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Chapter 1074: Life and Death Are Decreed by Fate

But soon, this uncomfortable feeling was replaced by another emotion.

It was guilt, remorse and heartache.

Yes, what right did she have to feel miserable because of their relationship? It was because of her relationship that Junyuan had become like this!

The stress and pain he suffered was a hundred times, a thousand times more than hers!

Because of her relationship, her brother paid such a high price. She had no right to remember that feeling again!

In this life, she and Xiao Yi were doomed to never be together again.

Xia Yanran held Junyuan’s arm and put her face on his shoulder. “Brother, I want to go back to when we were young.”

Junyuan ruffled Xia Yanran’s hair. “Silly girl.”

Xiao Yi came into the auditorium from outside and when he saw Xia Yanran leaning against Junyuan’s shoulder, he thought of Junyuan’s current physical condition and his eyes darkened. He pursed his lips tightly and walked quickly to the principal’s side.

After the performances, Xiao Yi said goodbye to the principal and the children.

Xia Mo also left with him.

Seeing that Xiao Yi also took the young girl who was interested in him along, Xia Mo was furious. She did not believe that Uncle Xiao could not see the feelings the young girl had for him.

Although it was none of her business who he brought along with him, in her heart, she only wished for Uncle Xiao to be with Chief Editor Xia.

While walking to the foot of the mountain where the car was parked, Xia Mo did not speak to Xiao Yi at all.

When they were at the SUV, the young girl wanted to pull open the door of the front passenger seat, but Xia Mo was faster than her. “Let’s sit at the back. Uncle Xiao’s front passenger is reserved for his girlfriend.”

The young girl was slightly embarrassed and while Xiao Yi was getting into the driver’s seat, she looked at Xia Mo. “Miss Xia, you said Mr Xiao has a girlfriend, but why didn’t I see her?”

She was even questioning her now?!

Xia Mo gave a fake smile. “Why should he let you see? You’re the student Uncle Xiao sponsored, and not his mom or sister. Can you be clear of your status?”

The young girl glared at Xia Mo angrily. “Do you also like Mr Xiao? If you like him, then let’s have a fair fight!”

Without waiting for Xia Mo to say anything, the young girl pulled open the door and got into the car quickly.

Seeing her getting into the car and even slamming the car door shut, the corners of Xia Mo’s lips twitched.

This girl had a temper!

Along the way, Xia Mo turned her head and looked out of the window, not saying a word to Xiao Yi.

But the atmosphere in the car was not quiet, because the shameless young girl would talk to Xiao Yi from time to time.

Xia Mo really wanted to remind her, couldn’t she see that Uncle Xiao did not want to talk to her? Out of ten sentences she said, he only replied one.

When they arrived at Ning City, Xiao Yi sent the girl directly to the entrance of the university.

Xia Mo sat in the car and did not go down. From the lowered car window, she could see them standing at the school gate talking.

Uncle Xiao was handsome, did not look his age and there was a strong masculine air to him. He was really the type who could attract young girls.

There was quite a distance away so Xia Mo could not hear what they were saying, she only saw the young girl’s eyes getting red slowly.

“Xiaowei, what did you promise me when I sponsored you? Study well and help more children in the mountains in the future. But are your thoughts on your studies now?”

Xiao Yi looked at the young girl who was almost crying, his voice cold and indifferent.

The young girl was a little delighted that Mr Xiao did not refuse her request to take her back to school. She thought she had hope. After all, she was young and pretty.

Looking at his grave and expressionless face, she was frightened and bit her lip, whispering, “But is it wrong to like someone?”

“It’s not wrong to like someone, but do you understand me? You only like my looks, that’s superficial. You’re still young and will meet a better man in the future. I regard all of you as children and I’m your elder. I respect you and hope you respect yourselves. Don’t make me resent you!”

The young girl’s body stiffened.

The tears in her eyes fell and she knew that he had spoken politely. She also understood his good intentions.

She nodded, her vision blurred by tears. “I’m sorry, I’ll focus on my studies in the future.”

Xiao Yi reached out his hand and patted her shoulder. “It’s good that you understand. Go in!”

Xiaowei bowed to Xiao Yi and jogged into the school. Getting back in the car, he switched it on. Turning back, he looked at Xia Mo, who had not spoken to him along the way, through the rearview mirror and found that it was funny. “Are you going back to Hong Kong or staying in Ning City?”

Xia Mo saw that Xiao Yi was talking to her on his own initiative and so she did not ignore him, Pouting her lips, she said, “I’ll go back to Hong Kong in two days. Are you going back? You’re not going to stay in Ning City for two more days?”

“No,” Xiao Yi replied simply.

“What happened between you and Chief Editor Xia? Actually, I think you still have feelings for each other when you look into each other’s eyes…”

Xiao Yi interrupted Xia Mo, “Did you forget what I said to you?”

Xia Mo stuck out her tongue. “I remember. Don’t mention Chief Editor Xia anymore!”

After taking Xia Mo back to her apartment, Xiao Yi drove away.

Back in Hong Kong, there were two days to go before he left the organization.

Xiao Yi handed over the unfinished work matters to Xiao Feng. Although there was no expression on Xiao Yi’s face, Xiao Feng on the other hand, was in a state of anxiety and worried every time he thought about how Xiao Yi’s life would be in danger the day he was leaving the organization.

But the actual party concerned acted like there was nothing wrong.

“Brother Xiao, I heard that the bosses of the companies we are enemies with will be present. They will definitely be brutal on that day. Can you change your mind and not participate in withdrawing from the organization?”

Xiao Yi glanced at Xiao Feng. “I said before, life and death are decided by fate.”

F*ck! Xiao Feng hit his head. “I really shouldn’t have f*cking listened to Long Ye’s words and beat Junyuan up. If it hadn’t been for Junyuan’s injury, you wouldn’t do this right?”

Xiao Yi leaned against the chair and blew out a mouthful of smoke. “No, I had this plan long ago.”

At night.

Xiao Yi and his brothers from the gang had a meal in the restaurant. Many people toasted to him and he did not refuse them.

After dinner, he drank a little too much.

Xiao Feng helped him into the car and took him back. When they arrived, Xiao Feng helped him to bed and saw that his eyes were closed as if he was asleep. Xiao Feng took out Xiao Yi’s phone from his coat’s pocket.

After looking through the address book, Xiao Feng did not find Xia Yanran’s phone number.

But he found a series of numbers in the call log.

Basically, this number was dialled every day, but it did not get through and should have been hung up by the other side.

Xiao Feng’s eyes prickled. This number must be Xia Yanran’s.

Xiao Feng pursed his lips and called the number.