Assistant Architect - Chapter 70

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 70: Door


At the beginning of the month, Zhang Siyi wasn\'t idle. Earlyin the morning, he went to worship Buddha at the temple. Afterwards, he went tohis uncle\'s house to celebrate the New Year and visit with his relatives andGrandmother who also lived there. Since she is very old, hard of hearing, andin poor health, she used a wheelchair all the time.

Since Grandma was the last living grandparent that ZhangSiyi had, he took the initiative to give her a hefty one thousand, six-hundred-dollarred envelope. His uncle and aunt praised him for his filial duty. He relativesalways said since childhood that Zhang Siyi will have good prospects in hisfuture. They believe he has been making a lot of money in Haicheng.

So touted, Zhang Siyi pulled out a five hundred redenvelope and gave it to his cousin who was still in high school. His auntlaughed.

Zhang Siyi family responsibilities for New Years of"going to visit relatives and friends" was completed. Zhang Siyi Father was theeldest son on his side of the family. Also, out of many cousins, Zhang Siyi wasthe eldest grandson. All the extended family on his father\'s side came to hisuncle\'s house to visit and thus, Zhang Siyi didn\'t have to travel anywhere.Under his Mother\'s instructions, he prepared a five-hundred-dollar red envelopefor each of his cousins.

His Mother was only partly aware of Zhang Siyi\'s income,so she didn\'t realize how generous it was of Zhang Siyi to give away his bonus.He has long felt like he was being squeezed dry. Looking at his credit cardstatement, it already showed a negative balance. Zhang Siyi simply wanted tocry. Where does all the money go so fast?!

At the end of the evening, with many hugs and wellwishes, Zhang Siyi left his uncles house. His phone vibrated and was surprisedto see his childhood friend, Shen Hao, calling. He wanted to tell Zhang Siyiabout Song Mia wedding day and that they needed to go out for food and drinks.

Remembering the one thousand eight hundred \'red-bomb\'from her engagement party, Zhang Siyi felt pressured. The three of them arechildhood friends so he can\'t make an excuse not to give a red envelope. If hedoesn\'t figure something out how will he be able to show his face?

Although the card is overdrawn, Zhang Siyi decided to usehis credit card to pay for it. Calculating in his mind, he realized he only has200 left and he still needed to buy a train ticket. He won\'t be able to make apayment towards his credit card until next month. At least he didn\'t have tospend money while he was staying at home.

While worrying over his finances, his Mother interruptedhis thoughts: "Weren\'t you going to visit the Gu residence? When were youplanning on going?"

Zhang Siyi: “I am notbusy these two days…”

His Mother urged: "Didn\'t GuYu mention the third? It\'s already the fifth. Hurry up before the New Year isover!"

Zhang Siyi impatiently wavedhis hand and said: "Yes, I know!"

Indeed, despite these pasttwo days being busy, the days weren\'t so busy that he didn\'t have time tocontact Gu Yu. It\'s just that Zhang Siyi was being evasive due to his previousconversation about Gu Yu\'s underwear. With his mother\'s push, he stoppeddilly-dallying and sent Gu Yu a message asking him if he was home tomorrow.

Gu Yu replied quickly: "ForNew Years?"

Zhang Siyi: “Hmm.”

Gu Yu: ” I thought youwere reluctant to give me back my underwear that\'s why you hadn\'t made contact.It\'s already the fourth."

Zhang Siyi: "…… That\'snot it!"

Gu Yu: “Ha-ha. Whattime tomorrow? I spoke with my family and they said you should come for lunch.Does that work?"

…… Huh? And lunch? o////o

Feeling the importance ofvisiting Gu Yu\'s home, Zhang Siyi felt pressured. Knowing that Gu Yu is payingclose attention to his visit, his nerves started to rise. After taking the packagehis mother prepared, at nine o\'clock in the morning, he left his house.

Gu Yu\'s family home islocated in the old city section and was built in the 1990s. The neighborhood isclose to Zhang Siyi\'s high school alma mater where many faculty members reside.Zhang Siyi took a taxi directly to the address that Gu Yu provided.

Standing in front of thedoor, Zhang Siyi saw the old iron gate and electronic doorbell in disrepair. Hepressed it a few times, but there wasn\'t a response. Helpless, he sent a messageto Gu Yu on his phone. Gu Yu texted him back: "The doorbell is broken. I\'ll beright down."

Since Gu Yu\'s family livedon the third floor, soon Zhang Siyi could hear someone coming down the stairs.Knowing that Gu Yu is personally coming down the stairs to open the door forhim, Zhang Siyi heart pounded in synchronize rhythm to the \'stomp-stomp-stomp\'from the steps on the staircase.

It\'s been a few days sinceZhang Siyi saw Gu Yu and he noticed how much better Gu Yu looked. Maybe thedifference in complexion was because he was well-rested after the busy,stressful work days before the holiday. Now, at home, Gu Yu face looked peacefuland happy.

He was wearing loose casual loungewear and his feet were covered with a pair of round-headed cotton slippers. Hisattire was rather sloppy and not elegant, but Zhang Siyi felt it was anothertype of handsome; warm, comfortable, home.

"Here we are." Gu Yu openedthe door and smiled at him: “Come up.”

