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Chapter 1073: Their New Lives

The man’s slender and clean hand covered her mouth and nose with the coolness of the night and a faint tobacco smell. Xia Mo’s long eyelashes blinked and she unconsciously let out a hot breath.

Feeling his palm being wrapped in a warm breath, Junyuan realized that his hand was still over the girl’s face and he quickly took it away.

The atmosphere was stiff and awkward.

About a minute later, Junyuan looked at the girl who was holding her phone and said, “Is there anything else?”

Xia Mo turned off the flashlight of her phone and asked hesitantly and slightly embarrassed, “You saw me going to the washroom?”

Junyuan was slightly stunned and then flicked off the ash on his cigarette. He then said without any emotions, “I don’t have that kind of special hobby.”

Xia Mo thought it made sense after thinking about it. It was dark all around and he would not be able to see anything even if he wanted to.

“Then you heard it, didn’t you?”

Junyuan did not say anything.

Xia Mo’s ears turned red and her face turned hot. In the darkness, she raised her head and glared at the man whom she could not see clearly. “Forget it immediately!”

Junyuan found it a little funny and a low laugh came from his throat, slightly mockingly. “Don’t worry. It’s not some wonderful sound.”

Xia Mo’s face turned even redder.

This was definitely the most humiliating thing she had done in her life!

Xia Mo covered her face with both hands and thinking that she would never see this strange doctor again after tomorrow, she said nothing and walked forward quickly.

But because she had her head lowered, she did not see what was in front of her and her forehead suddenly knocked into the wall and she groaned in pain.

She must have scraped her forehead but she pursed her lips, not daring to cry out in pain and left pitifully.

After she got back into bed, Xia Mo could not sleep, and only fell asleep at around four or five in the morning. It was only when Xia Yanran called her up for breakfast that Xia Mo woke up.

Rubbing her eyes, Xia Mo looked at the bed. “Chief Editor, how’s Xiaoxuan?”

“He’s feeling better and is having breakfast now.”

“Oh.” Xia Mo got out of bed and after washing up, she came out of the room.

She was relieved to see that the doctor was not in the kitchen.

Xia Yanran had already scooped a bowl of porridge for Xia Mo and seeing her looking around cautiously, she asked, “Xiaomo, what’s wrong?”

Grinning, Xia Mo sat beside Xia Yanran. “I’m just a little afraid of that perverted and fierce doctor.”

Xia Yanran paused for a moment and then realized who Xia Mo was talking about. She said softly, “Xiaomo, that perverted and fierce doctor you’re referring to is actually my brother.”

Xia Mo choked and coughed violently. Xia Yanran quickly patted her back. Xia Mo’s eyes were open wide. “Chief Editor Xia, I know he’s interested in you, and seeing that you have a boyfriend, he wanted to behave like you are brother and sister and get close to you, right? You must not be deceived by him. In fact, I think Uncle Xiao is way cuter than him…”

“Miss, it’s a pity that you don’t want to be a screenwriter.”

Suddenly, the man’s cold voice sounded behind.

Xia Mo turned back and seeing Junyuan standing behind her and Xia Yanran, she swallowed. She wanted to say something, but after meeting his gentle yet cold gaze, she lowered her eyes and said nothing, eating breakfast seriously.

Fine, last night he heard her using the washroom and he had dirt on her. She would not fight with him over this!

After Junyuan took a cup of water from the kitchen and left, Xia Yanran looked at Xia Mo, who was behaving like a well-behaved student, and she blinked her eyes in bewilderment. “Xiaomo, do you have some misunderstanding about my brother? He’s my biological brother and we came from the same womb. He’s a really nice person.”

Xia Mo put down her spoon and looked incredulously at Xia Yanran. “B-Biological brother?”

“That’s right.”

Xia Mo stuck out her tongue with regret. “I thought… Oh no, I complained about him behind his back. Will he expose my dirt?”

Xia Yanran. “What dirt?”

Xia Mo waved her hand. “N-Nothing.”

After breakfast, Granny Niu, whose body was feeling better, wanted to see the new school. Today was the new school’s opening ceremony and there were various activities held there.

Last night, Junyuan had found out that the school was donated by Xiao Yi and he in fact aided many students.

When Grandma Niu suggested to go and have a look, he said nothing and took her over with Wen Qian and Xia Yanran.

Junyuan had nothing much to say about Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi was loyal, and when he was with Yanran, he was good to her too. If he was not of that background, Junyuan would not object to him being with Yanran.

When they arrived at the school, it was just in time for the opening ceremony.

Xiao Yi stood beside the principal. He was wearing a black coat, his posture upright and was wearing a black turtleneck inside, looking low-key and elegant. When he was serious, he did not look like he was from the mafia. His actions and speech were stable and proper, and one could find no flaws.

Grandma Niu was full of praises for Xiao Yi. If it were not him, the children in the mountains could not even go to school.

Xia Yanran looked at Xiao Yi on stage and a warm feeling was pouring out from her chest. It was a feeling of honor to hear him being praised by others.

She did not know if her gaze was too heated, the man who was talking to the principal with a slight smile, suddenly looked over at her.

There was still a faint smile on his lips and his well-defined face under the sun was handsome and charming. Xia Yanran could not look away in time and their eyes met.

But very soon, he retracted his gaze and did not look at her anymore.

After the opening ceremony, the students performed in the auditorium. Several performances later, Xia Yanran stood up to go to the washroom.

Coming out of the auditorium, Xia Yanran found the washroom. After coming out, she was about to go back when she saw a familiar figure from the corner of her eye.

He stood at an inconspicuous spot outside the auditorium smoking, and in front of him stood a young girl.

Xia Yanran had heard Xia Mo mention that there seemed to be a young girl in the school who was aided by him and was interested in him.

Knowing clearly that she should not eavesdrop, Xia Yanran stopped in her tracks.

“Mr Xiao, are you leaving here in the afternoon?” The girl looked at Xiao Yi, her eyes full of reluctance. Xiao Yi concentrated on the cigarette at his fingertips and he hummed coldly in reply.

“I’m going back to the university too, can I leave with you this afternoon?”

Xiao Yi raised his eyes and looked at the girl. Suddenly, he saw a slender figure from the corner of his eye. He pursed his lips and hummed again in reply.

The girl was thrilled and a smile appeared on her lips. “Thank you, Mr Xiao.”

Xia Yanran did not want to listen anymore so she turned and returned to the auditorium.

Junyuan saw that Xia Yanran did not look so good after coming back and asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

Xia Yanran tried to control her emotions. She knew clearly that they had nothing to do with each other and what he did was none of her business. She also had a new life herself.

But why did she feel so uncomfortable?