Assistant Architect - Chapter 69

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 69: Lunar New Year


Although the atmosphere at the dinner table eased a lot, Zhang Siyi can\'tstand the evaluation of his friend by his Father. He is still upset with him,but he doesn\'t want to make things difficult for his mother. After dinner, itis customary to eat melon and watch the Festival Gala and the Zhang family isno exception.

Zhang Siyi\'s Father prepared a cup of tea early so he would be ready towatch the TV on time. He watched the news broadcast every night to see thepresident\'s speech. Sitting at the table, Zhang Siyi is a little stiff andfeels reluctant to go watch TV with his father. He finds the program ostentatiousand would rather go to his room to watch American TV or anime.

Zhang Siyi was planning to sneak upstairs, but he was caught by his mother.She spoke to him in a low voice: "What are you doing going to your room alone?Why don\'t you spend more time with your dad watching TV?"

Zhang Siyi muttered: “I have already spent time with him this afternoon."

His mother didn\'t know whether to laugh or to cry: "When was that? You arenow living in another city so there is rarely an opportunity for a familyreunion. You could make more of an effort on New Year\'s. He has a sharp tonguebut is soft hearted. You didn\'t know, but earlier, the moment you left, he waslost."

Remembering what his father said to his Grandfather while honoring hisancestors, he awkwardly went to the sofa and sat down. He took his phone out tocheck his social groups. He noticed an update on Gu Yu\'s social page.

Gu Yu posted two new photographs. One was his New Year\'s dinner.

Zhang Siyi used his fingers to expand the view for a closer look. Thedishes looked particularly hearty: seafood hot pot, steamed pickles, fishbraised with radish, fried rice, dumplings…… Looking at the images, he wasreminded of the home-cooked meal Gu Yu prepared for him at his house lastnight.

Even though he was full of his own dinner, he swallowed a mouthful ofsaliva. The seafood hotpot looks extraordinarily delicious. Knowing deep downhow content he would feel being there, he wished he was at Gu Yu house eatingthe seafood hotpot with him.

Swiping the screen to show the next photo, the image displayed was one withfour hands put together.

Zhang Siyi recognized Gu Yu\'s hand at a glance. His bones were distinct,and his fingers were slender. Even though they looked soft he knew they were,in fact, very powerful as he had felt them holding him while playing the balloongame during the annual meeting. (=_=)

Next to his hand is an equally beautiful hand that is smaller. He assumedthat the hand belonged to Gu Yu\'s sister. The other two are also recognizable. MotherGu\'s hand has traces of age and Father Gu\'s hand is bigger and rougher looking.

He was about to move his thumb to get to the next picture when he saw amessage at the bottom of the photo. "My father said he is missing two hands andwill strive to add them before the following New Year\'s."

Looking at this message, Zhang Siyi unconsciously starting staring at hisown hand holding the phone……

"……" What are you thinking Zhang Siyi!

Next to him, his father coughed lightly and suddenly asked: “Where is GuYu\'s family home located?"

Feeling like his father discovered something dirty, Zhang Siyi quickly turnedoff the screen and nervously responded: "Hmmm? I don\'t know! What\'s wrong?"

Because of their recent argument and tension between them, Zhang Siyi\'sFather cautiously and slowly said: "You need to thank Mr. Gu properly and give hima gift."

Zhang Siyi: “……” Go to Gu Yu\'s and visit for the New Year? Why?Isn\'t a phone call enough?"

His Father sipped his tea and said: "Aren\'t your colleagues mostlyoutsiders? They don\'t have the same circumstance as you do. Ningcheng is not abig city and since you and he are from the same area, you are connected. Inaddition to Gu Yu\'s teaching and guidance, you have taken advantage of the convenienceof being from the same town. No matter where he lives, now it\'s time to showyour gratitude."

"This, is this appropriate?" Zhang Siyi didn\'t understand this old custom.In foreign countries, they do not have the habit of giving gifts and greetingsto teachers on New Year\'s holidays. He always felt like this was just an excuseto give gifts without meaning. Now, it is a new era and Zhang Siyi felt thatthese old customs should be obsolete. However, knowing his Father\'s strictcharacter he dares not voice these thoughts out loud."

Listening from the other room, Mother Zhang also agreed and interjected: "Yourfather is right! Gu junior is young, and I may have forgotten, but he is stillyour teacher at work! The industry you are in isn\'t the same as your father\'sbecause you are learning technology. A little apprentice should give thanks to theirmaster and now is the time to celebrate. There is nothing strange about it."

Zhang Siyi: "……" Little, little apprentice o////o

His Mother went to look for a suitable gift then turned around to say: “Callhim and wish him a happy New Year then ask him where he lives."

Zhang Siyi\'s heart was in chaos. He managed to voice a simple reply: "Ok."

