Assistant Architect - Chapter 6 (2)

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Assistant Architect by Xi He Qing Ling


Chapter 6: Senior


The previously quite group chat was boiling again afterZhang Siyi sent his message.

Su Yuan: “I nearly fainted. Were you just scaring us?Ah!”

Jiang Hai: “Congratulations!"

Ningmong: “What the hell is going on?"

Fu Xinhui: “…”

Zhang Siyi: “I didn’t scare you. I just thought itwasn\'t going to go my way. I didn’t expect the outcome to be so great." ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Su Yuan: “I did say that the interview is just aformality. How is the salary?”

Zhang Siyi: “The beginningsalary probation period is 5,000, then after 6 months it will increase to 8,000.That is not counting any bonuses.”

Su Yuan: “Notbad.”

Jiang Hai: “Wow, youare paid more than me even after these 2 years. I am at 7,000!”

Fu Xinhui: “More thanhalf is to pay rent? That\'s not even as good as migrant workers.”

See this reply, Zhang Siyisuddenly has the impulse to go back to the convenience store for a 15 YuanBento!

Su Yuan: “Don\'t splashcold water on him. The first year of an undergraduate salary in the constructionindustry in Haicheng is six thousand or seven thousand. 8,000 is very good. Withbonuses I also earn that amount."

Jiang Hai: “No way! Ourprofession has such a low price/performance ratio. It is harder to learn than adog. It is harder than a cow and earns less than a chicken. ╮(╯_╰)╭”

Fu Xinhui: “Do notinsult chickens, chickens make a lot of good money!”

" Jiang Hai: ” Inbrief: It’s better to be a chicken.”

Ningmong: “My cousindoes finance and after graduation he went to a private financial managementfirm and, now in the second year of work, his annual salary is 200,000.”[Crying]

Fu Xinhui: “My friendis an Internet game host with a monthly income of 200,000.”

Zhang Siyi: “Bigbrother and sister! This is my first job! If you can\'t say anything positive,then don\'t say anything at all!"

Fu Xinhui: “Treatme!”

" Ningmong: “Treatme!”

" Jiang Hai: “Treatme!”

" Su Yuan: “Treatme!”

" Zhang Siyi:“…”

While tapping his message onhis phone, Zhang Siyi was caught off guard and was shocked. When he turned hishead, he saw Gu Yu, who had just interviewed himself, stand behind him andlooked at him with a wide smile: “Are you chatting with friends again?”

Zhang Siyi: “…”Why does this man always remember his ex-girlfriend counting his stalks! He didnot expect to meet Gu Yu here: “What a coincidence. You also come here toeat?”

“I just saw you talkingto your new colleague upstairs. How come you didn\'t eat with them?" Gu Yuasked.

Zhang Siyi only felt cold behindhim, and quickly explained: “Not knowing there would be a new person atthe office, they had already reserved company lunches. It\'s to be expected. Itis my first day after all.”

Just then, the waiter sawthe two of them chatting, so by default he treated them as one party anddirectly said: “Two follow me please.”

Zhang Siyi is a bituncertain. Even though Gu Yu didn\'t express his intention to eat with him, hesaw that all the tables were full of customers. The seats at the bar were alsofull of people.

The waiter arranged a doubletable for them. After sitting down, Zhang Siyi\'s mind started to panic. Hedidn\'t want his colleagues to think he planned this lunch for advantageous reasons.Although, his situation is a bit special considering the coffee debacle. Hedoesn\'t want to feel like he still owes Gu Yu.

The two men ordered a setmeal. Zhang Siyi was planning on giving the money when Gu Yu already handed thecard to the waiter: “Together.”

Zhang Siyi stunned:“You, you are inviting me to eat?”

Gu Xiao: “You can thinkof it as you are inviting me.”

Zhang Siyi is a little confusedbut did not think too much about it. Moreover, he has been moved by thebehavior of the handsome guy sitting across from him and is increasinglyconvinced that the other party is a good and generous person.

"What were you guys talkingabout upstairs?" Gu Yu picked up the disposable chopsticks on the table with anenvironmentally-friendly paper bag and slowly unwrapped it.

Zhang Siyi recalled thegossip his colleagues had just commented on about Gu Yu. What is it like to bechased by a woman who is eight years older than him? Zhang Siyi wiped the coldsweat from his brow. Although he also loves gossip, he is not a person whosells out his colleagues to please the leader, so he can only comment:“They said that you are demanding, um, very strict.”

Gu Yu smiled, opened thechopsticks with a "SNAP" and said: “The beginning is always difficult. Ifyou work hard and try, you will do well. "

Zhang Siyi is inwardly shaking,but outwardly gives a little nod instead: “Yes, strict teacher."

The delicious looking foodhas arrived: a set of teriyaki chicken, hot beef rolls, miso soup, tempura,other side dishes. The aroma is mouthwatering. Zhang Siyi sighed and picked up hischopsticks. He ate for a while, then remembered the school his colleaguesmentioned. He was curious: “Oh yeh, they said that you graduated from TUniversity?”

Seeing Gu Yu nod, Zhang Siyisaid with excitement: “Then you may know the senior of my high school. Hegraduated from Ningcheng Foreign Language Middle School maybe in 2004 or2005.”

Gu Yu looked up and lookedat him for a while, then said: “I am also a graduate of Ningcheng ForeignLanguage Middle School.”

Zhang Siyi did not respond:“…ah?”