As Gu Yu was turning aroundto head back upstairs, Zhang Siyi reached out and stopped him: "Wait!" Heglanced left and right and bowed his head. From out of his pocket, he pulledout Gu Yu underwear and quickly handed them over. "This is for you."

Gu Yu: “……”

Fortunately for Zhang Siyi,Gu Yu was the one who came downstairs to open the door otherwise he didn\'t knowwhen he would get the chance to return the garment.

Gu Yu wasn\'t anxious to hidethe underwear. Holding the fabric in his hand, he slowly kneaded it a bit andasked: "Why are you so careful? It was just for one night." In a low voice headded: "Or, did you do something else….?"

Zhang Siyi: “……”(o//a//o) I… I… I…

When Gu Yu noticed ZhangSiyi instantly turn red and stop talking, he used his free hand to cover hissmile. Choking back a laugh he said: "You are so funny. Every time I tease you,you take it so seriously!"

Zhang Siyi nearly exploded.– Why am I serious? It\'s not clear when you are joking!

“Brother! What took youso long?” A lovely female voice came from upstairs.

“Come on!” Gu Yu gaveZhang Siyi a look indicating to follow then turned around himself to walk backupstairs.

Upstairs, Zhang Siyi reallysaw the girl who he met previously at the entrance of KTV. She stuck herselfhalf-way out of the door, staring with big eyes curiously at Zhang Siyi.

“Hey” Zhang Siyistiffly raised his hand and said hello to her.

The sister smiled and said,“Are you the little apprentice at my brother’s work?” I remember youfrom last time at KTV. He also called you little friend. Hey, little friend …“

Gu Yu: “What\'s with youcalling him little friend? No matter how big or small he is, he is a year olderthan you. You should call him Brother."

His Sister stuck her tongueout at Gu Yu and blew a raspberry at him then turned around and left.

Zhang Siyi was a littlesurprised. It turned out, Gu Yu bullied his sister too. He didn’t know why, buthe suddenly felt more balanced.

With a hundred squaremeters, Gu Yu\'s family home is very ordinary. The living area is small, butopen to the kitchen and hallway. Not only on tables, but also alongsidefurniture, there are piles of old and new books everywhere. Although it iscrowded, it doesn\'t look messy. It is clear; a scholar resides here.

"Come in. Your name is ZhangSiyi?" Gu Yu\'s Father stood up from the sofa and warmly greeted Zhang Siyi.

Wearing a pair of squareglasses, Father Gu looked older than his own. He had a full voice and hiscomplexion was very good. Perhaps because his eyebrows looked like Gu Yu\'s,Zhang Siyi instinctively felt close to Gu Yu\'s father.

Zhang Siyi changed his shoesand gave the gift bag to Gu Senior. He respectfully called him “Uncle Gu”,wished him a Happy New Year and said a few words.

Then Gu Yu\'s Mother came out.Zhang Siyi only glanced at her and was stunned. With eyes that exude hope, anda soft calming demeanor, she embodies beauty. Quietly standing on the side, shemade people feel very comfortable.

Zhang Siyi used to thinkthat his mother was the most beautiful woman in the world. When she saw Gu Yu\'smother, he discovered what it meant to be innately beautiful. It is a kind ofnatural beauty that does not require emotional attachment. With such superbgenetics, no wonder Gu Yu and his sister are so good looking.

Zhang Siyi spoke a littleshyly: “Auntie.” She slightly nodded and indicated to the sofa insign language, presumable for him to sit. Zhang Siyi was very surprised, buthis thoughts were pulled back when Gu Yu also greeted her by voice.

Father Gu smiled and said:“Yu has talked about you. You two are very attached to each other. It mustbe fate."

"Oh? Is it?" Zhang Siyichuckled and glanced at Gu Yu who remained silent. Why does the word \'fate\'sound strange? He explained: "I don\'t know that it is so much about fate, buthe and I were from the same high school. Although we weren\'t studying duringthe same time, I have heard about his past deeds for three years since he wasthe top student for the college entrance examination." Zhang Siyi scratched hishead: "I decided to study architecture because of his influence back at schoolso it\'s difficult to think about fate."

Gu Dad laughed and said:“I am not talking about this. You have met when you were children.”

Zhang Siyi: “???”We met when I was a kid?

“You didn’t tellhim?” Father Gu looked at his son in a meaningful way.

Gu Yu\'s sister took thismoment to pass a cup of tea to each of the three men sitting on the sofa thensat herself down on a cushion on the ground to listen to their conversation.

Zhang Siyi thanked her andelbowed Gu Yu\'s side and asked: “Have we really met when we were kids?"

Gu Yu lowered his head andquietly peeled a grapefruit then said two words: “It\'s stupid.”

Zhang Siyi: “……”

Witnessing her brother\'sreaction, Gu Yu\'s sister \'pfffft\' lost her tea, and looked at Zhang Siyi withinterest. She also wanted to listen to gossip and urged her Father: "You tellus Dad!"

Smiling, Father Gu looked atZhang Siyi and said: "You were quite small at the time…… Yu was only ten andyou were about…… this high." He raised his hand above the coffee table…"

Zhang Siyi: “……”He and Gu Yu are six years apart, so he was only four years old!

Father Gu continued: “I was doing a municipal project and on my way to the construction Bureau to do a report…. Oh yes. Secretary Zhang was just a small director then……"