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Chapter 1079: Miss Shen, Let’s Not Meet Anymore

Xia Mo’s slender index finger drew circles on the beach.

This woman wanted to have a foot in both camps?!

The other man had already proposed to her, but now she came to meet her old lover?

“Miss Shen, I agreed to meet you so that I could return you the things you had left in my house.” No matter how agitated that woman sounded, the doctor’s voice remained calm and void of any emotions, like he was a cube of ice that would never melt. “I wanted to send it to your house at first, but the courier service said that you had moved and I couldn’t contact you anymore.”

Hearing that Junyuan only agreed to meet her because he wanted to return her things to her, Shen Jiayi felt a pang in her heart.

The only things she had left in his house were small items that she wanted to use to make them become closer. However, even though she had left her pajamas, earrings, toothbrush and toothpaste, she had never shared a bed with him.

Since Xia Tang rarely went home, whenever she tried to come out with an excuse to stay over at his place, he would always get her to stay in Xia Tang’s room.

She didn’t know if it was because she was not attractive enough, or if it was because he really didn’t have any desire for her.

Hearing him call her Miss Shen so distantly, she felt like something had choked in her throat, and she was unable to speak for a while.

Her red eyes couldn’t help but tear up. She didn’t want to fight with him about how cold he was to her. She choked, “Junyuan, as long as you say something, I am still willing to get through this difficult period with you. When you were hospitalized back then, I might have been too harsh with my words. I didn’t despise you, I was angry at you. If you were nicer to me, I wouldn’t have left you.”

When he was still a surgeon, he never smoked. Later, when he got injured, he slowly got addicted, though it was still under control. Right now, however, when the sea breeze blew at them, she would clearly smell the strong scent of cigarettes from him.

He must have smoked quite a bit because of his body.

Indeed, getting erectile dysfunction would be a lethal blow to any man, not to mention that he was such a capable and confident person.

Shen Jiayi looked up, staring at his thin face. She couldn’t help but jump into his arms.

Xia Mo took in the sight, her eyebrows furrowing unconsciously. What was wrong with this woman? From her words, it seemed like she had said really ugly words to the doctor when he was hospitalized and even despised him, but now, she was throwing herself at him?

Xia Mo clenched her fists tightly. If the doctor allowed her to throw herself at him, she would despise him terribly!

It was a good thing that the doctor still had some dignity. When the woman was about to touch him, he took a step back, before he returned to his car. He took out a box from his car boot and passed it to the woman. “Miss Shen, let’s not meet again.”

Shen Jiayi stared at the cold and heartless Junyuan, wiping her tears away. When she left, she cursed him, her tone filled with hatred. “Xia Junyuan, apart from me, no other woman will ever like you! You can remain single for the rest of your life while protecting your two baby sisters!”

Xia Mo didn’t return to the car with them, so she was soen distance away from them and couldn’t hear what the woman said to the doctor. All she saw was the doctor slowly looking down, looking despondent and lonely, a strong loneliness exuding from him in a way that was so pitiful.

Xia Mo stared at his lonely figure, feeling a sadness and painful pang unknowingly.

What could she do? She really wanted to go up and give him a hug!

Even though he was really unfriendly to her!