Assistant Architect - Chapter 86

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 86: Dinner


The emotional lows and highs left Zhang Siyi feeling drained. He shouldn\'tbe entertaining thoughts about a relationship with Gu Yu when there is officework that needs to be done.

A few minutes later, Zhang Siyi received a message from Du Rui: "Aunt Four,Boss asked me to teach you about blueprints."

Zhang Siyi quickly sat up straight and replied:“Please!”

Du Rui: "I have other jobs I need to work onright now, so I won\'t be able to help you directly for a while. I\'ll teach you someof the finer points and the process of drawing the construction drawings. Whenyou come across a problem you can come to me for help. How does that sound?"

Zhang Siyi: “OK! Thank you!

Du Rui: “Why does it feel like your lovesickproblem is already over?"

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Du Rui: “So energetic!"

…… Is he that obvious???

However, Zhang Siyi realized, it must be true.Now that there is only a wall of glass between him and Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi feelssuper motivated to work. When the door is left open, his heart and mind are at peaceas he can see Gu Yu in his office.

Whoo-Hoo, he’s terminally ill !

Since it is the first time he is drawing ablueprint for a plan that he designed, Zhang Siyi is especially determined. Additionally,listening to Gu Yu\'s Father\'s pep-talk over New Year\'s has really made him wantto become a better architect. Of course, the previous six days of doing practicallynothing doesn\'t count in Zhang Siyi\'s book. After all, everyone has a few offdays. (=_=)

Near the end of the day, with the help of Du Rui,Zhang Siyi made significant progress on his blueprints. He was eager to showthem to Gu Yu for feedback as well as show him the schedule of the developmentplan he and Du Rui agreed upon.

There were fifteen floorplan layers, four facades,two sections, about seven or eight large sample maps, and an elevation view. Forthe earlier stages, Zhang Siyi scheduled his time to work independently andlater on he would check with Du Rui. She will have a better grasp of her owntime commitments later and consider whether to join him to finish theblueprints. They planned out their time over a one-month period which is a generousamount of time for a new project.

Fortunately, the City development bureau has not madeany scheduling requests. Perhaps the department officers are making up for it becauseof frantic design schedule they demanded right before New Year\'s on the 28th.

Except for one suggestion, Gu Yu did not have anyobjections of the time-table that Zhang Siyi and Du Rui came up with. Gu Yuwanted them to consult the plumbing, electric, heating, and structuralengineers at each stage of the plan\'s development.

"Plumbing? Heating? Electric? Structural engineering?"Previously, Zhang Siyi neither cooperated with other professionals, nor consideredthese issues when designing. He is a little confused.

Du Rui: "Since you are making the plans, line upthe layers to determine the height and let the structural engineers help youcalculate the size of the load-bearing column. It needs to be accurate from thebeginning otherwise a large amount of money will be wasted with later changes."

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Seeing Zhang Siyi\'s confused look, Du Ruicontinued to explain: “As for HVAC, water, and electric, reserve the locationfor the pipeline in advance and the engineers will arrange the details. OnceBoss gives go ahead to move forward with the development, there won\'t be anycommon-sense problems. Even if there is some apprehension, the engineers willcoordinate with your plans and won\'t make changes."

Zhang Siyi didn\'t realize how much planning andconsideration is truly needed for constructing a building. Learning all the variationsin the design norms as well as applying the rules is like learning a whole newfield of work! ……such a long roadahead. Ah!

The work day ended in the blink of an eye and ZhangSiyi was looking miserably at his drawings. He put his arms and head down onhis desk then sighed. He hadn\'t made any progress. Turning towards Gu Yu\'soffice, he saw the lights still on.

Zhang Siyi thought to himself, since Fu Xinhuiwasn\'t home anymore, he didn\'t want to go back home to an empty house. He tookthe initiative to stay and work. But the real reason, Zhang Siyi admitted tohimself, was because he wanted to spend more time with Gu Yu, even if it wasthrough a glass door.

In a joyous mood, Zhang Siyi made up his mind tostay and went to the dining area to pour a cup of coffee.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he was walking back tohis desk, Gu Yu was coming out of the office holding his scarf with the coat on,planning on leaving.

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Seeing Zhang Siyi returning to his desk withcoffee in hand, Gu Yu asked: “Why are you still there?” Looking over,Gu Yu can see the project designs displayed on Zhang Siyi\'s computer monitor aswell as a few reference books open on his desk. Gu Yu is a bit puzzled as ZhangSiyi has a month to complete the plan, there is no need to work overtime.

With furrowed brows, Gu Yu asked: "What problemshave you encountered?” Carrying his bag, he stopped walking and came to a standstill,looking hesitant.

Feeling very embarrassed, Zhang Siyi hurriedlywaved his hand: "No, no…. I will read for a little bit longer. You should go onahead."

Gu Yu studied him for a moment in thought, then calmlysmiled: "Work hard." Gu Yu finished tying his scarf and picked up his bag then walkedright out. Zhang Siyi only faintly heard the \'ding\' from the elevator."

