Assistant Architect - Chapter 94.5

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 94 Extra: [Small Theater] 003: First Love article – Gu Yu


The permit for the release license appeared in the middle of the screen followed by the opening of Disney’s title……

Seemingly absorbed in watching the film, Gu Yu looked straight ahead with no expression on his face. In fact, his thoughts were not at all on the film. He doesn’t know when it started, but as long as Zhang Siyi is around him, he isn’t able to concentrate on other things.

Aware of Zhang Siyi slow body movements, Gu Yu is motionless. Maybe this guy is sleepy. Just like the first time they traveled together, he was looking forward to Zhang Siyi using his shoulder to lean on.

At that time, he thought Zhang Siyi was trouble. Since the moment Zhang Siyi fell asleep on him, Gu Yu never pushed him away. Afterwards, he never could understand how he endured the trip with Zhang Siyi drooling on him.

However, since that time in only a couple of months, Gu Yu mood changed so much so, that he never would have guessed that one day, he would crave another opportunity for Zhang Siyi to lean and drool on him again.

Gu Yu thought: I like this person and it may be the only problem in my life I can’t solve!

Unfortunately, this time, the fool was leaning half way, but never put his head on his shoulder.

After some time, Gu Yu couldn’t take it any longer so he reached up and gently pressed Zhang Siyi’s head to his shoulder and whispered: “Sleepy? Then Rest here for a while.”

He was worried that the fool would refuse, but thankfully, Zhang Siyi really was sleepy and he submitted easily. Like a puppy, he felt Zhang Siyi move his head up to the crook of his neck and snuggled there to sleep.

Gu Yu frequently turned his head and watched Zhang Siyi in his defenseless sleep. The tenderness in his heart was almost full.

Having the person, you like be dependent on you is the most wonderful feeling in the whole world. Gu Yu thought this feeling was even greater than when a building he designed was built.

Seeing Zhang Siyi’s hand on his knee, with so much desire, Gu Yu couldn’t control himself and lightly touched his hand. He didn’t expect, upon contact that Zhang Siyi would take the initiative and hold him.

The movement startled Gu Yu and instinctively, he tried to retract his hand. However, Zhang Siyi only held on tighter and wouldn’t let him go.

Thinking Zhang Siyi woke up, Gu Yu turned and stared at him. His heart nearly burst from his chest. Moving his jacket, Gu Yu regained his breath, and slowly maneuvered his fingers to interlock with Zhang Siyi’s.

God knows, at that moment, how much he wanted to kiss him…

[End of 003]