to leave.

However, at this moment, the sound of the door unlocking sounded once more.

Junyuan was faster than Xia Mo, pulling her back into his room like he was carrying a baby chicken. “Don’t go out yet.”

Xia Mo grumbled softly, “There’s nothing between us anyway, what are you afraid of?”

The moment she finished speaking, the doctor had thrown her into his bathroom ruthlessly.

Junyuan walked out from his room and took the medicine from Xia Yanran.

“Have you eaten dinner?” Junyuan stared at the thin Xia Yanran, asking warmly.

Seeing that her brother was still as nice to her as before, never flaring up at her even if he was hurt from head to toe and never blaming her for anything, Xia Yanran felt the urge to cry. “Brother, you don’t have to be so nice to me…”

Knowing what Xia Yanran wanted to say, Junyuan patted her head. “It’s all in the past. I haven’t eaten dinner yet, so I’ll go make some food while you go back to shower and change.”

Xia Yanran stared as Junyuan walked into the kitchen, tears filling her eyes.

If it was possible, she would much rather be the one to take on all of the pain and hurt.

After Xia Yanran washed herself up briefly and changed her clothes, she went to the kitchen to help Junyuan.

Seeing that Junyuan had made a few dishes, Xia Yanran said with confusion, “Brother, the two of us can’t possibly finish all of this.”

“The pharmacy is a little busy recently, so I’ll bring the leftovers tomorrow if we can’t finish them.”

Xia Yanran nodded.

After dinner, Junyuan urged Xia Yanran to return to her room to rest.

Once Xia Yanran returned to her room, Junyuan took the food into his room.

At that moment, Xia Mo was looking at herself in the bathroom. She puffed up her cheeks. Wasn’t she considered to have a good figure and pretty too?

She hugged the doctor so tightly, but he was not affected at all?

Was there really something wrong with her?

Or like what the Doctor had said, he only treated her like a child!

But how can a twenty year old person be a child still?!

“What are you doing?”

Seeing the tall figure standing by the door, Xia Mo’s face flushed.

She didn’t know how long the doctor had been standing there. Oh god. Did he see her acting coy and feminine earlier?

Xia Mo glanced at the doctor quietly. Seeing that his expression didn’t change, she tidied her messy hair and walked out to look at him. “Can I leave now?”

“The rain has gotten heavier outside. It’s late now as well. You should rest here tonight, I’ll go and sleep on the sofa later.”

Xia Mo was speechless.

Junyuan pointed at the food on the cabinet. “Eat it while it’s hot.” Once he was done speaking, he turned away and walked out.

Xia Mo didn’t hold herself back anymore. After she finished eating, she curled herself in the doctor’s bed, somehow falling asleep easily amongst the refreshing and clean scent on the pillow.