Assistant Architect - Chapter 98

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 98: Tao Fei


Rushing todrop off his things, Gu Yu entered and left his office briefly, then walked tothe elevator, presumably, to meet the new person downstairs. Hearing the news,the office staff whispered amongst themselves.

“Yeah,spring time in the new year is the peak period of job recruiting.”

"But, isn\'tthe current industry not doing very well? How can the company higher newpeople?"

"Myclassmates have mentioned many layoffs in their own companies."

"Yes, evenat this company, there were two that left at the end of last year."

"Why isthere a new person being interviewed? Is one of us going to get cut?"

"There isn\'ta rush with the recent projects so why do we need another group member?"

"In orderto ensure the continuation of work flow and talent, the company will higher anew recruit to provide competitive pressure to help motivate the staffotherwise, under the stable environment, people may become complacent and losetheir drive to work diligently."


That’sright, the new prospective employee hasn\'t even been hired yet and Zhang Siyialready feels the pressure! Since working at Borderless for more than a halfhear, he hasn\'t seen Gu Yu interview anyone. In Zhang Siyi\'s mind, because theworking conditions were very harmonious, he assumed the personnel will remainfixed and did not expect a new face to join the team.

With thethreat to his territory, instinctively Zhang Siyi cursed the surname Tao. – Be unqualified…. Don\'t get hired….…(&_&)

Continuingto gossip, the room was full of whispers and conjectures. Bi Lele suddenlyasked: "Wait a minute. Usually, when someone is looking for a job, thepersonnel department comes to ask Boss when he has time in his schedule, right?But just now, the personnel department said the person already had anappointment. Did I hear that wrong?"

ZhuHongzhen: “Well, I heard it too. Maybe it is someone the Director alreadyknows."

Since ZhangSiyi was the last person to get hired, he was on high alert. If there is a newrecruit, does that mean the company is unsatisfied with his work? Thinkingabout it further, Zhang Siyi is remined of something Gu Senior said to himduring New Year\'s: It is not Gu Yu, but you who decides whether or not you canwalk on this path.

If he isthe weakest link in the group, even if Gu Yu wants him to continue to work,Zhang Siyi doesn\'t have the right to stay. Along this line of thinking, ZhangSiyi pressure is even greater and as a result, he broke out into a cold sweat,put his head down and focused on his drawing. Ten minutes later, from theelevator, Gu Yu appeared with a tall, handsome young man.

When one ofthe female colleagues loudly exclaimed \'so handsome\' the people around herlooked up to see what the ruckus was about. Not surprisingly, it was the newrecruit the personnel mentioned earlier with the surname Tao.

He hadlarge eyes with deep sockets, a high nose, and long shoulder-length hair.Although he was a man, his facial features were unique with an attractivenessthat was neither masculine nor feminine, both striking and sexy.

Like ZhangSiyi\'s first day at the company, the young man was given the tour of the area.However, unlike Zhang Siyi, the young man\'s tour guide was Gu Yu making ZhangSiyi feel that this other person was more valued them himself. Noticing thedifference in treatment, Zhang Siyi started to feel irritated.

As theyslowly approached, Zhang Siyi could hear Gu Yu talking: "This is the work areaof our group. There are currently eleven and with you, that makes twelve." GuYu stopped and announced to everyone: "This is Tao Fei. He is an undergraduateof T University and a Master\'s degree graduate from the UK. He will start todayand join Group A."

"Wow,another international student!”

“Like AuntieFour, he is also from England……”

“Undergraduateis big T. So, he is Gu Yu\'s classmate?”

“Nowonder the interview time was so fast. It turns out that it\'s someone the Bossknows."

With abroad smile that accentuated his good looks, Tao Fei raised his arm and in awide gesture greeted everyone: "Hi"

With hisoutgoing personality and gorgeous looks, several female staff members wereopenly staring at him. Winking at them, Tao Fei made the women burst into laughter,lightening up the mood. His disposition easily made people feel comfortable andas a result, everyone was very friendly towards Tao Fei. Only Zhang Siyifrowned and felt threatened.

Gu Yu wasin the process of showing Tao Fei to his desk, when he suddenly asked:"Brother, where is your office?"

Using hisfinger Gu Yu pointed in Zhang Siyi direction: "Over there."

Tao Feiasked Gu Yu: “Can I sit closer to you?”

Uponhearing this, Zhang Siyi nearly exploded. Fuck! The person close to Gu Yu ishim! What does he want? A fight the first day!? (`Δ’)

Finally,after so many days apart Gu Yu noticed Zhang Siyi sitting at his desk for thefirst time today and did not expect to see him looking so angry.

Fortunately,Gu Yu easily explained: "The seat closest to my office is filled."

Tao Feilooked a little sad. Gu Yu continued: “Even though other employees don’twant to sit under my eyes, you want to get closer to my office. Oh, I will warnyou in advance, I won\'t talk to you about private matters.”

