Assistant Architect - Chapter 93

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 93: Guests


"Really?"Zhang Siyi said. This isn\'t some sort ofploy to get me to do on-site research, is it? (→_→)

Gu Yulooked at him and smiled. He didn’t answer this time.

Whether heplanned to take him out for work or simply to eat, it didn\'t matter to ZhangSiyi as long as it was time spent with the person he liked. He didn\'t botherasking Gu Yu if he was teasing him or not. Rubbing and holding his unwashedhand, Zhang Siyi liked feeling wanted. He breathed a sigh of relief.

After aminute, He Xueying broke the silence: "Sisi, you learned how to drive andearned a license, but you don\'t use it?"

Zhang Siyireplied: "All my friends were getting their license during the summer afterhigh school graduation so I figured I would get one too. I didn\'t know if Iwould have the opportunity later since I was going abroad."

He Xueying questioned:“Why didn\'t you drive in England? How did you manage when you needed toshop or go out for fun or when you went traveling?"

Zhang Siyiexplained: "I lived near the school so I could walk. There were many localsupermarkets as well. If the place we wanted to visit wasn\'t within walkingdistance, there were many buses and trains to use and if we needed to travelfurther, a classmate would rent a car. Since the Chinese license isn\'t valid inthe UK, I couldn\'t drive anyway. I could have retaken the driving exam, but ifneeded, there were always classmates that could rent a car so I never felt pressuredto get a UK license."

"Oh." HeXueying replied and continued: "When I lived in Australia, I couldn\'t doanything without a car so I thought Britain was the same. When I returned home,I was already used to driving myself everywhere. What about you? Even thoughyou couldn\'t drive while you were away, now that you are back in China, didn\'tyou want to drive?"

Zhang Siyi sullenlyanswered: “I wouldn\'t mind, but I don\'t have a car.”

Tapping onthe steering wheel with her finger, He Xueying enthusiastically said: “Ihave it! If you want to drive again, I will practice with you!”

Zhang Siyiwas shocked: “In this car!? A Porsche! I can\'t drive this car with mybeginner ability! If something happened, even just a scratch, I couldn\'t payyou back even if I sold my soul!

He Xueyinglaughed: “Don\'t be silly. It\'s just a few million!”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Zhang Siyifelt that He Xueying was too good for himself. In other words, the economicstrength of the two of them was vastly different. In He Xueying eyes, it istrivial, but for Zhang Siyi, it is difficult to bear. Especially as a man, hefeels it is his duty to be supportive and as a result, she simply made ZhangSiyi feel stressed.

Zhang Siyitactfully refused: “Actually, the subway system in Haicheng is veryconvenient so I don\'t really feel the need to drive."

Leaning onhis elbow, Gu Yu had his chin propped up on his hand gently, looking out the window.Zhang Siyi sneaked a peek at Gu Yu and while Gu Yu wasn\'t doing anythingdifferent, somehow, Zhang Siyi felt that he looked lonely.

Repeatingsomething Gu Yu said to him, he paused then followed up his statement with:“Besides, driving is not very environmentally friendly."

Startled, GuYu quickly turned to look at Zhang Siyi in the eye. Zhang smiled at him then feeling a littleembarrassed turned away after a few seconds.

Listeningto Zhang Siyi speak, He Xueying was very clear about his intentions, so shedidn\'t ask about it further.

Unexpectedly,Gu Yu commented: "It is a good idea to be proficient at driving not only fortrips home to Ningcheng, but also when I take you to other places. I can\'t bethe only one driving all the time. Since you have a license, I\'ll take you topractice later."

…… Not justback to Ningcheng? And take me somewhere else? (o////o)

Rejoicingat the prospects, Zhang Siyi ears turned red. As if he was hypnotized by Gu Yu,he obediently replied: "Okay"

He Xueying:“…” (=_=) …. It is because of your Boss.

A fewminutes later, the car stopped at the location that the GPS brought them too.As it was quite remote, neither were there dining areas nearby nor commercialshops. The place was like an extremely ordinary residential area with farmstands and vendors on the roadside.

"Is thisit? I didn\'t drive to the wrong spot, did I?" He Xueying was suspicious of GuYu.

Gu Yu: "Yesthis is it. Up ahead is a school and beyond that is a vacant lot. The place isnear there. We can park over here then walk."

Afterlistening to Gu Yu\'s instructions, He Xueying slowly came to a stop and parkedher car. Now that they were getting out of the car, everyone was skeptical. Thevicinity they drove through wasn\'t the cleanliest and the many dilapidatedstore fronts didn\'t do anything to whet their appetites.

Was Gu Yureally trying to teach them something out of a literary movie? What can theysay about a roadside stall? \'It\'s true!Cheap really is delicious.\' They wouldrather be caught dead then to admit it.

HeChengtian and He Xueying aren\'t as simple as Zhang Siyi. While Zhang Siyi can easilybe content with eating a spicy rice bowl from a vendor, the brother and sister onthe other hand, have experienced gourmet delicacies, and have refined their preferences.It\'s not possible for them to think about satisfying their tastes from a roadsidestall. In particular, He Chengtian, after being debased, wanted to know whatsurprise Gu Yu had install for them. Looking at the run-down area, He Chengtiancould only felt like Gu Yu was mocking them.

