Assistant Architect - Chapter 9 (2)

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Translator: Blues

Editor: Shem

Su Yuan’s parents were university teachers, her family was only ordinary working-class and wasn\'t really rich. When she was studying abroad, she was also very independent, she would used her spare time to have a job outside of class time. Now that she returned to work in Haicheng, she would certainly not rely on her family to support her and would surely live on her own salary.

The new Eastern District was a long way from where they were gathering and the night-time taxi fares were high, so it was indeed a more economical choice to catch the last train.

Although Zhang Si Yi would like to say boldly, "Hold on! I’m going to take the subway, not a taxi!" But he couldn\'t, because at that moment he was only a salted fish with a probationary wage of 4,500, he had no capital extravagant.

When Su Yuan left, Ren Mengxuan also could not stay there, only Fu Xinhui and Jiang Hai were left. They lived together, so there was no need to get together.

Zhang Si Yi hung up the phone and felt that his whole body being emptied.

Frustrated, he asked the driver to turn around and went home. He opened the WeChat and looked at the chat record from the beginning, seeing his friends\' interest from the beginning until their anxiety and worry when he didn\'t arrive, at last their interest waned and dispersed… A strong sense of loss welled up in his heart.

Zhang Si Yi: “I’m so sorry, guys."

Zhang Si Yi: “I didn’t expect to work overtime on the first day…”

Zhang Si Yi: "I will treat you next time!"

There were two minutes of silence in the group, Zhang Si Yi was as lonely as a prisoner waiting for a verdict, poorly making a crying expression in the group chat.

Fu Xinhui: “You can only kneel down to make your crimes forgiven."

Jiang Hai: “Kneel!”

Ren Mengxuan: “Kneel!”

Su Yuan: “Kneel!”

Zhang Si Yi broke into laughter and hurriedly made a kneeling cry of expression.

Su Yuan: "Come on, there’s no way to work overtime. I just got off the subway station stairs and I’ll ask about it the next time you have free time."

Jiang Hai suddenly said a sentence filled with emotion: “I’m afraid everyone will be busy in the future, gather less and leave more ”

He did not know why this sentence poked Zhang Si Yi\'s sensitive spot and made him grieve over the passing of spring.

Fu Xinhui casually asked him if he had dinner, Zhang Si Yi answered the sentence with: “Very hungry.”

Ren Mengxuan: “Today, Fu Xin Han took your place to treat us, don\'t forget that you already owe us two meals! @Zhang Si Yi."

(T/N: Fu Xin Han is Fu Xinhui\'s nickname)

Zhang Si Yi was touched, at long last with Fu Xinhui\'s help, he could save a little face. His friends didn’t care about these as long as he did not make Su Yuan and Ren Mengxuan came in vain. He quickly reassured them that he would be sure to treat them the next time, then he told them about the interview in the morning.

After Su Yuan heard it, she said strangely: “Nowadays, the general company interviews were mostly asking you what software you use, how skilled are you to express in hand drawing, what courses did you learn in college and what kind of project did you do. They will not ask ‘Why study architecture\' this kind of stupid question… Looking for a job isn’t a college entrance exam, you have to write a lengthy PS (personal statement).

Zhang Si Yi: “I was also dazedly asked about it at the time, only able to react resourcefully and said that it was influenced by my high school senior. Guess what? I can’t believe that the handsome guy who interviewed me was my senior in high school!"

Ren Mengxuan: “This is also a coincidence, right?!

Zhang Si Yi: “Yes, but he didn’t say anything when he interviewed me. He told me about it when we met to have lunch at noon and said that he didn’t want me to think that he opened the back door to hire me.”

Su Yuan: “The world is really small, but since it is your high school senior, then your future work might be easier.”

“Not at all!!!" Zhang Si Yi hysterically said to his classmates in the group chat, and spit out how Gu Xiao was strictly an impartial and an incorruptible person, including the coffee incident in the day before that lead to the deduction of his salary.

Ren Mengxuan: “Hey, you broke up?”

Zhang Si Yi: “Breaking up is not the point!” (=皿=) ”

Ren Mengxuan “Puff, the girlfriend who just broke up is not as good as the senior who deducted you five hundred Yuan and gave big effect. I suddenly wanted to lit a candle for your ex-girlfriend."

Jiang Hai: “That’s right, five hundred Yuan is not a big deal for you. In England, it’s the money to stop for the next restaurant."

Zhang Si Yi: “I thought he was joking!”

Su Yuan: “I understand, five hundred Yuan is not the point. The point is, you don’t like it because he’s your senior."

Zhang Si Yi: “Sister Yuan, you understand me!”

