Assistant Architect - Chapter 66

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 66: Going Home


Ignoring the gentle voice of Gu Yu, the sullentemperament that he exudes from his body is more terrifying then when he isserious. The unspoken meaning expressed is: if you don\'t beg, I will make youpay.

From the tip of his toes to the top of his head, ZhangSiyi trembled with excitement. Burning up, there was a current traveling allover his body. While his physical body reacted one way, Zhang Siyi mind is sour.

Although Gu Yu is indeed older than him, “gege”is nothing, but in this case, the threat to call makes Zhang Siyi feel humiliated.His male self-esteem has been completely defeated.

Feeling like he was in a precarious position, Zhang Siyi hadto compromise. On one hand, he didn\'t want to beg. On the other, if he didn\'t, hewas afraid that Gu Yu would deal with him in an even more cruel way.

Clutching the bed, in a bizarre sense of sweetness andshame, Zhang Siyi squeezed out two words from his throat: “gege…”

Gu Yu teased again: “Hmm? What did you say? Like a dove\'ssoft coo, I didn’t catch it."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

Zhang Siyi brokedown and said, "You\'ve gone too far!!!" Because he was so angry, his voicecracked.

As if Zhang Siyireaction was the greatest pleasure, Gu Yu suddenly flopped back down on the bedand earnestly laughed with joy. After laughing for half a minute, Gu Yu gasped forbreath and said: “I have done it, heh-heh-heh. Alright, go to sleep."

Zhang Siyi:“…”

As an after-thought,Gu Yu said: "Oh yeh. You surrendered, so keep my underwear on for the night.Don\'t secretly take it off."

Zhang Siyi:“………” Too deceitful! (t////t)

If Zhang Siyi hadknown that the game would be so unbearable, he would have insisted on sleepingon the sofa, frozen.

Very soon, theroom once again fell into peaceful silence. Feeling like he had been beaten, ZhangSiyi\'s brain is numb. Although Gu Yu did not touch him, it felt like Gu Yu spiritoverwhelmed and dominated him. Since he is still wearing his underwear, thisfeeling is especially strong. It is as though he was marked with hormones byanother male animal, making him feel both upset and excited. Exhaustedphysically and mentally, the last traces of energy slip away into dreamland.

However, this isnot the end of his nightmare.

Early the nextmorning, Zhang Siyi opened his eyes to find him tightly wrapped around Gu Yu. Thetwo quilts that were originally separated, were scattered. Skin on skin, toes entwinedwith toes; their posture is as intimate as an enamored couple. This close,Zhang Siyi can count the number of eyelashes Gu Yu has.

Not knowing whenZhang Siyi woke up, Gu Yu looked at him with eyes half open, not saying a word.

In horror, ZhangSiyi loosened his hands, retreated a little and stammered: “I, we…”He originally wanted to say, “how could we sleep like this” But sinceZhang Siyi realized he was the one holding onto Gu Yu, he dared not ask thequestion. "What time is it?" It was bright outside so is was more then three o\'clockin the morning.

Moving his arms, GuYu started to sit up and in a low and hoarse voice he said: “More thanseven.”

Zhang Siyihurriedly said, “Why didn’t you wake me up?” Gu Yu’s reaction is muchcalmer than his own. While bending over to pick up Zhang Siyi\'s clothes on thefloor and throwing them to him, he explained: “I woke up at three o’clock andsaw you were deeply a sleep. When I laid back down, I also fell asleep thenwoke up at six o’clock.”

Zhang Siyihurriedly put clothes on and said: “Six? But isn’t it after seven o’clocknow?”

Gu Yu smiled:“At the time you were holding me like your life depended on it, talking inyour sleep. You seem to be having an argument with someone in a dream. How canI wake you up? I\'m afraid you would be upset with me."

Zhang Siyi: "……"Damn you! What kind of reason is that! Am I the kind of person who can gocrazy? He did seem to have some weird dreams last night. A fleeting feelingtouched his memory when he woke up, but he forgot what it was.

Gu Yu sighed:“Forget it. There is no difference between six and seven o\'clock. We willbe stuck in traffic regardless.

“Okay……."Zhang Siyi put on his shirt and put on his trousers.…… Why is there a wet sensationdown there….? "Big Uncle…." he seems tohave cum. Oh, my God……. He is still wearing Gu Yu\'s underwear….! In anotherman’s bed and wearing another man’s underwear!

“%¥#@……”tfu`ck! ! ! !

Last night\'sdiscovery was the last straw to break Zhang Siyi back. His whole outlook on lifecompletely collapsed. For a moment, Zhang Siyi felt like he could no longerface Gu Yu in the future. He wanted to resign. He wanted to end allcommunication between them!

Seeing Zhang Siyiworrisome and despondent expression, Gu Yu asked:" What\'s wrong?”

“No,nothing…” Zhang Siyi quickly put on his trousers, pretending to forgetthat he was still wearing Gu Yu’s underwear, and went to the bathroom in a panicwith a sense of shame. Ah, ah, ah… he\'s going to explode. Blackhistory! The black history of a lifetime!!!

