Assistant Architect - Chapter 97

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 97: The Photo


"Now thatyou can park the car, driving on the road will be the easy part." Gu Yu said,then he turned to address him: "What do you want to do for lunch?"

In order toexpress his gratitude, Zhang Siyi offered: “I\'ll treat you to lunch.”

Eyeing himonce over, Gu Yu was skeptical: "You are going to treat? Do you have enoughmoney?"

Zhang Siyi:“……”

His March paycheckwas already used to pay his credit cards and Zhang Siyi was still overdrawn.Although he really has no money, does Gu Yu have to be so blunt!? At most, he couldmake up the cost by not going to restaurants and eating cheaply for the nextfew weeks.

SeeingZhang Siyi sullen expression, Gu Yu knew he hit a soar spot. He smiled and said:"I remember you mentioning you can cook, right? Why don\'t we buy something tomake for lunch?"

Since FuXinhui isn\'t at the apartment, Zhang Siyi thought Gu Yu\'s idea was feasible: "Yes,I can cook, but all I know how to prepare are ordinary meals. Don\'t expect itto taste like Old Chiang\'s."

Gu Yu smiled:“Your place or mine?”

Zhang Siyi:"My place." He was the one who invitedGu Yu so naturally it has to be prepared in his own home. Luckily it isn\'t toomessy yet as it has only been a week since he came back home.

Gu Yuasked: “Is your roommate home? Should you let him know in advance?”

Zhang Siyi:“It’s okay, he’s not home."

It did nottake long to drive back to Zhang Siyi\'s residence. After parking, they walkedto a nearby supermarket to buy groceries. Walking through the aisles together,Gu Yu was quiet and let Zhang Siyi pick out the ingredients for the dishes hehad in mind.

Even thoughGu Yu has been to his apartment building a bunch of times, this is the firsttime Gu Yu has stepped through the door.

The two ofthem brought the bags of groceries upstairs. As they opened the door, a yellowhaired medium-sized dog, rushed over, panting \'ha-chee-ha-chee\'. Wagging itstail, the dog was not afraid of strangers.

“Youstill have a dog?” Gu Yu was surprised.

Feelingself-conscience Zhang Siyi explained: "My roommate got the dog, but since heisn\'t here, I am taking care of him."

Gu Yureadily rubbed Cheer-Up\'s head. The dog excitedly raised his head and licked GuYu\'s hand. His jerk reaction was to pullhis hand away, however, the dog\'s action reminded Gu Yu of Zhang Siyi\'s habitof drooling on him. (=_=)

After bringingthe bags into the kitchen, Zhang Siyi started to unpack them. He said: "You cansit down."

Gu Yupoured himself a cup of fresh juice and went to look at the apartment: "Doesthis apartment have three bedrooms?"

Zhang Siyi:"Originally, I rented the place with two other classmates. One of whom got agirlfriend and moved out to live with her at the end of last year."

Gu Yunodded and asked: “Now that it is two people, do you split the rent?"

"No. Hepays more and I still pay my original agreement…. I still feel bad about it. I\'vewanted to talk to him about living someplace else, but recently, something hashappened to him at home and I am unsure what his future plans are." Zhang Siyisighed.

Gu Yu tooka sip of juice and asked: “What happened to his family?”

Zhang Siyi:"It’s a long story and I’m not quite sure of the details." Zhang Siyi told GuYu some of the history that he knew. He continued: "Fu Xinhui was afraid hissituation would affect me, so he stopped living here for the time being."

Gu Yu didnot make any comments about Fu Xinhui and instead, he turned around to theliving room and asked: "If he doesn\'t come back, what are you going to do?"

It wasobvious how distressed Zhang Siyi was by looking at his face. Zhang Siyireplied: "I don\'t know. Maybe I can find somewhere to live on my own. I\'mwaiting for him to contact me about his situation."

Zhang Siyiturned around and headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Remembering the timehe was at Gu Yu\'s house, he also wanted to make Gu Yu come help him, but Gu Yuis his boss and he is a subordinate…… Well, he doesn\'t have the guts!

Coming overto Zhang Siyi, Gu Yu asked: "Which room is yours?" Gu Yu did not offer to helpand asked: "Mind if I look around?"

Out ofshyness, he was a little resistant to let Gu Yu into his private space. However,when he was at Gu Yu\'s house, Gu Yu graciously let Zhang Siyi into his ownbedroom, and thus he couldn\'t say no. "Alright. It\'s the one across from theliving room." Zhang Siyi was chopping vegetables on the chopping board wonderingwhat type of mess was in his room. - I don\'tthink I made my bed this morning…. Was there anything I needed to hide? (&_&)

Enteringthe threshold of Zhang Siyi\'s private space, Gu Yu looked around. His bed wasunmade and there was a single sofa with a pile of clothes on it. Shaking hishead Gu Yu voiced a quiet: "Tsk." Seeing the violin case leaning against hisbed, Gu Yu eyes lit up and walked over to look at it carefully…. He is still practicing?

Across theroom was a desk next to a window and on the windowsill was a cactus. In orderto inspect the plant further, Gu Yu approached the desk and as he leaned incloser, he bumped Zhang Siyi\'s laptop that was on the desktop. Since thecomputer was in sleep mode, the movement caused the notebook screen to lite up.

Gu Yuglanced at it and froze.