Including of releasing a pigeon to his classmates tonight, Zhang Siyi also subconsciously blamed it on strictly impartial and incorruptible Gu Xiao. If Gu Xiao was a bit kind and familiar, be a little more easy-going, he might be able to leave early.

…Moreover, he made a person to work overtime in the first day ah!

Fu Xinhui: “I say, did he deliberately recruit you to take a revenge for the hatred about the cup of coffee incident?"

Zhang Si Yi scared back a cold by Fu Xinhui\'s speculation, it seemed to make sense—that morning when his ex-girlfriend scolded him for hours, she had exposed his name, his profession and the fact that he was looking for a job. If Gu Xiao had seen his resume in advance, there would definitely be an impression.

However, he soon felt that it was impossible, someone would have to report such a thing. It was only a cup of coffee, if he took offense, it was enough to make him lose money on that day, as to go so far as to torment this much, looking for a job was no joke.

The people chatted and talked to each other. Zhang Si Yi from the company back to the residence was getting nearer, compared to Fu Xinhui, he was one step ahead him.

Because he didn’t eat dinner and didn\'t feel hungry, now he was all weak. He now wanted to eat something to replenish his energy, but just as he was about to order a takeout, Fu Xinhui and Jiang Hai came back and Fu Xinhui specially gave him a package of fried rice.

Zhang Si Yi: "Ao, Ao!" aloud and pounced: “How do you know I haven’t eaten yet!?”

(T/N: Ao is the sound of wailing. Weird.)

Fu Xinhui: "You just said it in the groupchat."

Zhang Si Yi was moved to tears. There was a brother like this, why does he need a girlfriend?!

Thinking of Fu Xinhui taking his place to treat him tonight, Zhang Si Yi said thank you once again. Fu Xinhui didn\'t care and said, “Just a celebration for finding a job, even though you didn’t arrive. Hahaha!"

Zhang Si Yi sat on the floor and dug in the fried rice with content: "This is the same."

Fu Xinhui smiled at him for a moment and looked thoughtful.

For a while after eating rice, Zhang Si Yi began to feel sleepy. He didn’t get enough sleep last night because he was nervous all day again. Tonight, he rarely got into bed before twelve o’clock. He also wanted to send messages to his parents that he found a job. After that, he was soon fast asleep.

Sleeping until dawn, Zhang Si Yi felt refreshed and yesterday’s depression was all left behind.

After quickly washing, Zhang Si Yi shouted a sentence in the mirror: “I love to work! Hey!” and then happily rushed out to the subway to work.

After he went out, Jiang Hai saw Zhang Si Yi\'s appearance\'s full blood resurrection, he sighed with a face full of dark lines: "A man with a simple mind is really happy."

Ten minutes ahead of work time, Zang Si Yi arrived in the company. He thought of going first to the Personnel Department to submit his degree certificate, but he was taken out and stopped by the female receptionist who had just arrived at the post: "Ah wait a minute! You started working yesterday afternoon, didn’t you? Please come here for a moment."

Zhang Si Yi wondered then said: “Ah, it’s me. What’s the matter?”

The receptionist explained: “Our Company will send a "Love Job bonus" every quarter of a year, the amount is 1000 Yuan. Let me explain to you the details of this prize."

Zhang Si Yi was interested: “Ahaha? Is there such a thing?”

The receptionist smiled and said: “Yes, as long as the employees who meet the conditions then they basically able to get it."

Zhang Si Yi: “What are the conditions?"

"It’s very simple,” the female receptionist pointed at the landscape glass frame from the elevator exit to the company\'s entrance, “You first pick a pot of plant that will belong to you. During your duty, you need to take care of this potted plant. The conditions for awarding bonuses are two points, one is that the attendance is up to standard in the quarter of year and the second is that your plant is growing well."

Zhang Si Yi stared blankly, who would have thought that the plants on the shelves were all taken care of by the employees. He thought there was someone who was taking care of them.

However, Zhang Si Yi never raised any plants and could not help but somewhat nervously said: "How to judge the growth status? When it blooms?"

The female receptionist smiled and said, “Just don\'t let it die.”

Dang, isn\'t that easy? Zhang Si Yi looked fresh and went looking for it.

Most of the plants on the shelves were Devil\'s Ivy, Nippon lily (Rohdea japonica), and Herbaceous plant, such as copper grass (Centella asiatica). There were also many succulent plants. However, although Zhang Si Yi did not grow plants, he also knew that those bear\'s paw (Cotyledon tomentosa) that looked exquisite and panda plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa) were not easy to grow as they imagined. If it was good to feed, the most reliable was the big ball cactus. This type of cactus, even if you did not water it for six months, it would not die.