Gu Yu appreciated ZhangSiyi\'s expression: “It is unfortunate though, I enrolled at T Uni in2004.”

Zhang Siyi stopped feedinghimself. Jaw hanging open he asked, “What did you say?”

Gu Yu glanced at him, andthere was a hint of unspeakable interest in his eyes: “I still rememberthat in 2008 I was really invited by my alma mater to go back and give aspeech.”

Zhang Siyi glared at his twoeyes, and his mind was full of “No Way!”

Gu Yu raised his mouth:“Probably October, the day after the National Day holiday, in the largeauditorium outside Ning.”

Zhang Siyi was shocked:“What! Do you mean…. that is, you. Youare my senior?”

Gu said: “If you don’tuse other people’s experiences as stories for yourself, then this morning, youwere talking about me."

Zhang Siyi was bothsurprised and happy, but also a little angry and ruined. I don\'t know if it\'s ashame. Gu Yu deliberately concealed the truth: "Why don\'t you say it in themorning?"

Gu Yu drank the soup andsaid: “You don’t remember me.”

The slightest upward tone ofthe other party made Zhang Siyi have the illusion the he was angry”, butGu Yu quickly said: “I didn\'t want you to think that I am recruiting youbecause of the relationship between our high school alumni."

Zhang Siyi: “…”

Obviously, it is quite aselfless sentence, but let Zhang Siyi listen to the heart, because the othermeaning of this sentence is that Gu Yu admitted him because he believed in hisown ability!

Zhang Si Yi felt moreexcited than when he was chasing his ex-girlfriend.

The person sitting in frontof him now, is not only a graduate of T university, but also the legend oftheir high school alma mater!

Since Zhang Siyi and Gu Yuwere close in age, they inevitably had the same teachers during their time inHigh School. The teachers often talked about one special smart and good studentduring class full of appreciation. A profound memory comes to mind. He rememberedon one day, in the third year of the city’s unified examination, the exam wasvery difficult to pass. The highest score was a 71. The cry from the class wasload and clear. Thankfully, Zhang Siyi just made the passing line and in fact,only 10 people did that day, but while those people were absorbed in theirself-satisfaction, believing their achievement was something to be proud about,the physics teacher informed them of a student who received a perfect score.Unbelievable!

Zhang Siyi thinks inretrospect this most certainly is Gu Yu!

After that, the twonaturally talked about some things from high school. The headmaster of Ningwai,the pancake stall at the school gate…. The atmosphere is happy. Zhang Siyi feelslike the distance between them was getting closer. I think that with such agood teacher, my future will be bright!

After eating the meal andreturning to the company, Zhang Siyi felt like his whole person was floating.Taking advantage of the bathroom, he couldn’t help but pull out his mobilephone and want to show off with his friends. Unexpectedly, when he openedWeChat, he saw a bunch of messages.

Jiang hai: “people?"

Fu Xinhui: “by! When itcomes to party, dive, bump!"

Ren mengxuan:“[despise]"

Su Yuan: “I stillwaiting to hear the details of the interview! “Little Yi, come back!"

Zhang Siyi:"……"

Zhang Siyi: “I just hadlunch with the director. I just learned that he and I were both graduates of thesame high school!”

Fu Xinhui: “I said, hewill not accept you because you are his school brother?”

Zhang Siyi: “Get out ofHere! It was my own strength!!

" Ningmong: “Treatme!”

" Jiang Hai: “Treatme!”

" Zhang Siyi: “Ah? Tonight?

" Fu Xinhui: “yeh! "

Ningmong: “yes yes yes!

" Su Yuan: “Count me in!”

" Zhang Siyi: “JiangHai are you working overtime?

" Jiang Hai: “For thismeal, I\'ll slip out too!”

Zhang Siyi: “you areidle and help me pick a place, I have to go to work in the afternoon, no timeto find a place."

Fu Xinhui: “so soon towork?"

Zhang Siyi: “I can\'ttalk to you. People with jobs are going to work!” ~ (≧▽≦)/~ “

Fu Xinhui:"…… I’ll leaveyou alone."

Jiang Hai: “I reallyenvy his good mentality. I\'ve been working overtime for one month now so justwant to whine.”

Zhang Siyi put away themobile phone and stood up. Looking at the time, hurriedly left to go to thepersonnel department to fill out paperwork and the other necessary formalities.

Miss Wang has alreadyprepared the contract. Zhang Siyi turned it over to look at it and was confused.

“Oh, yes,” MissWang said suddenly. “Did Director Gu in the morning tell you that yourfirst month’s probationary salary is deducted five hundred on the normalbasis?”

“Ah? What?” ZhangSiyi stunned and remembered the sentence that Gu Yu said, “If you care,you will deduct wages.” Wasn\'t that a joke?

Miss Wang: “Hey, he didn’the tell you? He also said to deducted 500 yuan for catering activities."

Zhang Siyi ears smoked:“what!?” He finally understood what Gu Su said in the restaurant,“think of it as you invited me…”

He had been so stupid to bemoved by him that he felt silly. Good, kind and generous? HA! This man is toounkind, isn’t he?

For a moment, Gu Yu\'sglorious image in Zhang Siyi\'s heart was greatly reduced.

After signing the contract, Zhang Siyi sat back down at his desk slumped feeling wronged by the bad bully. Even his ex-girlfriend’s crazy account had not made him feel as uncomfortable as it was now.