Assistant Architect - Chapter 63

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling

Chapter 63: Night Talk


Gu Yu asked softly: “What’s the matter, can’tsleep?”

In order to ease the sweet yet awkward situation, ZhangSiyi wanted to continue to play dumb, but after listening to the gentle voiceof Gu Yu, he suddenly decided to give up.

“Hmm …” In his mind, Zhang Siyi was franticto find an excuse to save himself from embarrassment. Luckily, Gu Yu solved theproblem for him.

Gu Yu smiled and softly said: “Since I can’t sleep,let’s talk for a while.”

Zhang Siyi: “What do you want to talk about?”

Gu Yu: “Whatever you want to ask.”

"Really?" Zhang Siyi\'s clenched his hands repeatedly alongthe sides of his body, both excited and nervous.

Gu Yu did not affirm or deny Zhang Siyi’s question, butinstead he smiled and said: “I know that you are very curious aboutme.”

Although he wants to deny Gu Yu’s assertion, Zhang Siyiis so curious about him, he is dyeing to ask him questions. He has been feelingemotionally tangled for a while now and he can’t resist forging ahead.“Whose house is this?”

Gu Yu: “A real estate businessman who my father knewin my early years.”

Zhang Siyi: “I thought you said he was yourfriend.”

Gu Yu: “He is my friend now.”

Zhang Siyi: “Well… Does he charge you rent?”

Gu Yu: “Nope.”

Zhang Siyi exclaimed: “Wow! So good!”

Gu Yu: “Nothing is free. Even though he doesn’tcharge me rent, I owe him in favors. If he needs me to design something for himin the future, I must help, and I will not charge him architectural fees.”

Zhang Siyi: “Oh…… So, when did you start livinghere?"

Gu Yu: “After getting my master’s degree, I came toHaicheng.”

Zhang Siyi: “So, two years ago?”

Gu Yu: “Exactly, it has been two years and eightmonths in this house, but 11 years total in Haicheng. Since this house islocated in Yuanshan Garden area, it is difficult to rent for commercial use. Myfriends took me to see the place and asked me to help him renovate it forrental. It hadn’t been renovated for ten years, but I liked it, so I spent ahalf year working on while living here.”

Zhang Siyi: “No wonder the look is quite new… Didyou design the interior yourself?"

Gu Yu: “Hmm.”

Zhang Siyi paused and suddenly wanted to ask Gu Yu aboutwhat his father does, but he was worried it wasn’t appropriate to ask. However,Gu Yu himself said that he could ask anything and since he was in his own home,it should be fine!

“I heard you say you are an architect because ofyour father. Is your father an architect?” Zhang Siyi asked.

Gu Yu: “Oh, yes, but he is different from thearchitects of our time. His work is more like engineering.”

Listening to Gu Yu\'s answer without hesitation, ZhangSiyi was not satisfied, but his inner gossip was getting stronger and stronger.

He also wants to ask about his mother, and his sister,and the girl who he saw holding Gu Yu at that time in KTV…. Just when ZhangSiyi was so eager to use this momentum to continue drilling him, Gu Yu suddenlysaid: “Isn’t it a little unfair if you are the one only asking?”

Zhang Siyi: "……" Wait, Wait, Wait! I only asked you afew questions!

Gu Yu: “Why don’t you let me ask some?"

Zhang Siyi clenched his fists on his chest: “Wha…,what do you want to know?”

Contemplating the issue, Gu Yu was silence for a longwhile then sighed and said: “But there isn’t much to be curious about. Youare too simple. I basically know everything about you when I look through yourcircle of friends on social media.”

Zhang Siyi: “…” How can this be!

Giving himself some leeway, Gu Yu asked: “How abouta game?”

Zhang Siyi saw the hope of continuing to gossip andimmediately said: “What game?”

Gu Yu suggested: “Truth or Dare?”

Zhang Siyi: “…” Yes! Gu Yu, will actuallyplay this type of game too?

“If you keep asking me mundane questions, if youdon’t fall asleep, I will.” Gu Yu said and then yawned in a timely mannerbefore he continued. “It\'s simple. Ask a difficult question and who can\'tanswer will have to do what the other requested.”

Hearing the word “difficult”, Zhang Siyi wasashamed to be excited! Although he had a faint sense of crisis in his heart andhis mind seems to have forgotten Gu Yu’s black-belly nature, Zhang Siyicouldn’t pass up this temptation to find answers. He wanted to continuegossiping. Especially those specific questions related to Zhang Siyi difficultproblems…. oh… (☆ _☆)

“Okay, I’ll play!” Zhang Siyi readily agreed,but he still made some precautionary measures.” If you choose a dare, itcan’t be too risky.”

Before, while at University in the UK, Zhang Siyi andseveral Chinese students often played this game. Some of the people\'srisk-taking requirements were simple like eating wrapping paper or uploading a stupiddance on social media, but some were quite severe. Zhang Siyi remembered onetime when a boy was asked to drink toilet water and another time a boy wasasked to go to the dorm lobby naked. He genuinely did not care for this type oftricky trick.

