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Chapter 1070: Unfamiliarity

In the SUV.

Xia Mo, who was sitting in the back, looked at the rearview mirror. She sighed when she saw the man’s thin jaw clenched tightly, his lips pursed into a straight line and his eyes were indifferent.

The man driving ignored her.

Xia Mo could not help but sigh again.

He still ignored her.

Xia Mo clicked her tongue, put her head into the gap between the driver’s seat and front passenger’s seat and looked at Xiao Yi’s well defined and handsome face. “Uncle Xiao, what happened between you and Chief Editor Xia? Both of you sold your shares and stopped working in the company. And why was Chief Editor Xia together with the doctor she had a blind date with?

“I heard the conversation between them and that doctor seemed to say something about taking care of Chief Editor Xia…”

Before Xia Mo could finish, she was interrupted by Xiao Yi coldly, “We’re over and there’s no need to mention her again.”

His words made Xia Mo fall silent.

Glancing at Xiao Yi’s expressionless face, Xia Mo did not ask more questions.

The car drove for another two hours and finally came to the foot of the mountains. The weather in the mountains were unpredictable. It rained a few days ago and the road was muddy.

Xiao Yi got out of the car to take a look and Xia Mo followed him.

“The road is not easy to go through and it’s dangerous to drive. Let’s walk there.”

Xia Mo nodded. “I’ll get the camera.”

Xiao Yi took Xia Mo’s luggage and camera. He went forward and said simply, “Follow me.”

Xia Mo followed Xiao Yi’s tall back and she turned back from time to time. After walking a distance, Xia Mo waved happily when she saw that Xia Yanran was walking over. “Chief Editor Xia.”

The soft muddy road was not very easy to walk on and Xia Mo was walking slowly, so it was not surprising for Xia Yanran to have caught up.

Xiao Yi heard Xia Mo’s shout, but he did not turn back and continued forward.

The principal was already waiting at the village intersection and seeing Xiao Yi coming over, he greeted him warmly. The principal wanted to take the things Xiao Yi was carrying, but Xiao Yi declined.

“Mr Xiao, if it weren’t for you, the children’s classrooms would still be made of mudbricks. In this weather, it’s impossible to go to the school.” The down-to-earth principal bowed to Xiao Yi again and again.

Xiao Yi took the principal’s hand. “I’m a rough man and didn’t study much, but it’s my honor to help these children.”

Xia Yanran saw Xiao Yi from afar.

As she approached, Xia Yanran was not surprised to hear the principal’s words. When they were together before, she knew that Xiao Yi had donated a school.

Few people in the mafia were as loving as him.

Along the way, Xiao Yi talked to the principal from time to time. Although he did not study much, he was good at communicating and could speak to anyone.

The muddy road was narrow and it was difficult to walk, so the group of them could not walk fast.

Junyuan was beside Xia Yanran so she did not dare to look at Xiao Yi. She had her eyes lowered and looked at her own feet as she walked.

When they arrived, Xia Yanran did not think it would be so difficult to walk and her shoes were all stained with mud.

Wen Qian saw that Xia Yanran was staring at her feet the whole time and thought she could not stand having her shoes dirtied. He took a step forward, standing in front of Xia Yanran and bent slightly. “Yanran, the road is not easy to walk, let me carry you!”

Xia Mo was walking behind Xiao Yi and was not far away from Wen Qian. She heard Wen Qian’s words and looked back at Xia Yanran and Wen Qian.

But Xia Yanran declined Wen Qian’s kindness.

Xia Mo breathed a sigh of relief. After patting her chest, Xia Mo looked at the man who was still talking to the principal.

He had keen ears, and should have heard Wen Qian’s words!

Wen Qian was such a gentleman to want to carry Chief Editor Xia. Why was he so indifferent?

After crossing a wooden bridge, they arrived at an intersection. Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi were on two separate roads.

The sky was turning dark, and the distant mountains were gradually being enshrouded by darkness. The air at night was chilly. After walking for another twenty minutes, Xia Yanran saw several houses.

Junyuan was familiar with the road conditions here and he took Xia Yanran and Wen Qian to one of the houses. The houses in the village were all single houses with large courtyards in front of them.

Junyuan pushed the door and went in.

Hearing noises, a middle-aged woman came out from the room. It was the next door auntie who was taking care of Grandma Niu.

After Grandma Niu’s grandson passed away, she lived alone in the house and Junyuan asked the next door neighbor to take care of Grandma Niu.

Junyuan entered the room with his medicine box.

His long and clean hand touched Grandma Niu’s forehead and felt that she was still feverish. The next door neighbor told Junyuan about Grandma Niu’s condition, “She had an acetaminophen injection, but it does not seem effective. She didn’t sleep last night and was only able to fall asleep just now.”

Junyuan nodded. He examined Grandma Niu’s body carefully and checked her heart rate. It was normal, but her blood pressure was a little high. After examining her, the overall condition of the old lady was better than he had expected.

Grandma Niu woke up and seeing Junyuan, she took his hand, her eyes wet with tears. When the old lady was on the drip, Xia Yanran stayed by the bed, using a cotton swab to moisturize the old lady’s lips.

The neighbor told Junyuan that the weather in the village had changed greatly recently and many old people were not feeling well. The village doctor’s injection had no effect.

Junyuan wanted to see the other elderly, but Xia Yanran pressed Junyuan down. “Brother, I’ll go with Doctor Wen. You’ve just been discharged and can’t exhaust yourself too much.”

Xia Mo followed Xiao Yi to the school.

She could not help admiring Xiao Yi more when she saw the newly built teaching buildings, office buildings, dormitories, canteen and library.

How much did it cost to donate such a large school?

This was really for the good of the children and was not like some hypocritical rich businessmen who did it for the sake of their reputation and interests. Moreover, Xiao Yi kept a low profile and only did it quietly, never exposing his charitable deeds in front of the media.

Xia Mo went around the school and took some photos.

When she went to the teacher’s office to find Xiao Yi, she found a beautiful young girl who looked like she was still in university standing beside him. After pouring tea for Xiao Yi, she looked at him shyly. “Mr Xiao, I’m doing my internship here now. I came out from here and the mountain is my home. If it weren’t for the financial support from Mr Xiao, I wouldn’t be able to go to university.”

Xiao Yi picked up the teacup and took a sip, nodding at the girl. “The children in the mountains will be able to walk out from here in the future.”

“Mr Xiao, what do you like to eat? I’ll cook it later…”

Xia Mo ran into the office, pulled up a chair and sat down beside Xiao Yi, grinning and holding Xiao Yi’s arm. “When you talk about food, I feel so hungry already.”

The girl’s mouth opened when she saw the intimacy between Xia Mo and Xiao Yi. “Mr Xiao, this is…”

Xia Mo smiled, but those who knew her well would know that she was hiding a dagger behind that sweet smile. “He’s my brother-in-law.”

“B-Brother-in-law?” The girls eyes turned red. “Is Mr Xiao married?”

“No, but he’ll be marrying my sister soon.” Xia Mo smiled and added, “Oh yes, my sister is here too, but she hasn’t reached the school yet.”