Assistant Architect - Chapter 74

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 74: Philosophy


Upon her return, Father Gu asked: “Why didn\'t you call your Brother toeat?"

Gu Yao lowered her head maneuvering in the kitchen: "I\'ll call him in alittle bit."

Washing his hands, Father Gu was about to call out, when he heard an \'eh\'from Gu Yao. He looked at her strangely for a moment, then shouted out loudly:"Food is ready. Come eat." While he saw Gu Yao standing at the kitchen door, hesaw Gu Yu and Zhang Siyi coming over to the table. He didn\'t know what it wasthat Gu Yao was trying to dissuade.

While waiting for Mother Gu to finish plating the sweet soup, the remainingfour persons have sat down. Since all can have a little, Gu senior opened a bottleof red wine. When Mother Gu saw that they had not started eating, she looked atthem with surprise, and in sign language asked them why they hadn\'t started.

Gu senior replied: "We are waiting for you to eat together."

Mother Gu lowered her eyes and smiled apologetically, and quickly sat down.

Together, the five of them raised their glass to make a toast. In additionto Mother Gu, they welcomed Zhang Siyi and said in unison "Happy New Year”.Even though this is the first time at the Gu household, Zhang Siyi didn\'t feelparticularly like a guest. The Gu family made him feel like a returningrelative.

The atmosphere while eating the meal was very good. Although Mother Gu didnot speak, she often looked at Zhang Siyi with a loving smile like she wouldwith her own children.

Zhang Siyi has never been affectionately watched by someone so beautifulbefore. Although Mother Gu is more than 50 years old, perhaps even older than hismother, Zhang Siyi still blushed. Feeling so captivated by her motherhoodcharm, he wished he could give her a hug. Sorry, Mrs. Zhang. I still love youthe most, but the charm of this woman is too strong, I can’t hold it!

After eating lunch, they sat in the living room for tea. Unsurprising, theGu family had the habit of drinking Pu\'er tea after dinner. Father Gu made teamore skillfully then Gu Yu. Thinking how nice this feeling is, Zhang Siyithought about buying a tea set when he went back home. In addition to tea, GuYu\'s mother also prepared a fruit platter for them to eat.

Sitting together chatting while drinking tea, Father Gu asked a few thingsabout Zhang Siyi. Zhang Siyi told him about his time in the UK studying. SinceGu senior has never been out of the country, he asked Zhang Siyi many questionsabout the food, housing, clothing and other cultural differences. He listenedwith relish and yearning.

Afterwards, Father Gu talked with them about the industry situation.Although the industry is at a low point, he thinks the domestic constructionsector is improving in some ways. Now that the industry has started to mature,with current standards, real architects will stand out and people will pay moreattention to good design and won\'t settle for mediocrity.

Father Gu further ruminated. Even though it\'s not entirely bad right now,it may worsen during the next few years. He poured a cup of tea for Zhang Siyiand smiled: "Since Zhang Siyi just started working, he is probably feeling abit fickle, right?"

Thinking about the two that were let go from the company this past year, ZhangSiyi hands trembled, and the tea cup he was holding slightly chattered.

Father Gu continued: "The world is so big now and there are manytemptations outside. Young people indulge in their impulses and construction isa difficult line of work to pursue. Not everyone has the stamina to succeed inthis line of work and sometimes a person is at the mercy of their impulsivechoice made in their youth.

Gently nodding, Zhang Siyi has more than once regretted the choice he madeto go to college for architecture. Even now, he walks a small step in order towalk a bigger step.

Father Gu smiled and said: “But even if a person does something spurof the moment, they can\'t be impulsive for a lifetime. Living this life, wehave only the energy to be accomplished for one good job and that isn\'t easy todo. Therefore, a person may never have another opportunity to choose again."

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Father Gu bowed his head, drank tea, and said: “In the face of theindustry’s low tide, newcomers like you who are just entering the workplacewill be impetuous and uneasy, which is inevitable.”

Zhang Siyi timidly looked at Gu Yu. In fact, the power of his life anddeath is in his hands. If Gu Yu covers for him all his problems will be gone!

“If you are confused, listen to this uncle’s philosophy,” Gu seniorlooked up and fixedly looked at Zhang Siyi’s eyes. “I have said this sincechildhood, I hope you can listen to it. Good men are fighters and not quitters.Most of the people’s impetuousness comes from being unconfident. The root ofthe cause is that they don’t have enough determination. Although my son is nowyour boss, it is not him, but yourself to decide whether you can walk the pathof this business or not.

Staring with admiration at Father Gu, Zhang Si Yi was speechless. A goodman fights, not quits.

Yes, every time he wants to back down, it\'s because he saw greatdifficulties. There are so many things to learn from architecture. From theresearch of geography, learning local culture and historical environment tolearning the computer software and art aesthetics, his knowledge is only thetip of the iceberg. It is quite intimidating.

