Assistant Architect - Chapter 64

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 64: Heart-Warming


Reality is so different from the imagination. Feelinglike he got slapped in the face Zhang Siyi responded in a distorted expression:"You criticize my frequency and yet you want that every day! Are you not embarrassed?"

Gu Yu: “My situation is different from yours. If youdon\'t have a girlfriend now, then what do you think about while jerking offtwo-three times a week?"

Zhang Siyi: "….." What does a girlfriend have to do withit? Isn\'t it a natural thing to masturbate in the shower? Wait, it seems he hasalmost missed an important message: “… You have a girlfriend?"

Gu Yu interrupted: "Don’t jump the queue. You haven’tanswered that question yet."

"Which question?" Zhang Siyi\'s train of thought retreatedfor a moment… Shit! That is also a question!

Gu Yu: "What are you thinking when you are doing…. Mmmm,Ahhh, NNnnn…." The sensuous, soft tones overflow gently from his nasal cavity,horse and seductive. "Come on, well, what is it?"

Zhang Siyi insides are screaming "fuck" and his skin isburning hot. Such a thing, how to say it. It\'s what men know! ……! ……!“I choose a Dare!”

Gu Yu chuckled and leisurely reached out from the bed andused his finger to motion to Zhang Siyi.

Zhang Siyi squirmed in the bed and took off his shirt. Hesuddenly regretted opening this topic without a lower limit. Who would havethought that such a serious and stoic person at work, in secret became a personwithout integrity?

Taking the T-shirt and throwing it under the bed, Gu Yu teased:"So soon the second piece, three minus two, then you only have one pair ofunderwear left, hmm?"

Zhang Siyi shrank into the quilt and said, “Yeh. So?”Even if he was stripped, he still had a quilt.

Gu Yu lamented: “Gee, really no challenge huh.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Gu Yu calmlysaid: “First to answer your question just now, no.”

Zhang Siyi asked:“No girlfriend? Really? Then what is so different about your situationfrom mine?

Gu Yu interrupted:“You cut the line again. I answered the question so now it is time for meto ask.”

Zhang Siyi:“…” What?

Gu Yu smiled:“But for your poor sake, I\'ll let you off the hook this time.”

Zhang Siyithoughts can\'t keep up with Gu Yu\'s rhythm.

Gu Yu:“Because there is someone that I like."

Zhang Siyi:“…” He has someone he likes? Since it is not a girlfriend, is itjust an acquaintance? Based on his previous answers, maybe it\'s someone morerecent that he likes? Who?

…aah, aah, aah,fuck! Too many questions to ask!

“Okay, it’smy turn.” While smiling, Gu Yu particularly slowed down the speed of his speech,as if in a tense atmosphere and reminded Zhang Siyi: “If you can’t answerthis question, you won’t be wearing clothes.”

Feeling anundisclosed threat, Zhang Siyi wiggled into the quilt deeper and pressed itaround his body to tightly wrap himself up like a shield that would protect himfrom external forces.

Gu Yu slowlysaid: “Talk about the latest person who made you feel your heart move.”

Zhang Siyi:“………”

Gu Yu alsoexplained kindly: “This heart-warming experience is not necessarily to like.It can just be a good feeling. Maybe it either was a feeling of rapid heartbeator just a moment of attraction, like a beautiful stranger that smiles at you.It\'s very common and I believe everyone has had this experience… Tell me what typeof person that is and what the person was doing at the time when you felt yourheart move."

Zhang Siyi:“………..”

Zhang Siyi\'sbrain rumbled like a tsunami and landslide.

Each of his memories,like a movie clip in his mind, flashed by; today when Gu Yu was laughing in thekitchen; Gu Yu leaning against the car on the business trip and being called "LittleApprentice"; Gu Yu whispering in his ear when he ask to go home together; Gu Yutouching his head in the office; Gu Yu asking is he was alright during the gameat the annual meeting…

… too much… toomuch… too much….

We will meet somany people in our lifetime and we may not love anyone in this life, but thereare always many heart-warming moments. As Gu Yu said, it is not necessarilylike, but it must be very common. Recently… Zhang Siyi desperately tried tofind all the types of examples from his memory. Not just the last time, or twotimes, or even the last five times or ten times…… every heart-warming experienceis due to Gu Yu! What is he going to say? He can\'t say anything!

No matter whichclip he picks, which scene, Gu Yu will know that he is talking about him. Feelinghis anxiety rise, Zhang Siyi doesn\'t want to answer! Alarmed, his subconscious mindcan no longer cover up his thumping heart thereby completely exposing hispreviously denied feelings.

Oh.Shit. Did he like him? o////o

“Why aren\'tyou saying anything? Still don’t understand?” Gu Yu’s low voice came fromthe side, once again causing Zhang Siyi’s heart to beat erratically, and pulledhis thoughts back to the immediate problem.

“Okay, ifyou think that the word ‘heart’ is too literary, it can be extended to‘physiological impulses’. Anyway, most men who use the lower half of their bodycan never tell the difference between the two. Come on, tell me about the lasttime you…."