These wordswere spoken in front of everyone in a manner that is made clear. Gu Yu won\'t betreating Tao Fei differently even though they knew each other in University.

Tao Fei didnot care, but also joked: “Oh, I’m so afraid.”

Laughingout loud, Gu Yu said: “Fear is good. Someone has already given me thenickname Big Devil, so you better watch out." As he was talking, he glanced atZhang Siyi quickly.

Tao Fei:“Hey! Who said that?”

Group A: "…"They also want to know!

Zhang Siyifroze in his seat and shrunk down to make himself seem smaller. Months ago, hefelt he was being unfairly treated and called Gu Yu a \'Big Devil\' in private,but he never told anyone. He wrote it on a small piece of paper that was buriedin the cactus lamp he gave him. Did Gu Yu possibly find it?

Makingarrangements to sit near Ji Feiyu, Gu Yu commanded Tao Fei: "Get organized.When you familiarize yourself with the office, come to me. I have received aproject recently that is very suitable for you to do."

Tao Feiexaggerated the pretense: “Wow, a project on the first day? The pressureis great.”

Gu Yupicked up his eyebrows: “Don’t be stupid. I didn\'t invite you here to be a wall-flower."

That said, everyonehas already witnessed the importance of this person in Group A by Tao Fei\'sattitude. Although the age gap between Gu Yu and his subordinates isn\'t large,as his position as a director, he has always maintained a certain level ofdistance between himself and his group members. Even though Tao Fei said\'fearful\' and \'pressure is so great\', with his playful attitude, it is clear hedoesn\'t completely treat Gu Yu as the boss.

The more helistened, the more Zhang Siyi felt uncomfortable.

After anhour, Gu Yu returned to the office. Looking like he was deeply in thought, GuYu came out of his office for a glass of water and when he finished, he turnedand stepped forward towards Zhang Siyi. He whispered, “How is your designgoing?”

Feelingirritated and depressed, Zhang Siyi nearly jumped out of his seat in surprisedwhen he suddenly heard Gu Yu\'s voice close to his ear. He quickly let him seethe results of his work these past few days.

Seeing GuYu hold the mouse directly, Zhang Siyi started to move out of the way, but GuYu reached out and held his shoulder: "You sit." Gu Yu leaned in close and usedhis other hand to tilt the monitor. As he reviewed Zhang Siyi work, Gu Yu\'shand never left his shoulder. Zhang Siyi sat motionless, neither pushing himaway, nor shrinking from his touch. Only his heart was pounding nervously.

Since hespent several months learning by working on bathrooms and parking lots, therewere very few problems in his current design. As Gu Yu quickly flipped throughthe drawings, he marked where the few issues were and he also had a fewquestions.

As ZhangSiyi twisted his body to reach over and grab a pen and paper to write notes, bythis action, he expected Gu Yu to let go of his shoulder, but he did not andZhang Siyi felt a bit uncomfortable.

While Gu Yuwas reviewing his work, Tao Fei came over. “What are you doing? Oh, youeven come personally to review work progress." Tao Fei stood behind Zhang Siyiand said coldly: "The Director must be tired."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Gu Yu removedhis hands and stood up: “Do you have experience drawing blueprints?"

Tao Fei crossedhis arms and said: “Have you forgotten our five internships? It\'s all Idrew for three months that I wanted to vomit… I\'m so happy to be a graduatenow."

Gu Yusmirked and did not respond to Tao Fei\'s evaluation: "I know you have thefoundation, but in the interview I did not ask. I am worried that you will beunable to meet the domestic needs after returning from University."

Tao Feismiled and said: ” What interview? We are acquaintances. Stop being so serious."

Gu Yu said:“I always have to go through the formalities,” then suddenly, he reachedout and squeezed the back of Zhang Siyi’s neck. Gu Yu whispered to him:“Continue drawing," then turned and signaled Tao Fei to follow him to hisoffice.

With hisneck stretched out like a goose, Zhang Siyi sat in his seat frozen. Even thoughthe uneasiness caused by Tao Fei presence slightly decreased by Gu Yu\'sintimate gesture, Zhang Siyi heart surged in another direction. Shit! Why didhe have to pinch his neck! (q////q)

Gettingready to work on his design again, he refocused his attention. However, hesuddenly heard a burst of happy laughter in the office behind him. He didn\'tknow what Tao Fei and Gu Yu were talking about.

……Wasthat related to work? Zhang Siyi has never heard such a happy sound coming fromGu\'s office before. The brief taste of sweetness that quickly turned sourignited Zhang Siyi\'s competitive spirit.

Opening the company\'s message system on his computer, Zhang Siyi clicked on Du Rui icon and wrote: "Du Rui, will you help me? I want to finish the blueprints in two weeks!" (╰皿╯)