Hisexpression went from astonishment to puzzlement and then, the corners of hismouth lifted in a wide grin. "Fool …”

Looking atsomething, Gu Yu felt a sense of indescribably joy.

In themiddle of the computer screen, there was a small window opened with a musicscore that was labeled "Summer."

Gu Yu\'sattention is not on this score but instead, on the picture behind it.

Gentlyclicking on the window to minimize it to the bottom, the screen background wasin clear view.

Last year….The image Zhang Siyi stole…. The photo of Gu Yu.

“Cccch!……"The steam rose as Zhang Siyi poured the water in the pan to deglaze it thenfrantically picked out the meat. He grumbled to himself: What is Gu Yu doing in my room…. ? Why didn\'t he come help me!

Just as ZhangSiyi was grumbling, Gu Yu appeared in the kitchen. He had his arms folded andwas leaning on the doorframe with his weight on one leg. "Would you like me tohelp?"

Zhang Siyi immediatelyresponded: “Yes, thanks!"

When Gu Yucame over, he took a bowl and helped him deal with the meat in the water:“Tsk. Are these meat slices or chunks?”

Zhang Siyi:“Meat slices!”

Gu Yu:“The meat is so thick? Are you going to fry or stew?”

Zhang Siyi:“Fry … Its twice cooked."

Gu Yu:“Ah, it turns out that, not only can you really cook, but you can also dothe dishes!"

Zhang Siyi:"……" Don’t fucking help!

With thehelp of Gu Yu frying two dishes, after ninety minutes, Zhang Siyi finishedthree courses and one soup. When the meal was finished, Zhang Siyi didn\'t wantto move at all, but Gu Yu conscientiously got up and went to wash the dishes. ZhangSiyi was watching Gu Yu slowly rinse a plate and it seemed like he was deep inthought and was about to say something serious to him.

Gu Yu\'sphone suddenly rang. He stepped aside to answer it and Zhang Siyi wanted tolisten:

“Now?Where are you? ……"

"No, I’mresting, at a friend’s house … ” Gu Yu turned his head and looked atZhang Siyi.

Onlyhearing parts of the conversation Zhang Siyi said: "Do you have work? It\'s alright.You should go."

Gu Yufrowned. He replied to the person on the phone: “Well, wait a minute, I’llcome over now.”

Hanging upthe phone, Gu Yu turned to look at Zhang Siyi in the eye and then explained: "Afriend of mine wanted to talk privately about a project."

"Oh.” ZhangSiyi nodded. Unlike the past, when Gu Yu directly dropped what he was doing forbusiness, Zhang Siyi isn\'t sure why now, Gu Yu was explaining his private affairsto him.

Gu Yu puton his coat and shoes and said: “Well, I\'ll head out.”

Zhang Siyilowered his head and said: “I\'ll walk you out.”

Even thoughGu Yu replied "No need," he was still standing at the door.

Noticing GuYu\'s motionless, Zhang Siyi was a little puzzled and looked up at him to see GuYu watching him closely.

“You…”Gu Yu originally wanted to ask Zhang Siyi, \'Is there something you want to tellme?\' However, only a simple word was spoken and instead he rubbed Zhang Siyi\'shead like it was the most natural thing to do.

Frozen inplace, his face quickly turned red. He felt hot.

Watching ZhangSiyi with affection in his eyes, Gu Yu spoke three words with the most gentleand intimate tone: "See you tomorrow."

Zhang Siyi\'smind was blank and only robotically replied: "Ok, see you tomorrow." Thirty minutes later, he returned to earth. (o////o)


The weekendcame to a close and Zhang Siyi went to work on Monday. Due to continuedfatigue, his hand still trembled while working on his drawing. After Gu Yu lefthis home, he went crazy and practiced violin all afternoon.

Even thoughhe didn\'t know why Gu Yu was not at the office on Monday, he guessed it was relatedto the phone call he received yesterday concerning a friend. Zhang Siyi didn\'t feelbad. All he had to do was thinking about yesterday\'s \'touch head\'.

Sureenough, in the afternoon when he went to use the restroom, he quickly checkedhis social media and saw Gu Yu\'s post. There was a photo of a foreign marketand it was labeled "business trip."

Zhang Siyi couldn\'tstop himself and replied: “Where have you been?"

Based onpast examples, he wasn\'t expecting a quick reply. However, by the time he wasdone using the restroom, he saw another message from Gu Yu.

Gu Yu:“Don’t use social media during office hours.” [Smile]

Zhang Siyi:"……" Don\'t you brush your circle of friends when you’re on a fuckingbusiness trip!

Even afterthree days, Gu Yu did not come to work. His construction plan encountered a fewsnags and with Du Rui help he thought he fixed them. Although Zhang Siyialready knew his whereabouts, he was tortured by the sudden desire to see him.What, "See you tomorrow?" Ha! Liar! (t_t)

It wasn’tuntil Friday morning that Gu Yu came back to the company. He was carrying asuitcase, wearing a coat, and with dark circles under his eyes. It was clearly evidentthat he had returned to the office straight from the airport.

While Gu Yuwas walking to his office, Zhang Siyi looked at him with excitement and adoration.He wanted Gu Yu to acknowledge him, but unexpectedly, Miss Wang of thepersonnel department came over: "Director Gu, there is a young man named Tao Feiin the reception room saying he has an appointment with you for an interviewtoday."

"Yes. Tell him to wait another five minutes for me." Gu Yu replied and rushed into his office without a glance towards Zhang Siyi.