“Stop, Stop!I understand ‘ heart-warming’! ” Zhang Siyi interrupted him. Blushing deeply,remembering exactly the reasons, he dares not say anything.

“Oh? Itseems like you have experienced it!” Gu Yu said, eager to know.

His stomach hurt:“I, I, I…” Zhang Siyi stuttered for a long time. “Dare… Ichoose a Dare.” (=_=)

“…..”Gu Yu was a little surprised. “You can\'t say it? Now I\'m curious. Is thisan impulse towards something weird!?"

Zhang Siyi:“……” You fuck off!!"

Gu Yu teased witha smile: “Oh, you know what to do. Take it off yourself.”

Zhang Siyi iswilling to concede. After all, he is inside the quilt. However, while taking hislast piece of clothing off, he wonders, like the other pieces, if he has tohand his underwear to Gu Yu.

Fortunately, GuYu was not so perverted. He smiled and said: “You don\'t have to give meyour underwear. Just throw them on the bed over there."

Zhang Siyi:“…” Shit! All gone! Good humiliation! (t_t) Shrinking down into thebedding, he angrily stated:" “It’s my turn to ask!”

Gu Yu said with asigh: “You ask.”

Surging withjealousy, Zhang Siyi put his hand on his chest, pressed his crazy heart and urgentlyasked: “The person you like … Who is it?

Since the gamehas started, this is the first time Gu Yu is silent. The sudden change caused ZhangSiyi to turn his head to look at Gu Yu. Lying next to him in the dark, he saw GuYu\'s profile and watched his eyelashes slowly open and close. In the nextsecond, Gu Yu also turned his head to the side and looked deeply into ZhangSiyi eyes. Like an electric circuit finally being fixed, incomprehensible emotionsflowed.

Feeling worried,Zhang Siyi started to fret over his question. Is Gu Yu unhappy about beingasked this private issue? Was that too much? Hurriedly, he swore: "I promise Iwon\'t tell."

Gu Yu smiled andsaid: “I take a Dare.”

Zhang Siyi:“!!!”

What!? Why can\'tyou say whom you like? Our lives only intersect through work, so even if I know,there is no place to gossip… wait, wait, wait… But, if I did know, then it\'ssomeone from the company…… Or, do you mean…. A faint memory tickled Zhang Siyi conscious.That day in KTV, after the annual meeting, when Fu Xinhui pointed out certainthings..… What he mentioned…. The person Gu Yu likes is ….. o////o

No, no, no! You are only thinking like thus because your emotionsare a mess. Zhang Siyi don’t be so pretentious!

Gu Yu raised his eyebrows and asked:“What do you want me to do? Also take off my clothes?”

“Uh… ah, ok.”Even though Zhang Siyi was the one who asked the question, his mind waspreoccupied so he wasn\'t paying attention at all.

Gu Yu easily tookoff his shirt and threw it on the floor. In a mischievous, naughty tone hesaid: "Let\'s continue. It\'s my turn."

Expecting somethingtroublesome, Zhang Siyi instinctively curled up into a protective ball,shivering under the covers, praying for Gu Yu to stop asking such privatequestions.

Gu Yu: “Areyou still on your first night?”

Zhang Siyi:“Poof–!" First night? Shit, what a strange description of this! He’s nota woman!

Since there wereno problems with answering, Zhang Siyi pretended to be calm and said: “If youare talking about the first type of intimacy, I have little experience."

Gu Yu smirked andcommented: “I can\'t believe you are so innocent. I thought you liked toplay at puppy-love. "

Zhang Siyiretorted: "Ah, what puppy-love? Being in love in college is normal. Besides, Ifeel that my relationship with my ex wasn\'t very formal. At that time, I was abroad,and she was in China, so at most, it was dating. We wouldn\'t see each other forlong periods of time; very Plato…. I want to be responsible for that kind ofthing. At least, I want to confirm that I will be together later. Ok?"

Gu Yu chuckled:“Platonic? There are no philosophy books that have been ‘Plato’. Childrenthese days seems to play at being a family, but your attitude towards that kindof thing is serious and responsible. You didn\'t develop bad habits from foreigners."

Now, Zhang Siyididn\'t appreciate being educated by Gu Yu. He asked the same: "Well, I just saidso what about you? Do you have a lot of experience? How many people have you beenwith?"

Gu Yu: “I havenot been with anyone."

Zhang Siyi wasshocked: “What!?” – Gu Yu, this grass-roots level male god did noteven talk about love?

Gu Yu sees thedoubts in his eyes and straightforwardly said: “I don\'t know what to dowith love.”

Zhang Siyi:“Hey, didn’t you just say you had someone you liked?

Sighing softly,Gu Yu said: “It’s not hard to have one.” In a distressed tone which hintedat bitterness he continued: "But I have no experience and don\'t know how tochase.”

Zhang Siyi: “…”