Assistant Architect - Chapter 80

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 80: Brooch


The one thing he didn\'t mention to Gu Yu was He Xueying\'s childhood crush.After so many years, she couldn\'t possibly feel the same, so Zhang Siyi tookthe information as a joke.

Gu Yu listened silently and softly asked: “Do you want to go?”

Although Zhang Siyi already knew the answer in his heart, he impulsivelyasked: "Do you want me to go?"

Realizing the ambiguity of the question, like deliberately testing Gu Yu\'sfeelings for him, he regretted asking it. There are a many people that work forGu Yu and he is only a little assistant that can easily be replaced. However,the words couldn\'t be taken back. Zhang Siyi felt nervous and sorry. He tightlyclasped the mobile phone in anticipation, but of what, he didn\'t know.

After pausing for a seemingly long time, Gu Yu responded to him. With a voicethat was as casual as ever, he asked in reverse: “If I told you not to go,then you wouldn\'t go?”

Zhang Siyi choked. He didn\'t expect Gu Yu to throw his own question andthus, the underlying problem, back at him! How could he answer him? Even thoughZhang Siyi admired the art of Gu Yu\'s speech, he was feeling crazy inside. Damnit, if he said, \'I won\'t go if you say so\', he would die!

After a minute Gu Yu did not wait for Zhang Siyi to answer. He said: "Thiskind of thing…. I can\'t help you make a decision. The answer is in your ownheart."

Zhang Siyi: "……" Why is there a feeling of being completelyseen through!

Depressed and feeling muddled, Zhang Siyi pausedfor a minute. In a self-defeating tone he confessed: “I won\'t go."

Gu Yu chuckled, and his playful tone returned:“Oh. Ok.”

Zhang Siyi "……" That\'s it? After everything I\'ve said, and youonly reply with two words!!!

Gu Yu paused and said: “By the way, have youalready booked a ticket to Haicheng?”

"No, Why?” At the prospect of going backwith Gu Yu, Zhang Siyi mood changed instantly.

Sure enough, Gu Yu took the initiative to invitehim: “I intend to drive back to Haicheng after the Lantern Festival onMarch 6. Your holiday should be over by then. Do you want to go with us?”

" …… Us? Is Gu Yao coming back withyou?” Zhang Siyi asked.

Gu Yu: “She starts school in late March, butit is rare for me to drive so she wanted to drive back in advance. I can helpher with some luggage at this time too. What about you?”

In a hurry to reply, Zhang Siyi excitedly spoke:“Yes. I would like to go together!"

Gu Yu happily replied: "Well that settles that. Iwill tell you the details as the time approaches."

Hanging up the phone, Zhang Siyi excitedly rolledaround on his bed. Any depressed and tumultuous feelings evaporated into thinair

Too embarrassed to ask directly, he was slow topurchase a ticket in hopes that Gu Yu would talk to him about it. He wasn\'tsure if Gu Yu\'s holiday was longer than his. Now, his waiting was over and, hesaved two-hundred dollars!

Feeling the phone vibrate, Zhang Siyi quicklygrabbed it to see.

Gu Yu: “I’m relieved by the decision youmade 🙂 “

Gu Yu: “[Little Fox Kiss]”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Zhang Siyi: “………”

Zhang Siyi: “………………”

Ah…ah…ah…! ! ! ! !

Zhang Siyi couldn\'t take his eyes away from theemoji, \'Little Fox Holding a Cat Kissing.\' Once again, Zhang Siyi\'s heartnearly burst out of his chest. The heat from within welled up. He had thefeeling like he spontaneously combusted and his fried hair smoked.

After rolling around on his bed, Zhang Siyi tookanother look at his phone. Staring at the little fox kissing the little kitten,he couldn\'t help wonder why Gu Yu used this exact emoji. The \'touching head\' expressionalready had a high level of special treatment value, so why use the kissingemoji. Is this an expression that a normal boss sends to his subordinates? Theonly thing he can think about is a special kind of love.

Even though Zhang Siyi felt exhausted, he couldn\'tsleep. His emotions were a mess and he couldn\'t relax his mind at all. In themiddle of the night, he got out of bed to grab a book from the depths of hisclosest. He quickly got back into bed and covered himself completely with hisquilt. With the light from his cell-phone illuminating the book in his hands,he opened it feeling ashamed.

After an hour, from time to time, alarmed muffledexclamations and recited sounds can be heard from inside the quilt. As astraight man, Zhang Siyi values and outlook on life in this world were put tothe test. At half past five in the morning Zhang Siyi finally put the bookaway. He had stayed up all night reading. Laying on his bed, he buried his headwith a pillow and no longer felt like he could face the world as a straightman. It’s over! Can he really be gay? No, he doesn\'t want to admit it!

For the rest of his vacation time, he distractedhimself with countless hours of American dramas and Anime. He even watched thegovernment news online and the news network broadcast with his Father for severaldays. Thus, he set aside the newly acquired information in order to put his mindat ease and as a result, he was able to camouflage his inner turmoil and outwardlyfelt normal.

During this time, learning the information fromher brother, He Xueying added herself to Zhang Siyi WeChat. Although they haven\'tseen each other for many years, she remembered many childhood incidents bothfunny and sad. Bringing a sense of intimacy between them, the two talked for along time. Although a crush isn\'t the same as a love between a man and women,she politely admitted her childhood love on him. This frankness also made ZhangSiyi feel very relaxed talking with her.

