Assistant Architect - Chapter 67

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 67: Intimate


After some time, they stopped at a service areaalong the highway for a bathroom break and food. Although Gu Yu asked: “Doyou want to go in and eat or stay in the car?", he did not wait for Zhang Siyito answer. Instead, he fastened his seat belt then quickly followed up with: "Well,you’d better stay in the car. I’ll buy some food." When he got out of the car,the cold wind blew and the stark contrast to the heated interior was unexpected.

Gu Yu\'s sudden declaration surprised Zhang Siyi.He just assumed he would\'ve had to go with him to buy his own food, but as itso happened, Zhang Siyi didn\'t have to get out which was all the better forhim. He didn\'t want to move as the wet feeling between his legs was stillthere.

Gu Yu\'s concern over the outside temperature wasunanticipated. Even though he isn\'t as delicate as a girl and can stand alittle cold weather, the thoughtfulness Gu Yu showed him made Zhang Siyi feellike he was being cared for. He felt a little better.

Two minutes later Gu Yu called him on the phone andasked which foods he would like: "There are sausages, sesame cakes, dumplings…what do you want to eat?"

Since Jiacheng local specialty are dumplings,Zhang Siyi thought the best choice would probably be the meat dumpling: "I\'llhave a meat dumpling."

Gu Yu replied on the phone: “There are many differentones: egg, plum, dried…… which kind do you want?”

Zhang Siyi: “Egg yolk, meatdumplings!”"

Gu Yu: “Ok. It will be a few minutes. I needto go wait in line."

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Siyi had beenwatching the multitude of people exit the service area. When Gu Yu appeared, heunconsciously stared at him and followed his figure. Even though he is so faraway among the crowd and can\'t see his face, he can spot Gu Yu figure easily.The figure walking with the flow of all the people is brighter and more distinctthan anyone else. His increasing pounding in his chest has reminded him of lastnight\'s game and Gu Yu\'s question about heart-warming moments.

To be moved this much with just a vague sense ofGu Yu figure in the distance, he doesn\'t understand what kind of feeling he isholding onto Gu Yu. It\'s neither about Gu Yu professional demeanor, work ethicsand charm nor is this about youthful idol-worship. In the past, he could have usedexcuses to explain or delude himself, but no longer. He didn\'t want to thinkabout it anymore.

His reluctance to think about it in more detailis perhaps because he has lived his life as a straight man for twenty years andliking the same sex is a subversive view, so he doesn\'t want to face the facts.

The door opened and Gu Yu came inside with achill. With a long sigh of relief, he sat in the car. With care he peeled awaythe wrapper and handed the dumpling to Zhang Siyi. Gu Yu wasn\'t in a hurry. Ashe turned to Zhang Siyi to give him his dumpling, Zhang Siyi immediatelywithdrew his sight. “Hey, you want the egg yolk meat, right?” He alsoreached to the side into another bag and took out a cup of hot soy milk. Heleaned over and gave them to Zhang Siyi. "Eat while it\'s still hot."

Holding the hot food, his hands warmed up. GuYu\'s intimate words and actions caused a warm feeling deep within Zhang Siyi togrow, but when he thought of the game last night, with the evidence between hislegs, being repeatedly teased and bullied by Gu Yu, his heart took a dive…. Ah-ah! Really annoying!

The rest of the drive was uneventful. They madegood time and arrived at the outskirts of the city of Ningcheng before 11o\'clock. Zhang Siyi mother was waiting at the park-and-ride. When she saw herson, she was delighted and got out of her car with gifts. She took the gift boxto Gu Yu. "Mr. Gu, thank you for bringing Sisi back. Driving the car for solong must be really hard!"

With some embarrassment, Gu Yu waved his hand inrefusal: “Mrs. Zhang, you are too kind. It\'s on the way so it\'s not aproblem. Without him, I would have to drive alone."

Zhang Siyi\'s Mother nudged Gu Yu with thepackages and insisted: "Don\'t be so polite. I will agree to nothing less thanyour acceptance. Here, this is for you." While Gu Yu smiled and received the packagesreluctantly, he glanced over at the car from which she came: “Today is socold. Next time, I will drive him directly to your house. You won\'t have tocome pick him up again."

Zhang Siyi: “…” Next time?

Mrs. Zhang chuckled and said: “But it\'s alreadyso far. How can you bring him to the house? In addition, it\'s already lunchtime and I think your family is probably waiting for you. My short trip fromhome is not more than fifteen minutes, so you don\'t have to worry about me.Because of the holidays, everyone is so busy. This is a special time to spendwith your own family, but next time you must personally come to my house andvisit and have a meal.

Nodding, Gu Yu smiled and said: "Yes I will."With such a reasonable, generous, and enthusiastic mother, it was difficult torefuse.

After chatting for a little while, Zhang Siyi\'sMother noticed her son standing to the side, carrying a bag in silence. Sheeyed him: "You silly boy! Standing there doing nothing…… Say something!"

"Ah" Zhang Siyi reacted suddenly to his mother\'swords. Red faced he said: "Thank you for today. You are welcome to visit myhouse anytime."

