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Chapter 1078: He Proposed to Me

Hearing Xia Mo mention Xiao Yi, Xiao Feng’s eyes darkened.

He pursed his lips and did not answer.

Xia Mo looked at Xiao Feng in confusion. She remembered that Unce Xiao was Xiao Feng’s idol. Xiao Feng’s eyes would shine whenever Uncle Xiao was mentioned.

“Boss, we’re here.”

One of the men behind said when the elevator reached the first floor.

Hearing the man call Xiao Feng ‘Boss’, Xia Mo frowned.

It had only been two months since she had last returned to Hong Kong, how did Xiao Feng suddenly become the boss? If she remembered correctly, he was the third-in-charge!

“Sister Xia Mo, I have something on. I’ll go first.” Xiao Feng left the elevator with his men.

Xia Mo was stunned for a moment before she quickly followed.

Today, Xiao Feng was wearing a black coat and sunglasses, with the air of a big boss. Xia Mo ran after him to his car. His men wanted to stop Xia Mo, but Xiao Feng waved his hand and his men stepped aside.

Xia Mo looked up at Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng looked fair and delicate. From his appearance, one could not see how cruel he was. In fact, it was hard to imagine that such a person would become a boss.

“What happened to Uncle Xiao? Wasn’t he your boss?”

Xiao Feng did not take off his sunglasses so Xia Mo could not see the expression in his eyes. He was silent for a while, and just when Xia Mo thought that he would not answer her, she heard him say, “Boss quit the mafia.” Then, he got into the car.

Xia Mo passed Young Master Huo the clothes and the two of them came out of the hotel.

Young Master Huo slung his arm around Xia Mo’s shoulders like they were buddies. “Little Momo, I found that you’re the flower that treats me the best amongst all flowers.”

Pushing away Young Master Huo’s hand, Xia Mo took a few steps forward. “I don’t want to be picked by you.”

“Hey, hey, hey. I find that seeing you this time, you’re a little different. Tell me honestly, are you interested in a man?” Young Master Huo stopped in front of Xia Mo and raised his eyebrows. “Is he as handsome and humorous as me?”

“You’re not humorous at all! You’re just flirtatious!” A face flashed past Xia Mo’s mind. A delicate face, with glass-like eyes and when he smiled, and that faint dimple.. Wait a second, why was she thinking of him?

Who cared about that strange doctor who did not show any kindness towards her!

Although he was Chief Editor Xia’s brother and seemed to love Chief Editor Xia a lot, he seemed to have a bad impression of her!

Why would she think of him?

Xia Mo quickly shook her head.

Young Master Huo took one look at Xia Mo’s expression and knew that she had someone in her heart. He patted Xia Mo’s head. “Wow, it’s unbelievable. The little girl who never put any man into her heart would have a day where her heart was moved!”

Xia Mo’s ears turned red and she glared at Young Master Huo. “What nonsense are you talking about? I’m your child bride.”

Young Master Huo raised his hands in surrender. “Forget it, I never thought of marrying you at all. I’ll have to make it clear to my grandparents sometime.”

Xia Mo felt relieved when she heard Young Master Huo’s words. Previously, she felt nothing whether he said it or not since she did not meet someone she liked. But now, she was relieved and happy hearing him say those words. She did not know why she felt such a way.

She returned to the Huo family’s mansion and had dinner with them.

Thinking of Xiao Yi, Xia Mo still summoned her courage and found Fourth Master Huo, whom she feared most in the Huo family.

Fourth Master Huo was Young Master Huo’s fourth uncle and seemed to have a good relationship with Xiao Yi.

Fourth Master Huo was on the phone in the courtyard after dinner. After his phone call, he narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw Xia Mo after turning around. “Xiaomo, is there anything you need?”

Xia Mo nodded. “I want to ask about Uncle Xiao. I met Brother Xiao Feng today and he said Uncle Xiao left the mafia.”

Fourth Master Huo had his fingers on his chin and said with a slight frown. “I heard of this too. I tried contacting Xiao Yi, but his phone was turned off and I don’t know where he went. If Xiao Feng don’t know about it, I think he might be…”

Xia Mo’s heart tightened. “Might be what?”

“From what I know, it’s not easy leaving the mafia. One might lose his life.”

“I don’t believe Uncle Xiao is gone. He may be seriously injured and is just being treated.”

There was an unspeakable sadness in Xia Mo’s heart. Uncles Xiao was fine when they went to visit the school in the mountains. Now thinking back, he might have already decided to quit the mafia at the time.

He had worked hard to get to this point today. He had fought hard to achieve all of this and had just given it all up like this, even paying with his life, and for what?

Was it for Chief Editor Xia?

Xia Mo’s heart could not help quivering.

Without waiting for Fourth Master Huo to say anything, Xia Mo ran out in a hurry. Fourth Master Huo looked at Xia Mo’s back and his frown deepened.

Xia Mo bought the earliest ticket to Ning City the next day.

Once she got off the plane, she called Xia Yanran.

But the call could not get through.

She then remembered that the other day when she saw Wen Qian proposing to Chief Editor Xia, Chief Editor said that she was going abroad to do an interview and would give him an answer when she returned. Chief Editor Xia must be abroad now.

Xia Mo did not have any other way of contacting Xia Yanran. She then thought of Xia Yanran’s brother and called her colleague to ask about Xia Yanran’s home address.

After getting the address, Xia Mo took a taxi there.

When she arrived at the district where Xia Yanran lived, Xia Mo saw Chief Editor Xia’s brother getting into a car before she got out of the taxi. After a while, a beautiful young woman also got into the same car.

Was it not the right time for her to come? Chief Editor Xia’s brother was taking his girlfriend out for a date?

Somehow, Xia Mo’s mood suddenly felt down.

The driver asked Xia Mo if she was getting out of the taxi and Xia Mo found herself saying, “Follow that car.”

The car stopped by the beach.

The weather had been good recently and many people came to the beach.

Xia Mo bought a hat and followed Junyuan and that woman at a distance. When they came to a place where there were few people, they stopped.

Xia Mo quickly turned around and bent down, pretending to be interested in the beach.

“Junyuan, your senior proposed to me.”

Xia Mo was dumbstruck. So they weren’t a couple! But that couldn’t be right. If they weren’t a couple, why were they sneaking around?

After a few seconds, Xia Mo heard the doctor say coldly, “Congratulations.”

Perhaps the doctor was too cold, the woman’s voice sounded choked up. “Junyuan, is it really incurable? I won’t hide it from you. I still think of you in my heart and if you can cure it, I won’t accept your senior’s proposal…”

Xia Mo’s mouth twitched.

What the heck was this?

Was there something wrong with the doctor? From the woman’s tone, it seemed quite serious. She would be together with him if he was cured? Then did that mean that if he was not cured, she would marry his senior?