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Chapter 1077: I Haven’t Seen Xiao Yi for A Long Time

Xiao Yi lay on the ground, his blood flowing without restraint.

His whole body ached and his bones seemed to be falling apart. But after the extreme pain, there was only blankness and numbness.

He seemed to have fallen into a deep abyss, it was dark all around and he could see nothing.

He struggled hard, climbed and used both hands and feet, and was covered with blood, but could not climb out of the abyss.

The scene suddenly changed and he saw himself as a child.

Dressed in rags, he had not eaten for several days and was famished. He walked down the street and was given a steamed bun by a kind person. He was about to eat it when he was beaten by several little beggars.

His steamed bun was snatched away and he sat on the ground, beaten black and blue.

He returned to his bare house and his aunt suddenly gave him a sum of money, saying, “Xiao Yi, I can’t take care of you anymore in the future. Be good and save your money wisely.”

Later, he learned that his aunt had sold herself to a 70-year-old man. Within a month, she could not stand the old man’s perverted torture and hanged herself.

His aunt’s body was thrown to the back of the mountain.

He buried his aunt.

In order not to be bullied and to be able to have enough to eat and wear, he went on a road of no return. After gradually rising in his position, the first person he killed was that old man.

He knew that it was difficult for him to turn back.

But he still wanted to try.

He seemed to have fallen into the abyss again. Suddenly, light shone on him and a bright-eyed girl stood in front of him.

That was Xia Yanran at 18 to 19 years old.

She danced and there was a smile on her lips. He suddenly remembered that it was the first time he had met her. She performed on stage to save Junyuan.

His lips moved and he said dryly, “Yanran, you’re so beautiful.”

Xiao Feng heard that Xiao Yi was saying something. Although he could not hear clearly what he said, if he was able to speak, it showed that he had not completely collapsed.

“Boss, I knew you could do it. There’s still one last step to go. Get up, Boss!”



When Xiao Yi, who was standing in the abyss, looked over at the dancing girl again, she had disappeared. He looked around for her, but suddenly Xiao Feng’s voice rang in his ears, asking him to get up, followed by the voices of his brothers in the gang. One after another their voices sounded and it was like a large bell ringing by his ears. He raised his head slowly, his eyelashes that were stained with blood moved and he saw Xiao Feng looking at him with red eyes.

“Brother Xiao, it’s the last step.” Xiao Feng cried again.

Xiao Yi’s lips curled slightly. “You’re already an in-charge, why are you still such a cry baby.”

Xiao Feng’s abilities and ruthlessness was similar to Xiao Yi from before. But there was only one problem, once he revealed his true feelings, he would cry.

Not able to hold back the emotions, Xiao Feng sniffed and seeing Xiao Yi laughing, he also laughed. “It’s not embarrassing to cry for Brother Xiao.”

Xiao Yi nodded and said nothing else.

His legs were as heavy as lead and his waist was about to break. He could not stand at all. He shot a look at Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng understood what he meant and immediately moved aside.

Since he could not stand up, he crawled bit by bit towards Ninth Master and the elders.

When the bosses of the companies saw Xiao Yi crawling over, they did not look down on him, but were all in awe.

Even Ku Li was silent.

The place where Xiao Yi had crawled past were all covered in blood.

This person was too cruel.

Ninth Master saw Xiao Yi crawling over and he was a little relieved. “Ah Yi, you’re so hard on yourself, even if you’re not in the mafia anymore, I’m sure you’ll be successful!”

Ninth Master was moved by Xiao Yi’s determination and perseverance. He handed a burning candle to Xiao Yi.

With Xiao Feng’s support, Xiao Yi slowly knelt on the ground. He pulled open his clothes, closed his eyes and pressed the candle on the tattoo on his heart.

The crisp sound of burning skin sounded in the air.

F*ck! It burned like hell!

But that man who had burned his tattoo did not even wrinkle his eyebrows!

Ninth Master stood up and clapped three times. The crowd also applauded.

With that, Ninth Master waved his hand and the crowd quietened down.

Ninth Master looked at Xiao Yi. He felt that it was a pity for Xiao Yi to leave the company, as he was a rare talent. Xiao Yi was born to be in the mafia, but his goals were not here and the fact that he used such a large gamble in order to quit, he knew he could not persuade him.

“Xiao Yi has completed the withdrawal and from now on, he’s no longer part of the mafia. According to the rules of the organization, those who have had blood feuds with him before must not seek revenge from him or hurt his family! If anyone disobeys, I won’t let him off!”

Although some people were bitter that they could not seek revenge after Xiao Yi’s withdrawal from the organization, the organization always kept to their promises and no matter how much they hated Xiao Yi, they would never bother him again!

All the bosses left a guarantee and after signing it, they left in different moods.

Xiao Feng went up to Xiao Yi and was about to say something to him when Xiao Yi suddenly fell to the ground again.

This time, no matter how Xiao Feng called him, he did not wake up.

Xia Mo received a call from the Huo family mansion. Huo Ze was returning from abroad and they asked her to go back to Hong Kong. Xia Mo had to ask for leave from the newspaper company and rushed to Hong Kong.

As soon as she arrived at the airport, she received a call from Young Master Huo.

“Little Momo, come and save me.”

Xia Mo heard the man’s anxious tone and she could not help laughing. “Did you get cheated by some beautiful lady and have your clothes and money taken away, right?”

“F*ck, it’s just like what you said. I met a mixed-blood girl on the plane and she wanted to hook up with me. You know me, I can’t say no to beautiful women. After getting off the plane we went to the hotel. While I was taking a bath, she stole my wallet and clothes.”

“Beautiful women are never good people.”

Xia Mo scoffed. “You’re saying it like I’m not beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful, but I grew up with you and you still remember when I wet my pants before. To you, I have no desire at all.”

Xia Mo pouted. “Who wants you to have desire for me? Come on, which hotel are you in?”

After Young Master Huo told her the address, Xia Mo did not return to the Huo family’s mansion and went to the shopping mall.

After buying clothes for Young Master Huo, Xia Mo took the elevator downstairs.

The elevator was full of people. She went in and found someone who looked familiar. “Brother Xiao Feng?”

Xiao Feng had come to inspect the shopping mall with some men and was talking to someone. Hearing Xia Mo’s voice, he looked at her. “The Huo family’s daughter-in-law?”

Xia Mo waved her hand. “No, call me Xia Mo.”

“Oh, Sister Xia Mo. What’s the matter?”

“I haven’t seen Uncle Xiao for a long time. His phone can’t seem to get through. What’s he been doing recently?”