Assistant Architect - Chapter 99

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 99: Effort


Du Rui sentback a series of exclamation marks and asked: “What are you so excitedabout?”

Theappearance of Tao Fei stimulated Zhang Siyi to the extreme. Not only did TaoFei study in the UK and earn a Master\'s degree, he is also a good-looking man fromthe same University as Gu Yu. Since the foothold he felt he had in Gu Yu\'sheart was completely shaken, Zhang Siyi felt insecure. Even if he can\'t obtainGu Yu\'s love, he didn\'t want to be let go for lack of work diligence andtalent.

Zhang Siyi wasanxious: “Teach me the quickest way! Let’s work late! I’ll take you todinner!"

With therepeated requests, Zhang Siyi was practically begging and as a result Du Ruirelented: "Ok, Ok. Let\'s finish the office building. When drafting the blueprints,you need to pay attention to the details of the project as it is very easy tomake mistakes. As you gain experience, you will gain a few tricks and makethings easier in the future."

Under theguidance Du Rui, Zhang Siyi felt appeased. No matter how determined one is, aperson must take one small step at a time. Now that he felt calmer, he focusedhis attention on his drawings and revised them as Gu Yu suggested.

Whileworking to finish up what he was doing before eating lunch at noon, movement inthe corner of his eye caught his attention. When he looked up and saw Gu Yutogether with Tao Fei going downstairs, his stomach got caught in his throat. Forhis own lunch, he went to the dining area, grabbed a bento in a hurry and wentback to his desk to continue drawing.

ZhuHongzhen noticed Zhang Siyi acting strangely: "What happened to Zhang Siyi? Whyis he so angry suddenly?"

Speculating, BiLele shrugged and whispered: “Maybe he feels pressured because of the newguy.”

ZhuHongzhen rubbed his chin in thought: "It could be. Now he isn\'t the onlyinternational student in our group!"

Zhang Siyiwas trying to ignore their whispering, but when he heard his colleagues saythey also thought there was competition, Zhang Siyi looked up at themdesperately.

Chokingback water, Zhu Hongzhen almost spit out his mouthful of liquid. They werecasually talking, but is it really true?

Bi Lele wasalso caught off-guard by Zhang Siyi pitiful expression: "Don\'t worry AuntieFour! You are our groups\' mascot. The new guy is too high-profile and definitelynot as popular as you are!"

Zhang Siyimurmured: “Uh huh,” and went on to draw.

ZhuHongzhen wiped his mouth and said: “You are working so hard, it\'s going tomake me embarrassed." Zhu Hongzhen psyched himself up: "Draw more!"

Bi Lele:“Hey! It’s still a lunch break!”

Zhang Siyiknows that popularity doesn\'t mean everything and the best people also havereal talent and work ethic. He recognizedhis colleagues\' contributions by the hard-working attitudes that everyone hasin the group. If he doesn\'t put forth his greatest effort, then what value doeshe have?

Thinkingabout the past two days, Zhang Siyi realized how much his mental state sufferedwhile missing Gu Yu. Zhang Siyi gave himself a slap in the face and opened hesocial media page: "Working: I\'m closed"

When hefinished updating his social media status, he felt like he was able totemporarily shelf his feelings for Gu Yu and finally devote himself to his workwithout distractions. -If I can\'t evenmanage drawing the blueprints well, what qualificationsdo I have to like him?

At 6:15 inthe evening, the office staff in twos and threes, were packing up and gettingready to leave work.

When Gu Yucame out of the office, he saw Zhang Siyi\' empty desk. Even though his seat wasvacant, his computer was still on: “What about Zhang Siyi?”

ZhuHongzhen: “Well, he went to dinner with Du Rui. I think he is planning towork overtime.”

Gu Yu wentto Zhang Siyi’s desk and looked at the progress he was making on in hiscomputer. By two in the afternoon, the two planes were already finished and theprevious problems have also been changed. He has been very focused.

Zhu Hongzhenpeeked at Gu Yu while he was looking at Zhang Siyi work. Seeing the broad smileon Gu Yu\'s face, he couldn\'t help but think to himself: Hey, the Boss really has so much "love" for Aunt Four and the blessedfool has no idea!"

“Brother!”At this time, Tao Fei walked over to Gu Yu and warmly said: “Are yougetting off work? Let’s go eat together. You covered lunch so I\'ll get usdinner."

Gu Yustraightened up and hesitated for a moment: “I\'m going to stay at theoffice for a little while.”

Tao Fei:“Hmm? Didn’t you say you were on a business trip for four days, so why doyou have overtime? It’s Saturday tomorrow. Why don’t you go home earlytonight?"

Gu Yuexplained: “Under normal circumstances, when there are group members thatstay for overtime, I also stay for a while and make myself available so therewon\'t be problems.

Tao Fei wasastonished: “Oh my God! What are you? A Director? You’re a babysitter!"

Gu Yu:“……”

Witnessingthe interaction between the stern Gu Yu and the high-profile Tao Fei, ZhuHongzhen laughed out loud. It was the first time he saw someone dare addressthe boss in such an informal manner.

When Gu Yu hadnothing to say, Tao Fei realized he stepped out of line and quickly followed-up:"Ok, OK. You still need to eat. Let\'s go downstairs. I want to know what\'s beengoing on with you these last few years!"

Gu Yu shookhis head helplessly: "Wait a minute and I\'ll grab my coat."

