Assistant Architect - Chapter 91

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 91: Holding Hands


Zhang Siyi felt like he was caught between the two besides him. He clearlyexplained his reasoning for refusing He Chengtian offer, but the way Gu Yubrought up the issue again, made him feel like he was being abducted. He didn\'twant Gu Yu\'s provoking statement to instigate any hard feelings between himselfand He Chengtian.

After hearing what Gu Yu said, He Chengtian felt frustrated. He also beganto doubt and question everything Zhang Siyi just told him. Didn\'t he just say he didn\'t accept because he likes architecture? Thenwhy does it seem like the reason is because of Gu Yu? Also, this kid knew fromthe beginning that Gu Yu was Gu Yao sister, right? And he knew that Gu Yu wascoming, even though he didn\'t say anything himself, right?

Thinking of Zhang Siyi attitude, He Chengtian slapped his thigh in suddenrevelation and came to a conclusion. Thatbetraying brother! He must be aiming for Gu Yao himself!

Gu Yu\'s abrupt statement easily unsettled Zhang Siyi\'s and He Chengtian\'smood. Not paying attention to the film, both Zhang Siyi and He Chengtian wereimmersed in their own thoughts. In contrast, the culprit next to them sat on thesoft theater seat and reclined comfortably with a happy face.

Unlike He Chengtian\'s feeling of agitation, Gu Yuwords caused a warm feeling to grow inside Zhang Siyi\'s heart because his statementinvoked the feeling of being wanted. Both Zhang Siyi\'s heart and mind was fullof Gu Yu and all he wanted to do was watch Gu Yu. Zhang Siyi couldn\'tconcentrate on the movie at all!

Sitting in close proximity of Gu Yu made Zhang feeldrunk on his essence. The closeness of his breath…. The light fragrance…… Heleaned in closer, and like a puppy, took a couple of deep breath to confirm GuYu was wearing cologne…… Even he wears cologne……

Zhang Siyi doesn\'t mind the use of men\'sfragrance. In the past he was prejudiced, but later, after living abroad, hisattitude changed. He noticed many of the foreigners around him used men\'s bodyspray. In particular, he remembered one of his architectural professors that cameto class neatly dressed, with a hat and cane. His use of cologne made it verycomfortable to be near him during the long days of class.

Since then, Zhang Siyi’s attitude towards men’suse of fragrance changed. The use of cologne was a symbol of someone with bothfinancial means and social status, as well as personal care and charm. Even so,Asian body odor isn\'t normally very strong. As long as one pays attention topersonal hygiene, it is not necessary to put on men\'s fragrance. This is thefirst time Zhang Siyi noticed Gu Yu wearing cologne.

An outdoor woody scent mixed with a hint ofcitrus wafted towards Zhang Siyi. Since he really liked the smell, he sniffeddeeper. Because he had slept over at his house, he could identify Gu Yu\'snatural body odor mixed with the fragrance. For this reason, Zhang Siyi greedilybreathed in the surrounding air, trying to feel his essence for a long time andunbeknown to Zhang Siyi, he was getting closer and closer to Gu Yu in theprocess.

When he realized what was happening, he was alreadyso close to Gu Yu that Zhang Siyi could simply place his head onto Gu Yu\'s shoulderand rest. He glanced at his shoulder and the light reflected from the screen illuminatedit enough to see the fuzzy sweater he was wearing; soft, warm and comfortable. Withthe rising heat in Zhang Siyi\'s body, he had a sudden urge to lean on Gu Yu andrest his head. Fortunately, no one could see Zhang Siyi\'s deep red cheeks in thedark theater.

In the past, not only has Zhang Siyi relied on FuXinhui shoulder to rest during a movie, but he also fell asleep leaning againstGu Yu during their first business trip as well as when they flew together onthe plane. Once even, Zhang Siyi drooled on Gu Yu. Its very natural when thebehavior is unconscious. However, why is it so difficult when one wants to doit deliberately?

Thinking of what to do, Zhang Siyi closed hiseyes. Can he pretend to be asleep and then “accidentally” lean on GuXiao’s shoulder? ……No! It\'s really hard to muster the courage. What if Gu Yurealized he was faking? Would he shun Zhang Siyi attempt?

As the yearning he had to be close to Gu Yu grew,the panic and stress of being rejected increased. This contradiction caused himto feel stressed. This is the first time Zhang Siyi experienced the suffering onefelt when they liked someone. He realized his relationship with hisex-girlfriend wasn\'t anything deep and that his first love belonged to Gu Yu.