For two days, by talking about his childhood withHe Xueying, Zhang Siyi\'s attention was further distracted away from Gu Yu. Inretrospect, Zhang Siyi wonders if the time he took to find a new girlfriend wastoo long and as a result, it gave birth to the plausible love between men.Thinking along these lines, Zhang Siyi convinced himself that by talking andthinking about girls and love, he will be able to forget about Gu Yu.

The time passed by and soon Gu Yu contacted himabout the return trip to Haicheng. Knowing Zhang Siyi was going to be drivenback, his Mother prepared more specialties and food for Gu Yu then last time. ZhangSiyi had a growing headache. Since \'little-fox-kissing-small-kitten\' stirred upZhang Siyi\'s emotions that he so desperately tried to bring under control theselast couple of days, he couldn\'t bring himself to look at the last exchange hehad on WeChat with Gu Yu. As a result, he hadn\'t contacted Gu Yu for almost aweek and thus, he never told Gu Yu how much luggage he had.

As he was getting ready, he noticed a new groupchat was formed on his phone by Gu Yu.

Gu Yao: “Zhang Siyi, my brother and I areready to go out for lunch then come pick you up. What is your home address?"

As Zhang Siyi sent his address to the group chat,he added Gu Yu\'s sister to his friend\'s list. When it came to private messages,Gu Yao\'s style changed.

Gu Yao: “Siyi Brother ~o (∩ _ ∩) o"

Zhang Siyi: “Tryingto act cute, when it\'s not cute! " (#‵′)凸

Gu Yaofollowed up with a heart-broken expression. Zhang Siyi returned with a sorrowfulemoji. Their conversation quickly devolved into an emoji war.

Remembering hisluggage, their playful banter was suddenly disrupted when Zhang Siyi took aphoto and sent the image to Gu Yao.

Gu Yao:“What\'s this?”

Zhang Siyi:“My mom prepared some things to bring back to Haicheng. Half of which isfor your brother. Is there room in the car for all of it?"

After half aminute, Gu Yao also sent a picture of a dense pile of packages and bags layingon the living room floor to Zhang Siyi.

Gu Yao:” Ha-ha-ha-ha! My parents also prepared some things to bring back. Ishowed your photo to my brother and he said it was fine.”

Zhang Siyibreathed a sigh of relief then asked: “Why do you call your brother an elderand not just brother?"

Gu Yao: "Becausehe is old. He acts like an old man in the sky! If I don\'t call him elderbrother, then what do I call him?"

Initially, ZhangSiyi was speechless. But, thinking about it further, it does make sense since thereis a seven-year age gap between the two siblings.

Gu Yao added: “I called him old brother, and do you know what he called me? Stupid, little idiot! Is that what a brother is supposed to call his sister?” [Angry]

Zhang Siyi:“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Gu Yao:“Why are you laughing?! You are not much better than me. He called you achild, a little apprentice in front of me. Once I heard him call you a \'littleconfused egg\', ha-ha-ha!”

Zhang Siyi:“……”

Hearing fromGu Yao piqued his interest. He suddenly wanted to know exactly what Gu Yu saysabout himself in front of his sister. However, he didn\'t get the chance to continuetheir conversation. As promised, they arrived at Zhang Siyi\'s home after lunch.

When Mrs.Zhang saw her guests, she warmly and enthusiastically invited them inside thehouse to drink tea. Having experienced the force of Zhang Siyi mother\'shospitality before, Gu Yu knows not to refuse and politely accepts herinvitation. Without ceremony, they silently followed her inside.

Today,Father Zhang was at work and the housekeeper was cleaning. Even though thehouse was large and bright with everything tidy, it wasn\'t convenient to goupstairs and tour the house, so they took a seat in the living room.

Mother Zhangdidn\'t raise a daughter. She really liked seeing Gu Yao in her home and itsparked her memory of the red envelope that Gu Yu gave to Zhang Siyi for NewYear\'s. Wanting to reciprocate the gesture an idea popped into her mind fromher heart. She quickly wrapped a delicate gift and gave it to Gu Yao. It was a floralcrystal brooch with silver as the stem and pink, purple and white crystals onthe top. It was quite exquisite and beautiful.

The piece ofjewelry was a gift to Mother Zhang in her early years. The bright pink andflashy style of the brooch wasn\'t suitable for her anymore. Even so, she hastreasured it over the years and had joked with Zhang Siyi in the past aboutkeeping it for his future wife.

Now seeinghis mother take out the brooch, not only was Zhang Siyi shocked speechless, GuYao was very surprised as well. Compared with Zhang Siyi\'s two thousand dollarsred envelope, the value of this brooch is at most half. When Gu Yao first sawthis precious gift, she repeatedly waved her hand in refusal.

However, evenGu Yu\'s way with words is no match for Mother Zhang\'s silver tongue, let alonethis small girl still studying. With her insistence, Gu Yao red face is actuallyfull of joy.

Feeling embarrassed, only Zhang Siyi did not want his Mother to give away her brooch, for he knew what it truly represented. Taking advantage of the moment while drinking tea, Zhang Siyi pulled his mother into the kitchen urgently: “What are you doing? How could you give that to her?"