Gu Yu looked at him with a smile and said,“Well, I wish you a happy new year in advance.”

Zhang Siyi: "…… You too."

When Zhang Siyi arrived back home, he quickly ranupstairs.

“Hey! What are you doing in a hurry? Let’sput away the things first and have lunch!” Zhang Siyi\'s Mother yelled upthe stairs.

Zhang Siyi: “I, I, I’ll take a quick fifteenminutes shower first! I\'ll be quick.”

Zhang Siyi\'s Father was warming his hands holdinga hot cup of tea. He was about to get up and call the housekeeper to start themeal, but he heard them yelling so he sat back down with a frown: "Whathappened? Did he get carsick? Why is he taking a shower now?"

Mother Zhang rubbed her hands together forwarmth: "No. Sisi looked fine. We took longer because I had a short talk withGu Yu. He dropped Sisi off in a Lexus. He said Gu Yu bought the car with hisown money! He is so young but can afford a car like that. He is really good!"

Zhang father lowered his eyes and turned thenewspaper away from his face and said: “Making money is not a good measureof whether someone is good or not. The key is a persons\' intelligence andstability. Since he can be as rash as you are, he is definitely your son, but Iknow with guidance and patience he will become well-grounded.

Mother Zhang smiled: "If I am so hot tempered,then weren\'t you rash for marrying me? As soon as we look at our good fortunein life, we are free from worry and can look forward to our next life."

Zhang Siyi\'s Father coughed once and went back toreading his newspaper. Even though he didn\'t say anything, his expression wasfull of pride.

Even though Zhang Siyi showered in record time,the nerves that had been tense all day relaxed. He dried himself off and gotdressed. Picking up the dirty cloths, he looked at the garment that caused somuch shame and felt irritated. He was trying to deal with it when he heard hisMother shouting: "Sisi! Are you ready? The food is getting cold!" Blushing, ZhangSiyi hurriedly shoved the soiled underwear under his pillow then wentdownstairs.

Since it was early enough in the day, the mealfor lunch was relatively simple. When his Father asked him about work, ZhangSiyi finally had something to brag about. He told him about the various tasksand project related work he has completed. He especially went into detail aboutthe C-City project, however they ended up in a debate.

Zhang Siyi\'s Father was quite dissatisfied with Chief\'sstyle of city planning. He feels that there is nothing to be proud of by the decisionsmade by the candidates to over-development the area. Since it is the firstindependent project Zhang Siyi has done since joining the company, it means alot to him. Not only is it his first project, but Zhang Siyi\'s result was alsodue to the competition with his peer. In private, they debated about thesituation in C-City, but he is only an architect and not a politician. He canonly make the best design under the existing conditions and can\'t interferewith the political and upper decision-making. His Father\'s disdain made ZhangSiyi feel very depressed. Internally he thought: "Can\'t he just affirm myefforts and achievements?"

After the meal, his father asked him to watch thepolitical news with him. Even though Zhang Siyi didn\'t want to, he couldn\'trefuse his Father\'s request. However, because he was angry with his father, hedidn\'t have anything positive to say and they ended up bickering more. SinceZhang Siyi so rarely argued with his Father, he stared at him in wonder.Originally, his Father wanted to establish a connection with Zhang Siyi, buthis fatherly image crumbled: "You\'re stupid. You think politics are so simple!"With that, the conversation abruptly ended. It\'s no use talking to a wall.

Not caring how his father felt, Zhang Siyisnorted and left the living room. His freedom was won, and he went upstairs tohis bedroom happily, eager to check-up on his friends and colleagues on socialmedia. They are all at home and there is an endless supply of news to read fromthe various chat groups he is in.

Lu Qiao posted pictures of his hometown and Bi Leletook photos of herself at a shopping center with her girlfriends. Zhu Hongzhen\'shometown was in the north so there were pictures of the snow fortress he builtas well as photos of him outside wrapped up in snow. Zhang Siyi made sure tosend positive comments to his colleagues. He also checked up on his otherfriends. They were exchanging information about their year-end awards, wages, andthe current industry situation.

Su Yuan: “Oh, my God! We only received ahalf-month\'s salary for the end-of-the-year bonus! So little! I want to changejob!"

Ren Meng: “In my small company, you don\'tget anything!"

Jiang Hai: "We also made less this year. I heardfrom a senior that in the past his year-end bonus was equal to a year worth ofsalary! When will the industry\'s low tide pass? Otherwise there won\'t be enoughmoney to marry a wife!" Because of his steady relationship with Tian Jiang, shewas also in the chat group.

Tian Jiang sent a laughing expression into thechat: "It\'s simple! You come to our house. Son-in-law."

Jiang Hai: “…”

When seeing their cute banter, Zhang Siyi isreminded of Fu Xinhui\'s situation at home with his own brother-in-law. Seeingno messages from Fu Xinhui in the chat group, he started to feel a littleworried and sent him a private message. "Hey! Are you at home? How’s it going?How\'s Cheer-Up?"Aftera long time, Zhang Siyi received a voice message from Fu Xinhui. The backgroundwas very noisy: "Not so good. I can\'t chat now. I will call you later toelaborate."