In the morningrush, Gu Yu didn\'t have any mind to pay attention to Zhang Siyi and whichunderwear he was wearing, until the two took their luggage to the door. He sawZhang Siyi\'s dropping head, a lost spirit in despair.

“What’s thematter, haven’t you woken up yet?" Gu Yu asked him.

Zhang Siyiblinked his eyes and acted the part in order to cover up his inner turmoil: "Itseems so."

Gu Yu wanted topress him, but seeing the lack of reaction from Zhang Siyi, he didn\'t teasehim. He calmly said: "Sleep in the car for a while."

The villa whereGu Yu lived did not have a parking space, so he parked his car in the undergroundgarage of a shopping mall across the road. For more than ten minutes, the two ofthem walked to Gu Yu\'s silver-gray Lexus, which is a brand of car that ZhangSiyi likes. His mind was preoccupied with this morning\'s events, so he remainedsilent.

When he got intothe car, Gu Yu handed him a bottle of water and said: “First drink. Thebreakfast shop isn\'t open today. It will take a least two hours to get to thehighway rest stop to eat."

Zhang Siyi gentlyresponded with a "mm, hmm" then fastened his seatbelt, sunk himself back intothe seat and closed his eyes. Gu Yu looked at him suspiciously then started thecar. The two didn\'t talk at all.

When they leftthe city, they stopped in traffic for a while. Fortunately, the time was nottoo long, and Gu Yu steadily drove on the highway towards Ningcheng. The droneof the ride put Zhang Siyi to sleep. Later, he was awakened by the vibrationsof his mobile phone. It was his mother\'s call. In a feeble voice he answeredit: "Mom."

Mama Zhang quicklytalked to him on the phone: "Sisi, didn\'t you say you would arrive betweenseven and eight in the morning? It\'s already nine o\'clock. Why haven\'t youarrived yet?"

A few days ago,Zhang Siyi told his mother that he will leave early with Gu Yu and drive backhome, but now the situation has changed. He explained: "We overslept. We left afterseven in the morning and we are driving on the highway now."

Gu Yu interjected:“Tell her there aren\'t traffic jams so we should arrive between eleven andtwelve."

Concise, ZhangSiyi said: "I\'ll be home at lunch time."

Mama Zhang:“Overslept? Did you stay at his house last night?”

Unknown to hismother, she struck a nerve. Frazzled, Zhang Siyi irritably replied: "Yes! Ithought we were leaving at three in the morning, so I went to his place tosleep!"

Seemingly full ofregret, his tone was not warm, almost a complaint. If he had known weren\'t goingto leave at three in the morning, then he wouldn\'t have had to experience suchhumiliation last night. He wanted to burry himself.

Gu Yu glanced athim and Zhang Siyi awkwardly turned away. The two obviously did not quarrel,but the air between them was thick with resentment.

Mama Zhang:“I see.”

“Whatelse do you want?” Zhang Siyi was a little annoyed and snapped at her.

Almost all themothers in the world will not care about their son\'s bad temper and Zhang Siyi\'sMom is no exception. She thought he was feeling restless and agitated becausehe overslept. She sighed and said: "Originally you told me you were leaving atthree in the morning. Since it\'s not safe driving at that hour, I was worried.What if something happened to you on the road? I wanted to call and see if youwere alright. I sent messages in WeChat, but you never responded."

Listening to hismother’s soft tone, Zhang Siyi was greatly reassured. His mood calmed down:“We’ll be safe. I’ve just fallen asleep and I probably missed the textmessage chime.”

When Ms. Zhangheard it, it was her turn to be annoyed: “How can you fall asleep? It\'shard enough driving alone. How can you not chat with him during the trip?”

Zhang Siyi:“…”

His motherscolded him: "You can\'t always be thinking of your own comfort and not thinkabout others. It was nice enough for Gu Yu to bring you back. He isn\'t free tobe your personal driver. Don\'t sleep anymore, ok?"

Although he didn\'twant to admit it, Zhang Siyi realized his mistake. “Yes, I know.” Hehung up the phone and sat up straighter and spoke to Gu Yu in a pragmatic way: "Whenare we going to get to the rest area? “

Gu Yu: “Prettysoon. Maybe another half an hour……. Hungry?"

"Yes." Zhang Siyicarefully looked at the instrument panel and dashboard in the car, enviously,"When did you buy this car, it looks new."

Gu Yu: “Ithas been almost a year since I bought it.”

Zhang Siyi:“How come I don’t usually see you drive?”

Gu Yu: “Withso little travel distance to get to the company building, I can simply take thesubway and besides, it\'s not environmentally friendly either.

…… He didn’tthink Gu Yu was an environmentalist!

Zhang Siyi followedup with another question: “Did you buy a car in order to travel to andfrom Ningcheng?”

Gu Yu explained: "When I have to go to a project site and answerquestions, sometimes its more convenient."

Zhang Siyi:“Oh … This car isn’t cheap, is it? I remember the Lexus GS was at least 500,000.

Gu Yu:“Almost, I got it for 740,000.”

Seeing Gu Yu answer so straightforwardly and truthfully after asking a few questions, Zhang Siyi felt depressed. If its like this, then what happened last night? He felt like he was being scammed……. (t_t)


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