Astral Pet Store - Chapter 1393 - Cultivation (2)

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Chapter 1393: Cultivation (2)

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Everybody was caught unprepared by Su Ping’s sudden change of topic. However, they were smart enough to figure out that he didn’t really need the money; it was something they weren’t aware of. Also, it was probably something required by that ancient, mysterious store.

“Okay.” Joanna nodded.

Su Ping immediately asked his master to help navigate the planet. Since there was a hidden barrier beyond the atmosphere, all his master had to do was to give it a push. It wasn’t hard.

The latter immediately accepted the request, since Su Ping needed time to cultivate. As far as he knew, his disciple’s cultivation was paramount. Regardless of his soul-stirring speech, he knew fully well that humanity would be completely hopeless without Su Ping; revenge was basically impossible without him.


Fighting back would only be a dream until Su Ping became as strong as the Heavens.

“If we stumble upon another universe, I’ll stop the planet and wait until you come out from your cultivation,” Shen Huang said to Su Ping.

The latter nodded, since it was the best course of action. They could easily fall into the hands of Ancestral Gods or God Emperors if they recklessly entered a powerful cultivation site.

Su Ping suddenly remembered the corpse, who was an Ancestral God. It was obvious that the universe they had just left was rather powerful, and could be considered an advanced cultivation site.

That universe was already destroyed. I don’t think the system would list it among the cultivation sites…xa0Su Ping browsed through the cultivation sites’ listing. He saw dozens of advanced cultivation sites, each representing a universe comparable to that of the Archean Divinity. Adding the destroyed ones such as the corpse’s universe, there were probably a hundred universes as developed as the ones with advanced cultivation sites.

There are lots of universes. If we join hands, I wonder if we can completely eliminate the Heavens.xa0Su Ping’s eyes glittered; he focused his attention and chose to enter the Archean Divinity.

The temporary weightless feeling was gone. Su Ping looked around and found that he had been teleported to a place in the void.

He took out the Dao Child’s badge and teleported back to the Heaven Path Institute.

The institute looked just as usual; all the students were talking and laughing in peace. However, upon closer look, one would discover that the students had formed many small circles; they only communicated with the ones in their respective groups. Outsiders could hardly interact.

Su Ping suddenly envied their peace.

No one knew when the Heavens would strike again.

“Maybe… It’s inevitable…” Su Ping mumbled to himself. He was almost certain that the Archean Divinity’s enemies in the ancient war were none other than the Heavens.

No one except the Heavens could have shattered the Archean Divinity.

Their world was recovering. It was certain that the Heavens would never ignore their rise; otherwise they wouldn’t have gone to their universe in the first place.

Su Ping felt that it was necessary to report such matters to the institute.

Su Ping went to Elder Chan’s palace soon after.

In the square outside the palace—many disciples were sitting cross-legged as they studied the black monument.

Su Ping’s arrival didn’t distract them. He had indeed become a celebrity, but those were the geniuses of their respective clans; too devoted to cultivation to be distracted by anything.

“How was your stay in the Red Dome Realm? Your aura seems to have increased a lot.” Elder Chan flashed a smile when he saw Su Ping arrive, but there was a tinge of solemnity in his eyes.

Su Ping had just become a Dao Child and had yet to enter the Ancestral Gods’ Mysterious Realms, but his aura had significantly improved.

What shocked the elder even more was that he vaguely detected the unpredictable and terrifying aura of an Ancestral God from Su Ping.

“Not bad.” Su Ping smiled and then continued, “There’s indeed something that prompted me to come. I wonder, how much do you know about the Heavens?”

“The Heavens?”

Elder Chan slightly changed his expression. “Why are you asking that? Did you encounter any… Heavens?”

“Sort of,” said Su Ping, “The Heavens once arrived on this world and brought about a catastrophe. I fear that they will come again. Considering their power, all the Ancestral Gods must unite in order to fight them. Otherwise, it’ll be another tragedy.”

Dazed, Elder Chan narrowed his eyes and said, “I don’t know what the catastrophe you mentioned is about. However, the Heavens… are indeed ominous existences. Still, it’s impossible for all the Ancestral Gods to join hands. Maybe those experts will show up if a catastrophe of such magnitude does happen. Don’t worry. They can take care of any major problem.”

Su Ping wouldn’t have doubted his words if he hadn’t met the Golden Crow ancestor or the corpse expert. However, he only felt helpless when he heard that confident remark.

“The Heavens can’t be underestimated; even Ancestral Gods can be pushed by them. There are even existences stronger than Ancestral Gods among their kind. It’ll be the end of this world if they come,” said Su Ping.

Elder Chan was stunned by the claim. He said, “Existences stronger than Ancestral Gods? That’s not possible. That’s the source of the Great Dao and the end of all cultivation. If they really exist among the Heavens, it would be pointless to fight, even if the Ancestral Gods join hands.”

Su Ping heaved a sigh. “Elder, this concerns the safety of the entire world. If possible, I hope you can send a warning to every clan. I know that the Ancestral Gods may not be strong enough to do anything, even if they join hands when those existences arrive. However, there might be some hope.”

Elder Chan looked at him in confusion. “Is that why you came here? Did you hear something? I think you’re being paranoid. This world is immensely vast, with many strong clans to defend it. Although the Heaven Path Institute has a special status, it cannot issue commands to all clans; it’s useless to tell me this if you don’t have solid evidence. After all, you’re asking Ancestral Gods to reveal themselves. You must think carefully!”

Su Ping was silent for a moment, as he knew it was sound reasoning. He was like an ordinary person running to the president of a county and claiming that a disaster was about to happen; he would probably be dragged away before he could even finish.

“If you want evidence… How about the Heavenly Fire in the Red Dome Realm? It was left by the invading Heavens. It proves that they will come again!” said Su Ping.

Elder Chan shook his head. “The Heavenly Fire is not a secret in this world, and nor are the Heavens. Many high-ranked clans know of their existence, but whether or not they’ll invade again is unknown. We cannot ask all the Ancestral Gods to be constantly prepared for something that might never happen, unless you saw the Heavens in this world again.”

Su Ping heaved a sigh. He had gotten to know the world of gods pretty well; arrogant gods like the ones from the Rain Clan were the majority, if not all of them.

Gods were born to be arrogant.

“Never mind. We’ll talk about that later. There’s something else I wanted to ask. Elder, are you aware of what’s beyond this universe?” asked Su Ping.

“Beyond our godly universe?” Elder Chan sized him up and said, “You’re indeed strong enough to break some barriers of this world. Have you been to universes beyond this world? They’re extremely dangerous; don’t try to set foot in them so easily. You can easily get lost and hurt with the chaotic laws you find there.”

God Emperor power was the minimum required to break the universal barrier in the world of gods, which was too thick and solid to be broken by Celestials.

Su Ping’s eyes glittered. It seemed that Elder Chan himself had been to the places beyond the world of gods, which was no different from the nothingness of the Realm of Heavens he had seen. In that case, even if he tore the barrier open and went to the void, he wouldn’t be able to leave a beacon.

He considered sending signals through technological methods. However, the laws in the Realm of Heavens were too messed up for transmitting or receiving signals.

As for the other methods, Su Ping feared that the Heavens would notice them too once he sent out the coordinates. It would expose the world of gods and summon disaster to the place.