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Chapter 1068: Stopping His Car

When Xiao Yi and Xiao Feng left Ninth Master’s place, Xiao Feng was so discouraged that he cried.

As he walked behind Xiao Yi, looking at Xiao Yi’s tall back that was in black shirt and pants, his heart surged with countless emotions.

He had never been in love, but he did have women in the past.

For him, women were dispensable.

He could not understand how Xiao Yi could give up the power he fought hard so hard to achieve, his status, wealth and even gamble on his own life for a woman! Why?!

They went into the car.

Xiao Yi looked at Xiao Feng, whose eyes were red, and patted his shoulder. “I’ll hand over the matters on hand to you soon. Number Three, don’t hide under my wings all the time. Believe in yourself. The company will be better in the future with you around!”

“Boss, you really won’t consider it again?”

Xiao Yi leaned against the seat and narrowed his deep dark eyes, looking outside the car window. “I want to live a stable life too. Let’s leave life and death to fate!”

Three days later, Ninth Master told Xiao Yi that he had notified the elders about him wanting to leave the organization.

It had been 20 years since an in-charge wanted to quit. When the note was sent out, it attracted a lot of attention.

The in-charges who were enemies with Xiao Yi responded immediately that they would be present on the day Xiao Yi wanted to quit.

Every in-charge knew how to fight, and their one hit was like a dozen hits of an ordinary person. Ninth Master was worried that Xiao Yi would end up like the in-charge from 20 years ago, losing his life.

He gave Xiao Yi a week to deal with things he had regrets about.

For Xiao Yi, there was no lack of things he regretted.

Xia Yanran wasted ten years of her youth on him, and in the end, he could not give her anything.

He had promised her that he would not bother her anymore. He would not go to say goodbye to her at this time and fight for her sympathy.

That was not his style.

If he really died under the stick that day, he would not let her know. He hoped that she would have a new beginning to her life.

After receiving Ninth Master’s call, he did not go anywhere. He dealt with company affairs as usual.

On the third day, Xiao Yi received a call.

A school in the mountains was built and the school leader invited Xiao Yi to go over.

The school was located in the depths of a mountain in T City. Because of the terrain, the project was carried out very slowly and it had taken nearly three years to complete. But it had everything, teaching buildings, office, dormitories, courts and a canteen.

Over these years, Xiao Yi had spent most of his money on charities.

He donated to seven schools and sponsored dozens of poor students.

But he had never showed it to the public before.

Everyone thought that he was the devil who killed people ruthlessly, but in fact, he was not.

He had not had the chance to go to school much, and had gone onto a road of no return because he was not well-off before.

Xiao Yi himself was not sure if he could survive the leaving of the organization a few days later. After all, he was also made of flesh and blood.

It would be nice to see those innocent children before he died.

The handover work was almost done, and after letting Xiao Feng know, Xiao Yi set off for the mountains.

Going from Hong Kong, he needed to transfer planes. Xiao Yi met Xia Mo when he was changing planes.

Xia Mo was surprised to see Xiao Yi. “Uncle Xiao, you’re going to T City too?”

Xiao Yi nodded.

“Me too. I’m going to XX Mountain for an interview. There was a school built there and the facilities there are no worse than those in the city, and it’s donated by a good-hearted person! I think that person must be really kind. I must interview him and make him the cover of our next issue.”

Xiao Yi’s mouth twitched.

Did the word ‘kind’ belong to someone like him?

After Junyuan was able to get out of bed and walk, he returned home to recuperate.

He had become silent and although he would not lose his temper in front of his sisters, Xia Yanran would see him standing on the balcony smoking.

Xia Yanran contacted Nan Zhi and asked Nan Zhi to help her contact Bai Ye, but Bai Ye was in a place that Nan Zhi did not even know so she could not contact him for the time being.

Towards her brother, Xia Yanran felt an immense guilt. If she could, she would trade her life for her brother’s health.

This morning, after breakfast, Junyuan received a call. Xia Yanran saw him go back to his room and pack his luggage. Her heart tightened and she hurried over. “Brother, where are you going?”

Junyuan glanced at Xia Yanran and said gently, “Grandma Niu is sick. She lives in the mountains and the medical conditions there are limited. The elderly can’t stand it so I want to go and see her.”

Grandma Niu’s grandson was Junyuan’s classmate in the medical university. After their internship, Junyuan and Grandma’s Niu’s grandson were sent to the medical team in the battlefield to help them. Grandma Niu’s grandson died there while saving a child and after Junyuan came back, he would visit Grandma Niu once or twice a year.

“Brother, I’ll go with you.”

Xia Yanran went back to her room to pack her luggage. She and Junyuan planned to take a taxi and when they were downstairs, they met with Wen Qian, who had come to look for Xia Yanran.

In order to reassure Junyuan, Xia Yanran had promised Wen Qian and tried to develop their relationship.

Wen Qian was also a graduate of the medical university and Junyuan was several years older than him. Even after graduating for many years, he was a leader often mentioned by teachers.

Wen Qian happened to be on vacation and when he learned that Junyuan and Xia Yanran were going to the mountains, he offered to go with them.

Wen Qian drove and halfway through, Xia Yanran wanted to change over with him, but he did not allow her to.

After six to seven hours of driving, they arrived at T City in the afternoon.

The road from the city to the foot of the mountain gradually became bumpy. There were mountains on both sides of the road. The environment was quiet and there were few cars on the road, bringing a surreal and desolate silence and beauty to it.

Xia Yanran was somewhat drowsy.

Suddenly, the car wobbled, drove a little distance forward and was followed by a noise under the hood. In a moment, the car stalled.

Wen Qian tried turning the engine, but it did not start.

Xia Yanran’s sleepiness dissipated. After Wen Qian got out of the car, Xia Yanran and Junyuan also got out.

Although Wen Qian and Junyuan knew how to save people, they did not know much about repairing cars. After checking the engine and starting it again, it still did not start.

Xia Yanran did not know either.

They were a long way from the city and even if they called for car repair, they would not be able to rush over immediately.

What were they going to do?

If the sky turned dark, it would be difficult to get into the mountains. Just when they were anxious, Xia Yanran saw an SUV coming towards them.

“Brother, Doctor Wen, there’s a car coming.” Xia Yanran saw that the person was driving an SUV and generally, people who drove that kind of car knew more or less about tinkering with it. Maybe they could help them check what was wrong. Holding a glimmer of hope, she stood by the roadside and waved to stop the car.