After taking a closer look, Zhang Si Yi really found two pots of cactus on the shelf, one big and one small. They were placed in two glass lattices next to each other.

He pointed to the big pot and asked, “Is someone raising this one?”

Female receptionist: "This is Director Gu\'s."

Zhang Si Yi: “What’s the coincidence?” Could it be Gu Xiao had the same thought as him? (=_=)

Zhang Si Yi reluctantly pointed to the small pot on the side: “What about this?”

Female receptionist: “Well, this is also Director Gu\'s."

Zhang Si Yi: “…” (=皿=)

At 8:58 am, as soon as Gu Xiao got out of the elevator, he saw Zhang Si Yi had a little fried hair while asking the female receptionist: "Why is he hogging two pots of ball cactus? Doesn’t everyone have to adopt a pot of plants?”

The female receptionist was trying to explain while Gu Xiao walked past and asked: "Do you like cactus?"

Zhang Si Yi did not expect that Gu Xiao would suddenly appear, he was stiff from head to toe and then awkwardly turned his head. Actually he was just lazy, nothing more, but of course he couldn\'t say that. So he nodded forcefully: “En!"

Gu Xiao looked to the female receptionist and said: "Give the small pot to him."

The female receptionist blushed: “Oh, okay.”

Zhang Si Yi: “…”

After registering the ownership of the plant, Zhang Si Yi returned to his seat and was asked by his colleagues nicely. He also gave them Lindor chocolate balls he had brought back from England after graduation, his colleagues thanked him.

Zhu Hongzhen asked what time he went back last night, Zhang Si Yi wrinkled his face: “More than nine o\'clock.”

"Good job, overtime on the first day. The boss really \'loves\' you ah." said Zhu Hongzhen filled with emotion.

Zhang Si Yi grumbled his mouth silently. He suddenly remembered Gu Xiao\'s phone call last night, so he whispered: "Does Engineer Gu has a girlfriend?"

Zhu Hongzhen distractedly said: “Is it true? I don’t know, ask Lele. "

"I didn’t hear that. I feel like the boss pay more attention about personal privacy. He doesn’t like other people to inquire about his private life,” said Bi Lele, shrugging while eating chocolate and said. “I don’t think he has a girlfriend. We’re working on finishing this project today, we have to get it done tomorrow, he’s been working overtime at the company all year and rarely goes back before 9 o’clock. Where is the time to go dating?"

Zhu Hongzhen nodded and said, “I also think that if I were a woman, I am certain that I couldn’t stand this kind of boyfriend, Hey, as a bachelor is the life of architect.”

Bi Lele followed with a sigh: “You can only find a colleague, only a colleague can understand each other.

Zhu Hongzhen glanced at Zhang Si Yi, “But why did you ask?” "

Zhang Si Yi laughed out loud: “No, just curious.”

He also said that he just adopted ball cactus, Bi Lele listened and was shocked: “Did the boss give you that little ball?”

Zhang Si Yi was a bit silly: “Ah? What’s wrong? What’s so strange about that? "

The author has something to say: [Note]

PS (Personal Statement): Personal Statement is an essay that is self-written by the applicant when applying for a university in a Western country such as the United States and Britain. It is generally required to state the reasons for choosing a major.

Asking for flowers ≧ 3≦

  • Salted fish – Salted fish symbolises dead bodies in Cantonese slang. ‘Xian yu fan sheng’ is slang meaning that something that is saved or revived when it seems that it is dying or has little chance to survive.
  • grieve over the passing of spring – sentimental feeling.
  • Save a little face – it means to savd a little dignity, prestige, or reputation.
  • Open a back door – It\'s not chrysanthemum or whatever you’re thinking ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) It means abusing one’s powers to secure advantages for others/under the counter.
  • Releasing a pigeon – ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) not about the thing down there, okay? 放鴿子 (fàng gēzi) means to stand someone up (the English phrasal verb) — meaning fail to keep an appointment with someone.
  • Full blood resurrection – it\'s originally a term that meant an action in online game where the player\'s character is resurrected and restored to full health, the phrase is now used to mean "recover" in a general sense. So it could means that Zhang Si Yi was restored to his happy, cheerful self. Something like when you get respawn, gamers would understand me 〆(・∀・@)
  • Herbaceous plants – are

    plants that have no persistent woody stem and above ground.

  • Fried hair – pissed off. In comics, when a person is frightened or angry or predicts danger, the character is expressed as a state of hair rooting, that is, a state of "fried hair". And here I thought it was like a super saiyan or was it really that? Goku?!

PS: so that was the first appearance of the cactus. Are you disappointed? Did you think it was something else? don’t tell me you thought it was something kinky. XD