As the twoof them headed to the elevator, there was no end to Tao Fei\'s happy chatter.Unexpectedly, when the elevator door opened, he saw Zhang Siyi and Du Ruiinside with their meals. Gu Yu eyes brightened immediately.

As thedoors opened, Zhang Siyi caught sight of Tao Fei with Gu Yu and he quicklyaverted his eyes. Gu Yu was about to greet him but was cut off by a respectivebow and a duet of \'Boss\' as Zhang Siyi and Du Rui quickly exited the elevator.

WatchingZhang Siyi\'s back, Gu Yu frowned. Under the urging of Tao Fei, he hurried intothe elevator and as a result, he did not have a moment to contemplate ZhangSiyi\'s behavior.

When ZhangSiyi returned to his desk, he saw several red circles on his work in CAD on thecomputer. Concerned, he asked Zhu Hongzhen: "Piggy, who made these marks on mydraft?"

Putting hisarms above his head, Zhu Hongzhen yawned and stretched out: “Who elsecould it be? The Boss.”

Zhang Siyi:"……" Since Gu Yu and Tao Fei were inseparable today, Zhang Siyi was feelingdepressed. Even so, knowing Gu Yu spent time to look at his work, Zhang Siyifelt comforted.

Since hewas working overtime by his own choice, Zhang Si Yi did not have the nerve tostay in the company for too long. Du Rui was also just a guide and would notstay too late. Cheer-up was waiting for him at home so at eight in the evening,Zhang Siyi gathered his belongings and went home.

When he gothome, he walked the dog, imported a copy of his work from the office onto hiscomputer and drew another two hours. After, he practiced the violin for anotherhour and at one o\'clock in the morning, he went to bed. On a normal day, hewould spend some time looking through his social media before sleeping, butbecause of his oath today, he resisted the urge to get his phone. Since the daywas so busy, when his head hit the pillow and he closed his eyes, he fellasleep right away.

During theweekend, Zhang Siyi wasn\'t idle. He woke up early like a work day to continuehis progress on his plans. When an issue came up, he got in contact with Du Ruionline to resolve it.

As it turnsout, human potential is infinite. Working throughout Saturday and Sunday, ZhangSiyi finished the flat section and façade that was originally scheduled to taketwo weeks.

On Monday,when he returned to the office, he showed some of the other professionals theexisting plan and humbly asked them for a review. Heading their advice, hemodified the areas accordingly. Seeing how studious and savvy Zhang Siyi was,one of the older structural engineers was patient with his questions andoffered his opinions. Afterwards, he patted Zhang Siyi on the shoulder andboasted: "This young fellow is so good and hard-working!"

The praisehe heard from the gentleman was a small consolation, but he felt better nonethe less. With the appearance of Tao Fei, Zhang Siyi sense of crisis was at itspeak. He felt irritated and depressed. All he could do was focus on work andforget about where Gu Yu was and who he ate with.

However,the days were not going as smoothly as he had imagined.

The end ofMarch is fast approaching and its time to pay rent for the next quarter. Sincehe has not heard from Fu Xinhui, Zhang Siyi was very distressed. What were FuXinhui\'s intentions? Was he coming back? What is the status of his rent? Is ita waste of money to live alone? As his anxiety grew, he decided to call FuXinhui directly.

Reminding FuXinhui of the issue of rent, he said: "Let’s meet tomorrow at night.”

Zhang Siyihad a bad feeling, but he couldn\'t ask on the phone. He could only wait untilhe spoke with him face to face. Leaving work early, Zhang Siyi went to thehot-pot shop the two used to eat at to meet. Wearing a black hoodie and scarf,Fu Xinhui was thirty minutes late. Like a character in a spy movie, he lookedall around the area to see if he was being followed.

A fewminutes after entering the restaurant, Fu Xinhui relaxed a little. He removedhis sunglasses and looked at Zhang Siyi: "I miss you."

Zhang Siyi:“Poof!"

That’s apretty good line.……

Fortunately,Fu Xinhui next questioned pulled the not-so-straight-man, Zhang Siyi, back fromhis misunderstanding: "Is Cheer-Up alright?"

Wiping thesweat from his forehead, Zhang Siyi said: "Do you want to hear about me or thedog?"

“Doyou want to hear the truth?” Fu Xinhui poured a cup of tea and said: “Iwant to hear what you have ben doing, but I want to hear about Cheer-Up more.”

Zhang Siyi:"…… You go to hell! I’m babysitting your dog!” (╯‵皿’)╯(┻━┻

Pouting, FuXinhui dismissed Zhang Siyi: “You may not know my feelings very well. Likemy own child, I planned to raise the dog for the rest of my life. He came intomy life at my most vulnerable time and accompanied me every day. He gave mestrength and warmth and now, I have to give him to another take care of. It\'sreally painful…."

Zhang Siyiwas so angry that he said: “Fuck! I\'m still at your side when you are themost difficult!”

Fu Xinhuisighed and said: “Dogs and people are not the same. People have more thanone thing to devote their lives to. Dogs, on the other hand, are only at easeby their master\'s side. Well, it is hard to explain the feeling ofunconditional loyalty…."

Steam waspractically bellowing from Zhang Siyi ears. He mocked: "You think that stupiddog is loyal? Forget it. The last time Gu Yu came to our house, the dog actedlike Gu Yu was his master and best friend."

Fu Xinhui said: “You took Gu Yu to our house?”