Just as Zhang Siyi was hesitant, Gu Yu suddenlyturned towards his ear and softly spoke to Zhang Siyi: "Sleepy? Then Rest herefor a while." He lifted his arm, reached around Zhang Siyi\'s back and gentlypushed Zhang Siyi\'s head onto his shoulder.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Like a mammal\'s pheromones, the unique fragrance thatbelonged to Gu Yu overwhelmed Zhang Siyi. Shocked by Gu Yu\'s action, Zhang Siyisat still and lost his chance to refuse and escape. The loud thumping in hischest overshadowed the sound of the film.

Zhang Siyi was barely aware he whispered back "Hmm"as his thoughts were still focused on the sensations that he felt while Gu Yu\'shand was touching half of his face and wondered if Gu Yu\'s palm was cool, orwas his face too hot.

It felt so easy and natural to lean on Gu Yu.When Zhang Siyi thought of the thing he wanted and then for Gu Yu to react,like he had read Zhang Siyi mind, made him feel extraordinarily happy.

Because Gu Yu inexplicable“understanding”, Zhang Siyi once again fell into the labyrinth ofthoughts……

Does Gu Yu really like him? ……

No, no, no. How could that be? Otherwise, whywould his last text message be so cold? ……

But if Gu Yu didn\'t like him, why is he soconsiderate? ……

Is he used to taking care of others as a Boss?Because he is a subordinate? …..

Shit! What Boss would let a same-sex subordinate leanon themselves while watching a movie!?

Even with his racing thoughts, Zhang Siyi couldnot extricate himself from Gu Yu shoulder. He wanted the wonderful feeling ofbeing close to never end.


In addition to the three men sitting up front,there was a girl in the rear of the theater who wasn\'t paying attention to thefilm. One girl probably didn\'t notice anything. After all, the position of thetwo groups were far apart and when the lights went out and the movie started,all focus was turned to the screen and not to the three men ahead.

But Gu Yao, who had been keeping an eye on herbrother and Zhang Siyi since they sat down, watched them take their seats andremember their position. During the film, every now and then, she took a peekin that direction.

There were two not so short men sitting in frontof her with more than half of their heads showing above the seats from the back.Gu Yao watched Zhang Siyi\'s head slowly get closer and closer to her brother. Suddenly,her brother reached around Zhang Siyi and directly pressed his head onto hisown shoulder.

Oh my God! Gu Yao\'s heart was about to jump outof her throat!

Still, she was somewhat uncertain if they wereaware of the feelings they had for each other. If Zhang Siyi was a normal person,how was he so willing to accept a man\'s shoulder to lean on? What was hethinking about?

After half an hour, Gu Yao witnessed her brother turninghis head to look at Zhang Siyi more than once. Sometimes it was a quick glimpse,but at other times her brother stared at him for much longer.

Only being restricted to view the back of Zhang Siyihead, Gu Yao felt impatient. She wanted to see his movements and expressions.Her brother was watching him intently so why was there no reaction at all??

Huh? …… Wait a minute!

Did Zhang Siyi fall asleep? (⊙o⊙)

Having his head rest on the comfort of Gu Yu and feelingmentally exhausted, Zhang Siyi really did fall asleep. (=_=)

Unlike the last time he fell asleep during amovie, he woke up at the part of the film where everyone was looking forward toCinderella turning into a princess for the ball.

Feeling groggy from his nap, Zhang Siyi woke upfrom a nightmare.

He dreamt that he had become Cinderella in thefilm and Gu Yu was the prince. While wearing a ragged dress, he met the hunterGu Yu in the woods while dressed handsomely, wearing a crown, and riding awhite horse. It was love at first sight. Zhang Siyi wanted to kiss and hold himand hoped they could be together. Even though Gu Yu was kind he was alsoindifferent and left without ceremony. Zhang Siyi was torn apart. One day, withthe help of a fairy, he changed from a plain figure into a shining beauty. Hedid not want to endure his torment any longer so he confronted Gu Yu and askedhim: "Do you like me?" Gu Yu smiled at him but did not answer. His smile encouragedZhang Siyi so he stepped forward and grabbed Gu Yu\'s hand and asked: "Why not?"Gu Yu instinctively shrank back, but Zhang Siyi didn\'t want to let him escape.He tightly held onto Gu Yu\'s palm and said: “If you like me, do not let goof my hand!” Gu Yu peered into Zhang Siyi eyes and purposefully held hishand.

Feeling exhilarated, with his head bowed, he sawthat his skirt had become a pair of trousers…. I am a man. No wonder Gu Yu doesnot answer him!

Ah, ah, ah … Zhang Siyi suddenly woke up by his bizarre dream. The story on the screen pulled him back to reality. Liking his wet mouth, he became aware of his drool. He hurriedly straightened up his back and stiff neck. When he went to wipe his mouth with his hand, he found something else that was thrilling. His hand was tightly clasped with Gu Yu\'s hand!