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Looking at the back of Gu Yu\'s departure, thebright and warm office suddenly seemed cold and desolate. His motivation was completelydrained. He couldn\'t read. He couldn\'t draw. Zhang Siyi sighed and collapsed onhis desk; a half-dead salted fish ……(/_\)……

Having spent an extra hour in the office, thesubway wasn\'t as crowded coming home at night. Zhang Siyi wrapped himself up inhis coat and bought a hot spicy rice bowl at a street vendor. When he turned onthe light inside his apartment, he was greeted with a huge mess.

Since no one was at home during the day, Cheer-Uphad free reign inside the house. There was a roll of toilet paper unraveled andstretched out all over the floor. There were crumbs scattered all over theplace and the fruit that was originally in a bowl, was now squashed on thekitchen floor.

When the dog saw Zhang Siyi, he jumped up anddown excitedly, rushing at him. But when he heard "What Have You Done!!!!"Cheer-Up quickly hid behind the couch like a mischievous child hiding from theirparents. He tentatively poked half of his head out from behind.

Zhang Siyi\'s anger left the moment he yelled. Havingone ill-fated father and one unreliable father, this poor little fellow is homealone all day long. He sighed.

As if understanding Zhang Siyi, Cheer-Up walkedup to him, leaned on Zhang Siyi and gently licked his hand.

“Stupid dog …” Zhang Siyi rubbed itsbig ears. Zhang Siyi hung up his coat, put down his things and then he cleanedup the house. He served Cheer-Up his dinner of canned dog food and a bowl ofwater, and then sat down to eat his own dinner. At least thirty minutes havepassed and by now his Hot Spicy Rice Bowl has become a Cold Spicy Rice Bowl.

Zhang Siyi opened the lid, took a picture andposted it to his social media. Feeling sorry for himself he wrote a note:” The miserable man.”

After, he got up from the sofa and took hisdinner to the microwave to reheat it a little. Thinking of the crab paste his mothermade, he grabbed it as well. While he ate his meal, he checked over his socialmedia status.

In just ten minutes, his group of friends alreadygave him twenty likes. Scrolling through the replies, they are vastly varied.

Ren Mengyu: “What is that? Pig food?”

Su Yuan: “Isn\'t your salary high enough toeat better? That\'s all you can afford?"

Jiang Hai: “In recent days, my girlfriendcooks for me every day! Don\'t be jealous!”

Tian Yujing: “You are welcome to eat!" [smile]

Jiang Hai: “These aren\'t my exclusivemeals!?" [Crying]

Xue Wenhan: “Come back to the UK. Fish-and-chipsare waiting for you!" [Smile]

It took Zhang Siyi some time to read through his comments.Normally, Fu Xinhui was on his social media frequently so naturally, his responseswere fast. Although he knew Fu Xinhui is very busy, Zhang Siyi was surprised atthe lack of response from him. He took a few photos of the dog and sent amessage to Fu Xinhui: "Your son is doing very well. Make sure you are also payingattention to your health and safety."

When he returned to his home-page he saw amessage from his mom. "Just a friendly reminder to eat less food from thevendors. Those hot-spicy bowls are too greasy and unsanitary. They are bad foryour body so please take the time to cook for yourself. If you don\'t have time,then go spend money to eat better. You have that-body-problem at a young age,so you need to take better care of yourself or it will affect your life in thefuture. (T/N: end of ch69 if you forgot)

Zhang Siyi: “………”

Reading what his mother wrote, Zhang Siyi felthis hit-points go down to zero. Mrs. Zhang, You are too cruel! Out of anger anddefiance, Zhang Siyi didn\'t stop and instead, eagerly stuffed his mouth with hisdinner. Who says there is a problem? My little brother is alive and well!

He refreshed his home page again and wassurprised to see a post from Gu Yu. On it, there was Gu Yu\'s dinner: a platewith braised pork, two crisp fried saury fish, a small dish of radish sauce, abowl of green onion and steamed egg…. Whether it is the food itself, or justthe presentation of the photographs, it looks so delicious that Zhang Siyi canfeel his mouth salivate.

If Zhang Siyi hadn\'t recognized the tableware andflatware, he would have thought Gu Yu took a photograph out of a food magazine.Although the imagery was fantastic to look at, it wasn\'t not the most thought-provokingissue of his post. Zhang Siyi attention was focused on the message that waswritten with the picture. In the photograph, across from the plate filled withfood was an empty bowl with chopsticks. The message read: "empty."

When looking at the images and note together,even idiots can understand what Gu Yu wants to express. – Look at my wonderful dinner, but I am missing a companion. Will youcome share my meal with me?

Staring stupidly at his mobile phone, Zhang Siyi stoppedeating. He longer had an appetite to eat his "pig food." Comparing himself toGu Yu, he doesn\'t understand why there is such a large difference between thetwo\'s quality of life. Pondering this issue, Zhang Siyi was reminded of hisnight that he spent at Gu Yu house. Like a family living together for a longtime, they cooked the food then washed the dishes together. They cleaned up anddrank wine and tea and just talked about normal things. He missed the wonderfulsense of security and happiness he experienced that night.

The longer Zhang Siyi stared at the photo, themore sour he felt. It was like Zhang Siyi\'s essence at the moment, was fillingthe air up with negative energy so thick that one could slice threw it with abutter knife. He wanted to pick up those chopsticks. He wanted to pick up thatempty bowl. He wanted to sit in that spot across from Gu Yu.

However, this was Gu Yu\'s social media post. And not a message sent directly to him.