Even now, Zhang Siyi was pushed forward by the pressure of the industry andGu Yu\'s whip. He didn\'t have the full ambition to say that I, Zhang Siyi, woulddo this for a lifetime.

When he thinks of the annual salary of his friend Shen Hao and compare thatto his classmates and friends, the pay wages aren\'t proportional. Has can ZhangSiyi not waver?

At this moment, Gu Dad raised his finger and clicked on the table. Hecontinued: “If you want to be an architect, don’t just look at theimmediate interests. Your value does not depend on how much money someone elsegave you today. It is the wealth that your future can create for the world. Youare the value itself. You must constantly arm yourself with knowledge andskills, grow up at the fastest speed, and become an irreplaceable member ofthis industry. If you don\'t then I am afraid you would be eliminated.”

Having said that, Father Gu took back his serious expression and smiledbroadly: "When you get there, you will know the fun of doingarchitecture.”

Zhang Siyi was a little brainwashed by Gu Yu\'s father. The understanding hegleaned from his teaching was immense. His eyes were full of worship. ZhangSiyi saw another luminous body more dazzling then the light of Gu Yu.

If you say that the light of Gu Yu can only be seen from afar theneverything in his body is eclipsed by the light of his father. Father Gu is thesource of light that can be spread.

The ancients said, listening to the King’s words, read the book for tenyears.

Listening to Father Gu talk is like being basked in his light. AlthoughZhang Siyi couldn\'t digest all his philosophy in such a short period of time,at least the fog in his head was dispelled and his heart was fortified. Sippinghis cup of Pu\'er tea, his spirit rose.

Zhang Siyi nodded: “I know. Thank you, Uncle Gu.”

After the family discussion during tea time, Gu Yu put on his coat andreminded Zhang Siyi and his Sister about the movies.

Father and Mother Gu did not join them for a movie. Standing at the door,they said goodbye to Zhang Siyi and warmly invited him to come again next time.

After going downstairs, while Zhang Siyi and Gu Yao waited at the door, GuYu walked over to the garage to pick up the car.

Thinking about the conversation just now, Zhang Siyi felt excited. Pumpinghis fist, he exclaimed: "Your father is really awesome!"

Gu Yao doesn\'t understand: "What’s so great about him?"

Zhang Siyi: “What he said was so exciting!"

Gu Yao laughed out loud then said: “He is like this; giving advice towhomever will listen. I don\'t know how much I listened to when I was young. IfI was afraid that an exam would not go well, he would encourage me. Don’t beafraid! Don’t think about it! Go study! Don\'t be afraid of the result. Bestrong for the exam!” Gu Yao raised her fists in the air like an athlete\'svictory pose.

She continued: "It\'s really useful. I don\'t know when it started, but Irarely fear anything. My dad said that people\'s troubles are often overexaggerated. Don\'t think, just do it."

Boisterous, Zhang Siyi expressed himself: "Right! You have heard thisthroughout your life, so you are probably immune, but this is the first timeI\'ve listened to something so inspiring!" Changing his tone, Zhang Siyigrievously said: "My father would never say something like that. He would onlycriticize me." Turning to look at Gu Yao, Zhang Siyi flatly added: "Yourbrother too."

Gu Yao agreed: “Yes! Since childhood he would say I\'m stupid. He is atthe top of his own universe!"

Zhang Siyi: “When I checked my friends on social media, he would criticizeme countless times! When I washed my face with cleanser, he called me a prettyboy!"

Gu Yao: “Huh? You use a facial cleanser? What brand do you use?"

Zhang Siyi: “Kys, I also use its home toner.”

Gu Yao: “Oh? I heard Kys’s honeysuckle water is very good to use. Isit true?"

Zhang Siyi: “Since it\'s soothing, hypoallergenic and cheap, both menand women can use it! More than 200 ML is only three-hundred Yuan!”

Gu Yao: “Wow! Hello Professional, what else do you use? Give me some recommendations!"

Zhang Siyi: “And the face cream of LC, the essence of YS …”

When Gu Yu\'s car came around, the two of them were chatting happily. Theystopped talking together and moved to the door. Zhang Siyi wanted to give GuYao the front passenger seat. Gu Yao thought the same, so they reached out tothe same backdoor and opened it.

Gu Yao quickly said: “You sit infront!”

Incredulous, Zhang Siyi looked at her withquestioning eyes. What? Why me?

She already took the first step into thebackseat, so he was left to walk to the front. While he was internallycomplaining about her betrayal of their revolutionary friendship, he sat downin the front seat. When he was fastening his seat belt, he noticed Gu Yulooking at him with daggers.

Without affection or warmth, Gu Yu flatly said: “You two have a really good relationship.”