"Lead theway!" He Chengtian wrapped his scarf and carefully bypassed a few vendorsselling vegetables. He couldn\'t help but complain: "This place is really dirty."

Continuingto walk, Gu Yu didn\'t say anything else. He led the group through a residentialarea without markings and pulled out his phone to dial a number: "Old Chiang,we are almost there…. Well, Yes. A total of five people…… It\'s ok, take yourtime.…We will sit down…."

Wondering ifthey were going to someone\'s house to eat, Gu Yu continued to guide the group throughthe residential area until they came to the back of a partially demolishedbroken factory. …… What the hell! There are restaurants open in the vicinityof a condemned building? How can this be the best place in Haicheng to eat?

Grabbingher brother\'s wrist, Gu Yao asked in disbelief: "Brother, is it really here?"

Gu Yu acknowledgedher with a “hmm” then patted her back and naturally held her handprotectively as a caring older brother would do.

Walkingbehind them, Zhang Siyi saw their interaction and suddenly became very envious.He looked at his own left hand and wished he could hold his hand with Gu Yu\'sagain.

Zhang Siyithoughts were interrupted when He Chengtian put his arm around Zhang Siyishoulders and pulled him closer. He whispered to Zhang Siyi: "Hey. You seem tohave a very good relationship with Gu Yu."

Zhang Siyi:"……"

SqueezingZhang Siyi even tighter in an uncomfortable way and gnashing his teeth, HeChengtian said: "You didn\'t want to change jobs because of him, right? Did hethreaten you? Or do you like his sister? Are you hoping to ger her by beingclose to her brother?"

Zhang Siyi: "…………"This is nothing!? (=_=)

Zhang Siyi:“………” ? (=_=)

Zhang Siyi:“…” What’s all this about!? (=_=)

Although GuYu was one important part of his decision, it\'s not something he can say. ZhangSiyi took a deep breath and plaintively said: "Honestly, what I told youpreviously is the truth. I have nothing to do with his sister!"

HeChengtian squinted at him: “You really aren\'t interested?"

Zhang Siyiraised his hands in surrender: "I\'m not! I swear!"

HeChengtian raised his eyebrows: “His sister is so cute how can you not likeher?"

Maybe anormal straight man would think so, but no one could guess that the person helikes is not the sister, but Gu Yu himself. The irony of the situation amusedZhang Siyi. Without hesitation, he replied with a wry smile: “She ispretty cute, but she’s isn\'t my type.”

HearingZhang Siyi straightforward remarks, He Chengtian suddenly released him andthought Zhang Siyi was once again his childhood friend he always had. Hereached out a ruffled up his hair like one would do to a younger brother. Helaughed out loud: “Okay…”

As it so happened,at that moment, Gu Yu had turned to look at Zhang Siyi. Witnessing theinteractions between the two, Gu Yu wasn\'t expecting to see He Chengtian insuch a good mood. Gu Yu furrowed his brow. If looks could kill, two cold, sharpdaggers would have stabbed He Chengtian in the chest.

HeChengtian instinctively felt a coldness around him like someone was watchinghim with malicious intent. With a stiff smile, he slowly released Zhang Siyi…. What\'s going on? Why did I feel sothreatened? (O..O)

Afterwalking for another ten minutes, they finally arrived at the place. Inspectingthe scene before them, they were very surprised at the idyllic Chinesecourtyard located in the middle of nowhere.

Along a six-meter-longfenced wall, there was a thatched rustic door in the middle with two orangelanterns hanging on either side. A poetic phrase was written on a plaque besidethe door welcoming guests.

Surveying the surroundings, Zhang Siyi noticed the courtyard was built between the gaps of he broken factory buildings. The simple exterior wall was about three-stories high and was crafted to look like the natural surrounding environment.

Like a rareflower blooming at the site of an ancient castle in ruins, the courtyard was astark contrast to the dirty areas with dilapidated buildings and broken windowsthat they walked through.

Gu Yaocarefully stared at the words then turned her head to asked her brother: “Didyou write this?"

“Let\'sgo inside.” Gu Yu didn\'t answer his sister question and instead, pulled onthe rope for the bell that was hanging beside the door. With a "jingle" that gentlysounded, Gu Yu pushed open the door and led everyone down a cobblestone path.

Under theillumination of the lanterns, everyone saw many withered vines, both long andshort, growing from the top of the wall downwards, in clumps. There wereadditional planters inside the courtyard. When spring time comes, sprouts willgive life to the seemingly dead looking garden.

As theyapproached the main entrance, the door automatically opened from the inside. A stoutlybuilt, bald-headed young man greeted them and smiled: "You made it!"

Gu Yusmiled: “Old Chiang, I\'ve come again to disturb you.”

The young man known as "Old Chiang" said: "I\'m glad you brought guests with you. Please come in."