Since he had wanted to go to the Gu home, he did not resist any of hisparents\' proposals. He was rather excited about the prospect of going to hishome because, in fact, it\'s not that he wanted to visit the house, but hewanted to see Gu Yu.

Although they have not been separated for long, Zhang Siyi has no idea howmany times he has thought about Gu Yu. In his mind he acknowledged a thought: "WhenI get along, I want to run all the time, but once I separate, I miss you allthe time." ….. This sweet, elusive mood.

Knowing there is another chance to see Gu Yu during the rest of theholiday, Zhang Siyi\'s heart skipped a beat, but directly calling Gu Yu for hisaddress put him in a bit of a dilemma. His emotions were and mess and he couldn\'tthink of what to say. After some time struggling, he decided to send a messagein WeChat.

  • Gu Yu, I wish you a Happynew year, by the way, where do you live?

… Hey, is it strange to directly ask for someone\'s address? (=_=)

  • Director Gu, the comingof the Year of the Sheep, I hope that your career will fly and dance, thespirit of the dragon will fly, the mood will be great, the dream is flying inthe sky, the luck of the dragon is blessing, the wealth is good, the dragon ishooding, I hope your sheep year is more warm, career More smoothly…what placedo you live in?

……(=_=)…… No, no, that’s too weird! Just ask!

“Boss Gu, can I ask where your address is? I want to spend two dayscelebrating New Year\'s." Zhang Siyi repeatedly looked at the messageand thought it wasn\'t bad. Click and sent. After it was sent, he thought aboutthe possibility of rejection and started to panic.

But fortunately, Gu Yu quickly replied, he asked: “My family has two BossGu. Which one are you visiting?"

Zhang Siyi: “You.”

Gu Yu: “Oh. You are still calling me \'Boss Gu\' even when it\'s notnecessary."

Zhang Siyi: “……” Whaa… how can I be asking about your father?I don\'t know your dad!

Gu Yu: “I won\'t accept Boss. However, I will accept \'Gege\' " [smile]

Zhang Siyi: “………” Go to hell!

In just a couple of sentences, Zhang Siyi, blushing,was again bullied by Gu Yu.

After a while the mood relaxed. He thought itwas useless to deal with Gu Yu in a polite manner. Since the other party wasn\'tformal, then he didn\'t have to be so polite. "Gege, I want to go to your homefor the New Year. Give me your address!"

Just after sending this text, Zhang Siyiblushed and felt bashful. Why does it feel like he is flirting when usingWeChat?

About four or five minutes later, Gu Yu textedback with the address and a serious message. "We won\'t be home on the first ofthe month, but there is time on the third. Before coming, remember to say helloin advance."

Zhang Siyi: "……" Huh? So easily answered!Gu Yu reversal in tone surprised Zhang Siyi a little and realized: "I gave intoo quickly!"

After a minute, Gu Yu sent another message:“Remember to give me my underwear back when you come. It was only supposedto be for the night and not more."

Zhang Siyi: “…” (╯#°Д°) Gu Yuknew that he wore his underwear in the morning!? Why does it seem like I beingreprimanded for taking his underwear? It has cum on it! Of course, I didn\'twant to wear it for more than a second! Also, does he really want them back sobadly? While dirty? During New Year\'s? Ah, ah…

Zhang Siyi’s CPU was completely burnt out by this big string of problems. Paralyzed on the couch, two blank eyes staring at the ceiling, with a trace of smoke rising from his head. He didn\'t have much time to think it over because he realized he had put the underwear under his pillow after his bath at noon. He bounded up the stairs and after a minute, shouting could be heard from Zhang Siyi room: "mom, Mom! MOM!!"

“Ah? – what? - What is it?" Zhang Siyi\'sMother walked upstairs to his room and saw him standing next to his bed, red facedand pointing to his pillow.

Zhang Siyi asked his mom: "Have you seen myunderwear that were here?"

“I’ve washed them for you!” His motherlooked at him silently, then said: "How can you put your dirty underwear underyour pillow? This is a very bad habit."

She paused, hesitating, but finally askedhim: "Is this the reason why you were so anxious to take a bath at home? It\'sno wonder you had that strange expression when you were with Gu Yu. I\'ve beenworried that it happens by just driving in broad daylight.… are you having aproblem with your body?"

In worry, she hastens to say: "Don\'t beembarrassed. You need to pay attention to this kind of problem while you are young,or it will affect your sex life later. Mom will take you to a male doctor."

Zhang Siyi: “……”

He is wrong. He is really wrong. The real scary person is not Gu Yu, it is his mother! (t////t)

On February 18, 2015, Zhang Siyi, a sensitive young man, had spent his first unforgettable New Year’s Eve in his working life under the double torment of a young man named Gu Yu and an old rotten woman named Zhang Ruqin.