Fortunately, Gu Yu clearly stated: “No, we limit theconditions. The scope of the Dare must not leave this bed. It is only betweenyou and me. It must be something that the other party can do.”

Zhang Siyi breathed a sigh of relief and felt at ease.What can possibly be done in this bed with just the two of them? Together, theywill be able to prevent accidents from being exposed. Very good!

Gu Yu continued to explain: “I have two requirements.One, you must declare in advance. Two, you can\'t lie on a Truth and you can\'tcheat on a Dare."

Zhang Siyi agreed to the conditions: “Hmm, ok!”

Gu Yu followed up with: “Otherwise, the bonus willbe deducted.”

Zhang Siyi: “…..” I already promised and you stillthreaten me with your identity of a boss!

Gu Yu: “Well, let’s get started … Do you want toask first?"

After so many conditions were laid out, like atantalizing, desert locked in a glass case, finally, it was opened for him. However,there are so many questions to ask and he felt so tangled he doesn\'t know whereto start! Forget it, first ask the one you just thought of —

“Last Christmas when we met at KTV, was the girlholding your arm your girlfriend?”

Seeing Gu Yu burst out laughing, Zhang Siyi was a bitconfounded. How is this question funny?

“No.” Gu Yu quickly answered.

Zhang Siyi realized after the fact that he asked a stupidquestion. He should have asked directly who the girl was.

"It\'s my turn?" Gu Yu indulged him for a moment and asked:"Just now, the same thing. How many objects have you had?”

“Just one.” Zhang Siyi also answered veryquickly, although it was a bit strange. The wording in Gu Yu\'s question is"object" rather than "girlfriend". The word "object" sounds like the old marketof the last century.

“Who was that girl?” Zhang Siyi then asked whathe wanted to know.

Gu Yu: “My sister.”

Zhang Siyi suddenly realized, ah, she is the sister of GuYu! It\'s no wonder she is so beautiful. Gu\'s family\'s genes are so good!

Gu Yu appraised Zhang Siyi with a smile: “Why do youcare about her?”

Zhang Siyi didn’t know at which point he seeminglyoffended Gu Yu. Anxious to make amends, he quickly replied: "I don\'t. I justwanted to know who she was."

In jealousy, Gu Yu scoffed: "Do you want to be mybrother-in-law? You are nowhere near it."

Zhang Siyi: “…”

“Is it my turn again?” Gu Yu\'s tone was gloomy,as if he was making a move for the next question. Sure enough, he asked aquestion that Zhang Siyi was unable to parry: “What were you thinking justnow when I wasn’t in the room?"

Zhang Siyi’s cheeks warmed up all at once, and he wasthinking, thinking …

“Well??” Gu Yu urged him. “Come on, youwere up because you were thinking of something all this time, right? Say it.Don\'t lie. I can hear a lie."

Zhang Siyi: “I, I… I choose a dare…..”(t////t)

Gu Yan grinned and asked: “How many clothes do youhave on your body now?”

Zhang Siyi froze. He counted then confessed: “Three."

“Then pick something to take off," Gu Yu extendedhis hand out from under the covers: “Then hand it to me."

“……” Why does this request make him feel alittle ashamed? But the night is dark and staying under the covers, no one cansee.

A minute later, Zhang Siyi took off an article of clothingand handed it to Gu Yu. Extending his arm, he touched Gu Yu\'s already coldfingers, sending an electric current through him. Zhang Siyi quickly retractedhis hand.

Feeling the heat of the fabric from Zhang Siyi body, GuYu rubbed the pure cotton cloth between his fingers and began to look at it inthe darkness. "What is this? Long Johns?"

Zhang Siyi: “…” Eh? Why do you want to seeit!

In fact, at bed time, Zhang Siyi normally wears a t-shirtand underwear to sleep in. Being at Gu Yu\'s house, he is a bit shy and aftertaking his trousers off, he left his long johns on.

After Gu Yu finished looking at them, he threw the long johns under the bed: “Let\'s continue. It\'s yourturn?"

Grinding histeeth, Zhang Siyi wants to retaliate and asked a very personal question: “Doyou jerk off?” …….. Hey, in the eyes of others, the perfect Gu Yu willdefinitely feel embarrassed when faced with this kind of shameless question!!But to Zhang Siyi surprise, he didn\'t have to wait more than two seconds beforeGu Yu calmly answered him.

With a tone usedto answer an idiot\'s question Gu Yu replied: "Of course. I\'m a normal man."

Zhang Siyi:“….” How can you talk about it as a matter of fact like it\'snothing!?

Gu Yu quickly threwthe question right back at him: “What about you? How many times do jerkoff in a week? You don\'t have a girlfriend now.”

Zhang Siyi: “Oh,two or three times.”

Gu Yu: "Tut,there’s a lot of demand.”

Zhang Siyi: “….”How is this a lot? This demand is normal, okay? Who’s so abstinent like you? "Well,how about you? How many times a week do you do it?" Zhang Siyi asked back.

“Before it was less. Maybe a few times a month, but more recently…." Gu Yu sighed in distress: "I want to do it every day."


The author has something to say: This plot is well written shame Ah, but there is more shame in the back how to break? Ask not to call the police. (*/ω*)